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      January 30, 2009



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      Dearest Hearts,
      As always I pray you are well, as we stand together in the midst of our quantum metamorphosis. Before sitting down to write, I thought (and inquired of Spirit) what is there to say right now that isn't redundant and will best serve those reading it?
      "There is much complexity in the minds of many," I heard. "Share something simple that speaks to the only thing that matters, love. Remind the many that above all else love must become the focus of all choices, all interactions and all decisions. Remind each that love hydrates remembrance of authentic nature, infinite potential and serenity. There is only one road to peace, and that is through love. There is only one way to know Me and that is through love. There is only one way to know one's Self and each other, and that is through love. There is only one way to elevate your frequencies to move into your Lightbodies and that is through love. There is only one way to stabilize through the high tides of the coming years and that is through service and love. And remind each that there is only one reason for all experiences you've had and will have and that is to bring each one of you into a state of love, always."
      So it is that I share an experience, a very simple act of service that allowed the One mind to be made manifest and also created an uprising and outpouring of love for 7 strangers and an angel in fur. It is true that God will use every experience to bring us into a state of love and unity with each other, if we let it, if we notice it. There is a way to inflame love and be in service around every corner, and it need not be complicated. Here is a great, simple example:
      While living and working in the Southwest I was quickly coming out of my office to go downstairs to the rest room. My office was on the second floor of a beautiful, Spanish hacienda-style office complex. My day had been extremely hectic and a bit tense. I thought I would be just a minute, then would be back with clients, paperwork, and phones without pause until around 8:00 that night.
      As I walked down the stairs, something prompted me to look up. There, between two large Spanish pillars, crouched a tiny gray kitten with two luminous green eyes boring through me. In that moment, time stopped, our eyes locked and those eyes telepathically told me that we were about to have an experience together.
      Listening to the message of those eyes, I agreed to have this experience, whatever it was. I snapped back to the moment and realized that behind the eyes and fur was a tiny kitten that must, I presumed belong to someone in the office building. Forgetting the demands waiting for me in my office, I went in pursuit of the kitten's owner.
      First I went into the leasing office, asking the receptionist if she knew anything about this kitten. She said no, but said the kitten had been spotted for the past two days at various locations around the office complex. I explained that this precious little kitten on the second floor was apparently lost and needed help. Without further question she dropped what she was doing and began leafing through the yellow pages to find animal emergency or cat rescue. She let her voice mail answer the ringing phones.
      I went back out to retrieve the kitten but she (or he) was gone. With heels clicking, I was in hot pursuit when the secretary who worked next door to me came out of her office and asked what I was doing. I explained, and she joined me in trying to find the now lost again kitten. Down the outdoor sidewalks we scurried from office building to office building. We kept spotting the kitten from a distance, but the furry one was so incredibly fast that we couldn't keep up with it.
      Along the way an attorney came out of his office, briefcase in hand and I asked him if he would take another route and to try to help us capture the kitten. He hesitated a moment. Undoubtedly he was stunned. We had never met before, and I'm certain he too had a full day, however he couldn't seem to say no. He set down his briefcase and joined the pursuit. With suit and tie flapping in the wind, he ran off in another direction looking for the kitten.
      Soon I spotted the tiny ball of fur actually jumping onto the second story roof. I paused for a second in amazement at its quickness and determination to keep the chase up. I ran past an ad agency, two doors down from the roof that the kitten had landed on. Three people came out - the owner, and two girls who worked there. I had never before met any of these people either, which didn't stop me from asking for help.
      One of the girls was seven months pregnant. They all joined the team. There were now seven of us away from our offices, away from our normal routines, away from what we called important, clicking and flapping in hot pursuit to bring this kitten to safety. The only thing that mattered was the rescue. What a ride this little cat was taking us on!
      The attorney caught up with us and jumped onto the rooftop attempting to grab the kitten only to see it go into a drainpipe that had an opening at the bottom onto a pile of rocks on the first floor. The girl who was seven months pregnant ran into her office to get some turkey to try to encourage the kitten to come out, and then she actually climbed on the roof by herself. I ran down to the ground floor, but by the time I got there the cat had already gone through the drainpipe, apparently landed on the rocks, and was on its way again to another part of the building.
      All seven of us spotted our quarry at almost the same time. The little animal was lodged behind a huge clay flowerpot. Now in one place the seven of us surrounded the hiding place. Without one word, five of us backed away while the pregnant girl and her colleague grabbed the visibly shaken kitten. Again, time stopped.
      I stood breathless, tears rolling down my face, watching the oneness of us all. We all had one common goal: to save the kitten. We all stopped our normal routines to do what came naturally (not normally) to us - help someone in need (in this case a kitten). With the kitten finally in the arms of the pregnant girl (who decided to keep her), the luminescent green eyes once again knowingly connected to mine. We held our gaze for what seemed an eternity.
      I knew in that moment that the kitten (who I don't believe was really a kitten) was the catalyst, to bring all of us to a higher awareness of what in our busy day was most important. This kitten was sent to our particular office complex to teach us about oneness, compassion and about love - not business, not busy-ness, not how many clients we might have missed, nor our external identities.
      In that moment I fell in love with every one of those people who stepped out of their normal routines and did what came naturally to them. I had obviously already fallen in love with the kitten. I called her the "Angel in Fur." I felt love for myself for listening to the unspoken words emanating from those luminescent green eyes and finally I fell in love with Love itself. There is nothing more powerful than love. Nothing.
      We all looked at each other. No words were spoken. We were all 'cast' together to have this experience of love and we knew it. No words needed to be spoken. Thirty minutes before we'd been complete strangers. Thirty minutes later we were experiencing a great love for each other.
      Finally we all walked away in complete silence, each of us taking away our own meaning of what had just occurred. It seemed that each of us was quietly feeling the importance of the experience. I became deeply aware that there truly is only One of us facilitating love for all of us, through experience.
      Perhaps my telling of that story will inspire you to become acutely aware of your surroundings and who is in them waiting to have an experience of love with you. Perhaps it will inspire you to review your life experiences up to this point and find the love moments, the ones that God has inserted into every experience. Perhaps it will just soften the tension that interferes a little to often when an experience happens. Perhaps we can just all take a breath knowing that we did not come to this Planet to suffer as a result of our experiences. We came to be Masters of Love through experience. Let us each reach one and teach one the way of Mastery, by example. Together, with united intention we will Shepherd millions through the transitional doorway.
      Copyright Maureen Moss 2009 Please share with loved ones, and please include name and website http://www.worldpuja.org
      As always I thank you so much for your presence and your Light. I hope we have and can continue to lift your Spirits higher, flow love to you daily through our wonderful broadcasts and nourish your precious Being in as many ways as possible. I look forward to meeting many of you at our live event "Creating A New Reality: The Gathering" in March. I bless each of you for being a part of a monumental time in human history.
      Maureen Moss
      Steward of: "The World Puja Network"
      E-Mail: Maureen@...

      I continue to schedule Fearless Living/Fearless Loving personal sessions. If you would like your own personal power session please E-mail me at Maureen@... The details and the sharing of wonderful outcomes can be found on the World Puja site. Click on Fearless Living at http://www.worldpuja.org on the Home Page.
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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
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