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  • Ash
    JANUARY 2009 Thank you for showing interest in www.multidimensions.com. This email has been forwarded to you and you wish to subscribe, please click
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      JANUARY 2009

      Thank you for showing interest in www.multidimensions.com. This email has been forwarded to you and you wish to subscribe, please click suzancaroll@... and place SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.



      On December 27,2008 I turned 62 and happier than I have ever been. Therefore, I would like to begin this writing with unconditional thanksgiving for all the wonderful challenges I have successfully fulfilled. When I was younger I suffered greatly through each challenge/problem for fear was my constant companion and tormentor. I lived in my forgotten past and in my frightening, possible future.

      I wish to thank the ONE for all the unconditional love and infinite patience I have received from my Guides and from my own Multidimensional SELF. The third dimension is very demanding, and it was especially so at the close of World War II. As child, I felt the terror that remained in the collective consciousness. This fear ignited the memory of my parallel reality during the war, as well as many, many other “past lives.”

      The ability to remember my other realities was my blessing and my curse. These memories haunted me at first, but eventually contributed immensely to my healing and awakening of SELF. I thank my wondrous guides, physical and spiritual, for assisting me along my Path. I also thank my own inner warrior who bravely continues to face my fear on the long journey Home.

      Now, I know that Home is a state of consciousness. While I am in the state of consciousness, such as I am at this moment, my heart is filled with great love and thanksgiving, while my mind is calm and clear. At long last, I have become my SELF, at least within this moment. The year 2008 has taken us all, especially those in the USA, on an emotional rollercoaster. We have all tried to stay above our fear and live in the moment of personal and planetary transformation, but every possible fear has been presented to us on a platter of survival.

      Almost forty years ago, I first heard of the great shift that would come to pass at the dawning of the Aquarian Age. Back then it was only a curiosity, a possibility. Within this past year of 2008, we have experienced it as a reality. Each of us has been forced to go deep into our consciousness to find any and all hidden fears and negative core beliefs—which we have bravely done. Because of our courage, we have activated many of our latent, inner resources.

      With the past behind us and the growing certainty that we create our own future, we are finally ready to live in the NOW. We know that the rollercoaster is still moving and that our confrontations with fear are not complete, but we simultaneously live in the certainty that we are up to the task at hand. We have faced the possible loss of every material object and symbol of security that we have clung to for lifetimes and found that only our ability to LOVE can withstand the storm.

      We have also learned that if we cannot love our self, we cannot effectively give or accept love from others. However, because we have developed intimate relationships with our true, multidimensional SELF, we have become portals for the unconditional love that infinitely travels the expanse from spirit to matter. Better yet, this expanse has become smaller and smaller because we have accepted the challenge of confronting our fears and replacing them with unconditional love.

      This unconditional love must begin with our self, for if we do not hold this gift in our own hearts, how can we share it with others. Fortunately, many of us have learned this Truth. We have learned it because we had the courage to release our fears and surrender to the LOVE. We have passed a great initiation! As we look around, we see more and more signs of unity, cooperation and faith in our ability to create a new reality based on peace and love.



      Our Dear Ones,
      We the Arcturians wish to remind the Grounded Ones that one of the biggest challenges in 2009 will be to remember that YOU are the creator of your reality. Therefore, YOU can create a reality where you live in the survival mode and “do without” in order to ride out the storm. On the other hand, you can choose the reality were “consciousness is your only eternal treasure.”

      You and you alone can choose the level of consciousness to which you calibrate your experience of daily life. These experiences will be relatively the same to the eyes of an external observer. However, in your experience, the same reality perceived through different states of consciousness can feel worlds apart.

      2009 is an 11-year in which you can gain the mastery over your consciousness. What do you say to yourself when you confront a challenge? Are you able to feel your fear, release it and rise above it? Can you remember to feel, accept and integrate the abundant resonance of unconditional love that is increasingly streaming into your life just above the limitations of the third dimension?

      To choose an external guide from whom you are separate and to whom you must always be subservient, you will choose to remain in the third dimensional paradigm of the Piscean Age. On the other hand, should you choose instead to find your spiritual fulfillment and illumination deep within your Multidimensional SELF, you will choose the multidimensional paradigm of the Aquarian Age.

