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{Dolphin Heart World} Introductory Message #4 - My Awakening

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      Dolphin      Heart           World   Bringing the Gift of the Dolphins...From Sea to Land     Introductory Message #4   Aloha    
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      Dolphin Bubbles
      Bringing the Gift of the Dolphins...From Sea to Land  
      Introductory Message #4
      DHW LogoAloha  
      Today I will begin to share with you what my new life is like, in the new paradigm.  
      Since virtually everything about my life is different now, this is a rich topic that is worthy of much exploration.  More will come in my upcoming monthly newsletters:  The Human-Dolphin Adventure. 
      May today's story inspire you to surrender, even more deeply, to the mystery of your own spiritual journey, Shay.  If your experience is anything like mine, where you are going will bear no resemblance to where you've been.  It will be much better!   
      I invite you to let go of all that you know, and dive into the mystery withLinda photo me now.  May Dolphin swim by your side, filling you with their love and wisdom every stroke along the way.   
      In Dolphin Love & Joy,
      Linda Shay
      Dolphin Ambassador

      Dolphin IconMy Awakening
      Shortly after I woke up feeling brand new, the message came that I was now completely awake.  I didn't know what that meant. 
      I was given the image of a movie that starts out in black and white, and then in a pivotal moment, turns into brilliant technicolor.  That is precisely what my awakening was like!
      The life that I am living now is, indeed, in vivid technicolor!  I still have my ups and downs, but I flow through all of these frequencies with greater ease and grace now.  Every challenging experience brings tremendous gifts and learnings. 
      In the past, I could be stuck in a dark place for weeks, and sometimes months.  Now, I shift out of these darker spaces in minutes, hours, or at the most two or three days.  I am a human-dolphin, riding the waves of life.
      I feel connected to all of life, as never Sedona Red Rocksbefore.  When I take hikes here in Sedona and gaze upon the red rocks-- which in the past often overpowered me with their beauty--I see myself.  The rocks and I are one.  There is no difference anymore--no separation.
      When I am in this state, my small self has dropped away, and the impersonal higher self has taken its place.  I experience pure awareness.  Things aren't good or bad, they just are.  Everything Is.  When this first started to happen, it felt unfamiliar, and utterly familiar, both at the same time.  Now this state of awareness is normal.
      Completely different activities have become essential to my well-being.  Here's one example... 
      When I spend too much time working alone in my home office, my energy dips.  The one thing that consistently brings me back to my dolphin self is to leave the house and go somewhere--anywhere--where there are people.  I'll go to the grocery store or the post office--it doesn't matter.   Being around people instantly activates my Dolphin frequencies.  I feel the Frequency of Joy turn on inside of me like a faucet and flow through me like a river.  It precedes me, and it flows behind me in my wake.
      Often, people who are walking in front of me abruptly turn around and just look at me.  We burst out laughing, say hello, and go on our way.  They feel my dolphin energy
      As I walk through parking lots, the people passing by suddenly look up at me, light up and say, "Hi!", as if we were long lost friends. 
      How do people respond when they see dolphins?  They light uDolphin Eyep and make a connection!  This is the same thing.  And it happens over and over.  By the time I return home from these outings, I'm overflowing with joy, gratitude and love for life.
      I asked our students one time if any of them were beginning to have these kinds of experiences.  One woman said, "Yes!  When that started happening to me, I'd return home and look in the mirror to see what these people were looking at!  Did I have a big stain on my clothes?  Was something stuck in my teeth?"  We all laughed and marveled at this delightful manifestation of the dolphin energy flowing through us, naturally and spontaneously, in our everyday lives!
      What joy! 
      More About The
      Dolphin Attunements
      When I first heard the term Dolphin Attunements, I immediately thought of Reiki.  I had the idea that once someone received all six Dolphin Attunements, they, in turn, would be able to transmit the attunements to others.  Dolphin was quick to point out that that is not their vision for how this gift is to be transmitted.

      To Dolphin, it is crucial that those who receive these attunements receive structured support throughout their entire process, hence the creation of a 6-weekend program that spans a minimum of 15 months in time.

      The Dolphin Attunements are not to be transmitted to individuals.  They are to be transmitted to pods--groups of people who make the commitment to dive deeply into the Dolphin Consciousness, together, over time.

      Our podmates lie on the floor and receive the attunement together.  It is a profound pod experience. 

      The Dolphin Attunements are unlike anything else...
      Events & Products
      Your Life!
      New Dolphin Healing HeArts pods in the U.S. and The Netherlands are scheduled to begin in early 2009.  Visit our Training Dates page, and Events page, often for updated calendar of events, or stay tuned to future newsletters for event announcements. 
      A Graduate Share:
      "More and more, I experience that I touch the hearts of people, and all I have to do is to be myself.  They really do feel the radiance of my dolphin heart, and I feel so tremendously rich about that.  I feel so deeply that there is no end.  I'll keep continuing to grow in my dolphinality.  Thank you so much from my deepest heart and soul!"

      Dolphin Energy Healing
      Limited Time Offer: 
      20% Off
      your initial session with me (in-person or distance), if booked by Feb. 7, 2009.  Discounted Session Rate:  US$68 / €55  

      "I cannot express to you how calm I was after the session.  I do not ever recall a time when I felt so at ease and so comfortable in my own skin.  I was pure joy for the rest of Sunday and most of Monday.  It is not entirely clear to me what occurred on Sunday...and maybe I don't need to know, but whatever it was, has really helped me feel positive and healthy."

      Meditate with Dolphin & me in the comfort of your own home!
      Dolphin Meditation CD Cover
      "The CD came today.   The sound of your voice, the dolphin and ocean sounds, your guiding words, and the dolphin presence that comes along, all will motivate me to play this tape often.   My experience while listening confirms the deep connection I feel for the dolphins, you, and the sacred path we share."

      Coming Soon...
      From Sea to Land
      From Sea to Land...  A Dolphin Gift of Love
      This is the story of my 7-year journey with the dolphins, and the magic that has manifested as a result.  
      As soon as this baby is published, you'll be among the first to know!
      Thank you for your interest and support in what we're bringing forth in the world.
      Please feel free to 'reply' to this message with your comments, questions or feedback.   If you don't hear back from me quickly, it means I'm traveling.  I'll reply as soon as I am able. 
      Also, please feel free to pass this newsletter along to your friends!
      Blessings on your journey!
      David & Linda in
      mom's garden!

      P. O. Box 186, Clarkdale, AZ 86324, USA

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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