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Whispers from Shirley Irene HUGS

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  • Shirley Ponto
    HUGS Heaven Unites God s Servers God s Servers mean to me: Mothers and fathers who love their children enough to correct them so that others will love them as
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2009



      Heaven Unites God’s Servers

      God's Servers mean to me: Mothers and fathers who love their children enough to correct them so that others will love them as they grow into adulthood. Grandmas and Grandpas who share in this abundance of love, sisters, brothers, cousins, Aunts and Uncles, Nieces and Nephews, the kind neighbor, the loving friend, the tenderhearted, the caring, the Wisdom sharers, the energy Reiki sharers, the love of the Dolphins, Orcas, Beluga Whales and the beauty of the nature God has provided us with. Which means all of you wonderful and precious children of God. (Even the animals are part of God’s Servers.)

      What Hugs have always meant to me is amazing.

      My mother was one who never lacked hugs for anyone. She came from a family of 8 children and hugs were always shared by them.

      In fact, being told every day of my growing years that I was loved, was a gift from God. Never once did my mother ever criticized anyone in all the years she was part of my life. She was the most loving human being I have ever witnessed.

      Her mother (Grandma Anna) was deeply religious, and saw the vision of the baby Jesus when one of her infant son (age 2) died from pouring scalding water over him self. Little Edward stood up in his crib and extended his arms out to Baby Jesus. Then little Edward was gone into the arms of God.

      Just before my mother left home and got married at the age of 30, my Grandmother Anna told her that she was ten fold to her.

      Shortly before my mother was killed by a drunken driver, my mother told me that I wasn’t ten fold. “You are a hundred fold to me.”

      All my life I have felt loved, God has blessed me with loving children and now precious Grandbabies. It seems that the more we love, our hearts seem to grow to encompass more and more of God’s Children. All are precious in His Sight

      My Prayer is that I can share all the love I have received in my life with all of my family and my extended family. What a blessing to see the love my daughter has for her children. The love my son has for his son. These last two years have been unbelievable as there is now a gathering of our soul sisters and brothers. Meeting all of you and actually feeling such fantastic energies that we share are such a gift of blessing to me.

      Yes, I believe HUGS are important. They are not only an extension of our love but also a heart to heart contact. It is a physical contact that many need right now. I am hugged every day of my life by my husband of 50 years, in fact that’s how I start my day after my morning prayers.

      Amazingly, there is a precious lady that sits behind us in church and She told me this last week she comes at that time to get her hugs from us. We hug people not just because we truly care but also because we know that God truly loves them too.

      We are now in the thousand-fold of all that we do and we are dearly loved by God. May God keep you and yours in His Golden Healing Stream of Light and Love. May you always dance with God and in doing so dance with each other in His glory and with all that He has created and including all along with His Dolphins, Orca and Beluga Whales! May you dance your dream awake.

      Angel and Dolphin Hugs for a Radiant Rainbow Day!

      Boundless love, light, joy and peaceful blessings,

      Shirley Irene

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