      Dear Grounded Ones, we know how you are awakening. More and more of you are remembering who you really are, both in your physical reality, as well as in the many other planets, galaxies and dimensions of your expanded SELF. You are now coming Home in your true state of consciousness. Before you react to the illusions of fear and loss, see each challenge as a mystery to be solved, a message to be translated.

      Trust your inner SELF. Whatever leaves you at this time will do so because it cannot stand the resonance of the fifth dimension. Hence, it will serve as anchor until you are ready to release it. Raise these anchors into your hearts to be unconditionally loved as the harbingers of change. Look through the tattered veils of illusion to accept the sweet, comfort of unconditional love. In this manner, the veils of illusion will become thinner and thinner as the truth shines through brighter and brighter.
                The Arcturians



      In numerology, 2009 (2+0+0+9) is an 11-year. There has not been an 11-year since 1910. Thus, 99% of the world’s population has never experienced this vibration. 11 is a Master Number symbolizing our mastery over the illusion of the duality of Spirit and Matter. In 2009 our task will be to integrate our Spirit into the matter of our earth vessel, as well as Gaia’s vessel—Earth.

      Number 11 is not a number for speculation or service to selfish desires. The dictionary definition of “Speculation:”

      spec•u•la•tion n
      1. a conclusion, theory, or opinion based on incomplete information or evidence
      2. reasoning based on incomplete information or evidence
      3. a financial transaction that involves risks but is potentially profitable
      4. engaging in financial transactions that are risky but also potentially profitable

      Speculation based on incomplete information dispensed by those who live the service-to-self creed, has created many of our present mental, emotional and financial problems. This disinformation (Defined as—false or deliberately misleading information, often put out as a propaganda) has created a sense of loss and failure. In 2009 we will have the monumental opportunity to realize that we are all ONE with Spirit. Hence, we are ONE with ALL life AND with ALL information. Therefore, what we take from others we take from our self, and what we give to others we give to our self.

      Since 2009 is an 11-year, we can use this vibration to remember to examine all information we receive under the light of our Multidimensional SELF. In this manner, we can transmute “speculation” into inspired choices based on the integration of spirit (inner direction) and matter (external messages.)



      Astrology also gives us information about 2009. Since we are creating a new reality, rather than giving the aspects for the United States’ astrology chart, I have created new charts for both coastlines at Los Angeles and New York City. Please see below:

      Los Angeles, California
      New York City, New York

      Since some of you may be new to astrology, I will take a moment to briefly explain it. Astrology is a two dimensional representation of a multidimensional reality. The circle represents the wheel of life upon which we incarnate to experience third dimensional life. The twelve sections of the circle are the Houses, which represent where things occur. The signs, which are constellations in our Milky Way, represent the energy fields of how things occur, and the planets of our Solar System represent the people we are within our self, as well as the people in our life. The aspects, which are the lines connecting the planets, represent how we interact with others and with our inner self.
      (If you have received an email without pictures, please go to the archived newsletters to find these pictures.)

      Since both charts were done for 12:00 midnight, the three hours and 2462 miles (3961 km) disappear. Also, because the charts are for January 1, the Sun is in Capricorn (the sign that rules world governments, foundations and personal responsibility). The important point is that, except for Saturn (the sign of taking the responsibility for your life and creating strong foundations) the planets are all united. Having so many planets so close together means that what affects one planet/person also affects every other planet/person within the group. This “group” entails all the planets except Saturn.

      Furthermore, the Ascendant of the chart (sign on the cusp of the first house) is Libra, the sign of creating strong, united relationships. Strong inter- and intra-personal relationships will be the foundation for our new reality. We have long believed in the third dimensional illusions of separation, but 2009 will burst these illusions to reveal the truth that we are all ONE. In 2008, we have seen that what happens in one country in the world affects the entire planet. In 2009, we will learn that the same tenet is true for people.


      First, we will look at the houses—which represent where in our reality will changes occur.

