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You Are the Glowing Wonder of Greatness (1/30/2009)

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  • Ash
    Thursday, January 29, 2009 You Are the Glowing Wonder of Greatness   You have within you a greatness that wants to find a pathway to the light.  You have a
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      Thursday, January 29, 2009

      You Are the Glowing Wonder of Greatness


      You have within you a greatness that wants to find a pathway to the light.  You have a shine that wants to be seen.  You have a purpose that is aching to be fulfilled.  All of this is within you, right now.


      And every moment that you spend in fear and doubt, that you spend worrying over situations that might someday occur or regretting what has already passed, is throwing a shadow over your shine.


      And every moment that you spend in deep connection, in expansion of your inner energy and wisdom, is polishing up that shine and allowing your goodness and wonder, your greatness and glory, to shine out.


      See yourself for what you are.  See that you are the gem that sparkles underneath the rock.  See the facets that you will carve as you expose your true worth, your true beauty and glory, to the sunshine of belief.


      Each piece of rock you remove is a triumph.  Each facet of talent and wisdom that you cut, that allows your beauty to shine out, is a great victory.


      And the glory is that your beauty is unique.  You are the only one in the entire world who can be cut to these exact specifications, who will then shine out in exactly this way, showing the fire inside, catching the light just so.  And as you add movement to this, as you learn to revolve and show your facets, sending out sparkling wonder all around you, see how you become a creator of light, spreading beautiful patterns across the world, lighting the way for others to open to their own greatness and wonder.


      You are all of this.  You are the glowing wonder of greatness, displaying your beauty and energy for the world.  This potential and wonder is already there.  The precious gem exists, even if it is only partially exposed at this time.  You can begin to see glimpses of this wonder.  You can begin to see and sense its deepening color.  You can begin to get a vision in your mind's eye of the facets which are waiting to be cut.


      See it now.  See yourself up on the pedestal of light, turning slowly, a fully evolved gem of being, sparkling and throwing out light to the world effortlessly as you turn.  See how the hard work is over, how you have cleared away the stone and cut the facets, and now cannot help but be a beacon of light, dazzling the world with your every movement. 


      You have all of this within you and it is aching to be seen.  The beauty that you are is yearning for exposure to the sun, to be able to catch the light, to be able to fulfill its mission.


      You are this already.  You are already a precious gem, full of color and beauty.  It is worth it to do the work that must be done, to free yourself of the stone that hides your wonder and beauty, to carve the beautiful facets and let yourself glow.  It is worth every moment of your journey.


      And along the way, you will begin to see it; you will begin to see the shine, the light, the sparkle in those areas you have cleared.  Let this be enough, enough to keep you on your path, clearing, cleaning, and creating, evolving into the glowing wonder of greatness that you are.



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