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Visionary Music News & Updates 1/31

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  • Ash
    Visionary Music News & Updates   Shapeshifter s Shapeshifting Reality Show Blog Multidimensional Explorations into the Light Matrix   Updates for January
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      Visionary Music News & Updates
      Shapeshifter's Shapeshifting
      Reality Show Blog

      Multidimensional Explorations into the Light Matrix

      Updates for January 2009
      Ipod Developer Needed
      We are looking for someone with experience in developing apps for the Ipod players. We have various ideas we want to explore and collaborate on, sharing in the revenues. If you have experience and have some apps you can show us that you have created, contact us and let’s see what we can create with [...]


      Talkshoe Radio & Podcasts
      We’ve started a new Talkshoe Radio show called Evolutionary Spiritual Guidance hosted by Shivanti (JoAnn). Each Sunday, at different times each week, we do a live one hour radio show. Anyone can join in by the telephone or just on the web using your browser. You can chat while the call is going on and [...]


      2009 Message - Dream the Impossible into the World Grid
      We are posting our 2009 Visionary Music Message to share a bit about our thoughts from 2008 and what we feel is coming in 2009 and what Shapeshifter will be working on this year. You can view this in whatever way you like - YouTube, Itunes Podcast or read it here or download the PDF. 2009 [...]

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      1/20/2009 Evolutionary Guidance Teleconferences Begin

      JoAnn/Shivanti begins her weekly teleconferences this new year - the first one is scheduled for January 11 at 11:11 a.m. - a good time to kick off some new energy Here is the opening message and the first podcast intro, along with a PDF copy as well. The teleconferences will eventually be available on [...]

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