      The Third House
      The third house rules thoughts, mundane consciousness and communication, early education and relations with brothers and sisters. The lower half of the chart represents our foundations. Pluto (transformation, deepest unconscious, most ascended self), Mars (inner warrior, masculine/outgoing expression of energy and decision making) and Sun (male archetype, conscious expression of self, protective fathering energy) united in the third house means that the United States (since this who the chart is for) will undergo a huge transformation in our thinking process, our consciousness and our decision-making. Whereas before, we may have looked to others to make our decisions, we must now look inside our own mind.

      We will need to go back to the drawing board, back to elementary school, to re-educate our self as to how to make wise choices. We will find these answers by learning that we are all brothers and sisters and that our state of consciousness will determine the wisdom of our decision-making. We will also find that in order to expand our consciousness to the highest possible frequency of our SELF, we will need to go back into our past, again, to release any old core beliefs that are based on fear, illusion, separation and limitation. To think from our wise adult, we will need to re-educate our inner child.

      On a national level, we will need to take a good look at our education system. The last eight years have been catastrophic for education in the United States. Furthermore, more and more children are being born fully awake, with intellects and expanded perceptions far beyond their parents and teachers. In 2009 we will have to begin the transformation of our educational system so that the needs of these amazing new children can be met.

      On an international level, we will need to expand our consciousness to Collective Consciousness (ONE with all humanity) and Planetary Consciousness (ONE with the entire planet and ALL her life-forms). Our expanded sense of SELF will allow us to make decisions that are beneficial not only for our self or our country, but for our entire planet.

      The Fourth House
      The fourth house represents home, in that our body is the home of our Soul, our house is the home of our body, our country is the home of our house, our planet is the home of our country, our Solar System is the home of our planet, and our Galaxy is the home of our Solar System. In this manner, our consciousness will expand beyond Planetary Consciousness into Solar Consciousness and Galactic Consciousness.

      Jupiter (higher thinking, amplifier of energy, abundance) right next to Mercury (mundane thinking, daily communications, expression of human self) greatly facilitates the integration of our spiritual thought/higher consciousness with our logical, rational thinking/daily consciousness. This unity of Jupiter and Mercury means that we are on the cusp of a great transformation regarding how we think about our self in relation to our home, country, planet, solar system and galaxy. Our experience of home is changing NOW. In short, 2009 will show us that our state of consciousness will dictate our experience of body, our home, our country, our world and our reality.

      On a national and international level, once we have changed our perception of our self, our perception of the world around us also changes. If we are all members of the planet, then the competition and strife of nations will be viewed as a distraction from attending to the needs of the planet that serves as home for us all. Within Planetary Consciousness, these needs will not be limited to humans, but to the plants, animals, waterways, land and sky that makes up our planet.

      The Fifth House
      The fifth house is romance, children and creativity. The joining of Neptune (illusion vs. illumination, spiritual wisdom, higher creativity), Venus (love, relationships, creativity, the inflow/feminine energy) and the Moon (unconscious and/or inner self, female archetype, emotions and our emotional connection to collective consciousness) challenges us to journey deep inside our personal and collective consciousness to purge all illusions of fear and separation to create a reality based on Wisdom (Neptune), Love (Venus) and Unity (Moon).

      Because of the influence of Neptune, portions of our life that have been based on the illusions of separation, deceit, and fear will fall from our reality. If we try to hold on to old beliefs, things, and even people that no longer fit into our new life, we will experience suffering. On the other hand, if we freely release that which is complete, we will experience the creation of beauty and peace on personal, national, international and planetary levels.

      The Sixth House
      The sixth house represents how we deal with energy—how we take it in, digest it, integrate it and how we send it out. Therefore, the sixth house rules food, work and health. Since the sixth house also rules co-creativity, it encompasses family, community, national and planetary issues, as well. Uranus (the harbinger for the impending Aquarian Age of unity, highest thought/creativity, our multidimensional SELF) stands alone in the sixth house reminding us that this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Baby Boomers, such as me, sang that song in the sixties, and many of us will be happy to see our “hippie” dreams of peace and love finally being fulfilled.

      However, Uranus carries the sword of truth and will NOT allow the suffering, worshiping, and blind faith of the Piscean Age to enter her domain. Whereas the lesson for the Piscean Age was to learn through suffering and sacrifice, while loyally following our leaders, the Aquarian Age is based on a constant quest for truth, personal knowing and group creativity. The Aquarian Age denotes the graduation from being an individual to being a member of a unified group, from being a nation to being a planet and from being our ego/self to being our Soul/SELF.

      Because our energy patterns have changed, many of our friends, relationships, and jobs will change. However, relationships based on equality and unity of purpose will survive as the template for intimate relations. Furthermore, taking a job for the purpose of survival will be replaced by careers and/or contributions based on personal and planetary purpose.

      Creating a healthy life will evolve beyond our personal health to encompass our planetary health. It is the Aquarian mind expansion that will allow us to raise our consciousness above suffering so that it does not manifest in illness.

      The Twelfth House
      The twelfth house is the higher octave of the sixth house. In other words, all the energy that we have sent out into our reality from the sixth house returns to us in the twelfth house. Saturn (taking full responsibility for all our choices) stands firmly opposite Uranus in the sixth house. Saturn is the planet of “do it now or face the consequences.” Thus, Saturn opposite Uranus tells us that personal, collective and planetary healing is to be a major focus in 2009.

      In 2009 Saturn is in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces, whereas in the 1960’s Uranus was in Pisces opposite Saturn in Pisces. Because of this reversal of energies, the “hippie dreams” of the Baby Boomer generation are being revisited, as the hippies are entering their 60’s.

      • In the sixties, we began our fight for civil rights of African Americans and women

      • Today, we have elected an African American President and find many women in Congress.

      • In the sixties, we fought an unpopular war based on deception and fear

      • Today, we are fighting another war based on lies and ulterior motives.

      • In the sixties, we thought of Earth as a living being, began to consider ecology and wanted to live off the land in small communities.

      • Today, we are realizing that we are the Stewards of Gaia’s land, and must face our responsibility to respect and protect her.

      • In the sixties, we first thought about mind expansion and living in peace and love.

      • Today, higher consciousness and esoteric thinking are the topic of many books, movies and daily discussions. These discussions are guiding us to create a reality based, not on the fear and war of the last 2000 years of the Piscean Age, but instead on the hope of a unified Aquarian Age based on peace and love.

      • In the sixties, we sang of the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

      • Today, we are manifesting what was only a dream in the sixties.

      The cycle is complete. The Aquarian Age is NOW

      The Piscean Age taught us—I BELIEVE, whereas the Aquarian Age teaches us—I KNOW! Actually, it will teach us that WE KNOW. The Piscean Age represented 2000 years of moving into the furthest extreme of separation into individuality, whereas the Aquarian Age will remind us that we are all ONE. Our excursion into the total individuality has separated us from our family, friends, and even our planet

      We are the creators of our reality. When WE make our decisions from our highest state of consciousness and expand our consciousness to embrace the greater reality, WE can create a new Home for our Souls founded on unity, illumination, beauty and love. As we move into the next 2000 years of the Aquarian Age, we will take what we have learned into the unity and unconditional love of the fifth dimension to experience our self as a drop of individuality in a Sea of Unity.

      Can we find the peace within our minds and the unconditional love within our hearts to embrace this moment of opportunity?

      Can we take full responsibility for the reality that WE have created so that WE as a group of illumined beings can create a life of Spirit fully integrated into matter?

      Can WE be our true, multidimensional SELF in every aspect of our daily life?

      Each of us must find these answers within our SELF, so that we can contribute the tools we have received and wisdom we have gained to the Planetary Consciousness of Gaia—the Planet that WE ARE.

      I have presented the above information to ease some speculation about 2009. However, I urge you to ALWAYS remember that YOU are the creative Master of your reality and tools such as numerology and astrology are merely energy maps that can be of assistance on your journey.

      You can also utilize any expanded perceptions you have awakened during the integration of your Multidimensional SELF. Trust your instincts and inspirations. Listen to your empathic feelings and telepathic communications. See with your clairvoyant eyes, hear with your clairaudient ears and pull your information together with your clairsentient abilities.

      Listen to your inner guidance and continue your spiritual research and meditations. Most of all, when times get tough remember to say, “I NOW surrender all control of my physical body to my SOUL.”

      We wanted to be incarnated at this time so that we could experience this opportunity to create personal and planetary ascension into the ONE of the fifth dimension. In spite of all we have had to confront, we are honored to be able to participate in the creation of a NEW Reality.

      The Light is coming

      The Age of Aquarius is NOW!

      Accept it and integrate it into your earth vessel, your planet and your daily life.

      Happy New Year
      and Happy new life!

      Blessings for 2009 from Suzan Caroll and the members of www.multidimensions.com  

      Thank you for returning to our Journey Through the Arcturian Corridor. If you are new to our “dress rehearsal for 2012,” please find the previous steps in the archived newsletters at: http://www.multidimensions.com/TheVision/integration_newsletters.html.
      The first newsletter for this process was on September 11, 2008.


      Journey Through the Arcturian Corridor continues.
      Please stay with on our inter-dimensional journey.

      I will see you in the Corridor,

      Forward email

      Multidimensions.com | 521 Sapphire St. | Redondo Beach | CA | 90277

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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        If we, all of us, live in unconditional love, and release all judgement, and most importantly, believe that we are ascended, we will see this in our reality. Our beliefs set our state of consciouness and our state of consiousness becomes our reality. So expand your perceptions and consiousness and then ask: "How do we serve best as beautiful Portals of Light?"

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        Simultaneous Perception and Creation
        Dear Arcturians, are our senses of perception projectors or receivers?
        Your senses are actually both projectors and receivers, but they are projectors first. You project your sensory expectations out into your reality and then you receive the perception of that expectation within that reality. Please remember that your state of consciousness determines what you will perceive.
        Thus, no matter what expectation you project, if you are in a third dimensional state of consciousness you will only perceive the third dimensional expression of that expectation. However, your projection leaves an imprint on your etheric aura. Once this expectation is imprinted into your aura it is influenced by your personal history of desires, failures, successes, moralities and limitations.
        The Imprint
        This imprint then moves into up into frequency to interface between your aura and the fourth dimensional matrix. As your expectation moves from the etheric plane into your fourth dimensional astral plane the imprint of your expectation is affected by all of your past, future, parallel and alternate lives.
        This imprint is further altered as it moves into your fourth dimensional emotional body to be influenced by all the emotions of your past, future, parallel and alternate lives. This imprint then moves into your fourth dimensional mental body in which all the thoughts of your past, future, parallel and alternate lives influence the imprint.
        When the imprint of your original expectation resonates to the frequency of your upper fourth dimensional spiritual body it barely resembles your original desire. If you are in communication with your I Am Presence at the threshold to fifth dimension, you will be able to halt the imprint of this expected perception, as you will realize that your expectation has been invaded by the virus of your past.
        On the other hand, if this expectation is of a desire in which you have had great success in your current and/or past/future lives, it will likely move through the fourth dimension with more clarity rather than distortion. It is for this reason that you can easily perceive/create that which is historically (in this life and in other lives) been successful.
        Your unconscious memory of success protects your original projected expectation with the power of your BELIEF that you deserve to be successful. Hopefully, the projections/expectations that went awry in your fourth dimensional history of failure and fear do not take form in the physical.
         Fortunately, if you can maintain a higher state of consciousness, you can gain a detachment from the dramas of 3D life and realize that you will need to change your approach toward manifestation. So, what is one to do? How can you avoid your long third and fourth dimensional history of failure to expect and receive successful manifestations in your life? The answer is quite simple.
        The FEEL of Dimensions
        You must learn to differentiate between the feeling of the third, the feeling of fourth dimension and feeling of the fifth dimension. We say "feeling" as opposed to "perception" because fifth-dimensional perceptions FELT with your entire lightbody.
        To continue this article please click:  http://www.acoustichealth.com/drsue3.htm


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