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Lightsmith - 2009

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  • Ash
    January 5, 2009 Lightsmith 2009 2009. I don t actually care so much about the number, but I can t help feeling really glad that this moment has arrived. It s
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      January 5, 2009

      Lightsmith 2009

      2009. I don't actually care so much about the number, but I can't help feeling really glad that this moment has arrived. It's not that I'm such a fan of wailing and gnashing of teeth, but I admit to feeling much relief that the illusions we have been immersed in are unraveling at a snappy pace. Some people may withhold their enthusiasm for the deconstruction of everything anti-life when fear gets a bit grippy, but I'm confident in our ability to rapidly change when illusion is finally revealed.

      Can you tell that something significant has already taken place during this last year as we purged deeper and deeper bindings from our own consciousnesses? Can you feel the potential in the air? Will you trust that you are profoundly supported, and can you let go of how you think things should turn out? Perhaps more specifically, are you truly willing to receive what this year is primed to deliver into your experience?

      With the matrix of time also dissolving, the deep contractions of this cold winter will quickly morph into the light of spring and the rich proliferation of new life. Perhaps we're still doing a little preparation to clear the way for new beginnings, with a personal challenge here or there helping to further loosen attachments to the old story. So goes the transition. But really, hasn't the clearing, releasing and processing gotten way easier than it used to be? Almost instantaneous at times. So, whatever your experiences, thank them for the awarenesses they bring and get ready to move on. We have been planting seeds for so long that we may have forgotten that eventually they do grow into something. If you think you know what is about to bloom I would refer you back to the third sentence in the paragraph above for my best recommendation.

      Our souls have grown many attributes during our lives on earth and beyond. 2008 was a sorting year, a kind of a sifting out of what would be woven into the new experience. Not every evolved attribute is needed or desired as we go on from this moment. 2009 is the year of the weaving as consciousness begins to work with all the strands to create a new tapestry. The weaving will begin to bring us new forms and experiences as we find ourselves being brought together in ways that bring both personal fulfillment and collaborative creation. Perhaps you can see why we have needed to release everything we no longer wish to have in our experience. Why would we want to take it forward?

      Fluidity is a hallmark of the new reality, and 2009 should give us ample opportunity to practice staying in the moment. Lightsmith is also staying fluid. Like you, we expect some surprises so we will inform you about events as we become informed. What we can share with you today is our best sense of what our calendar will include this year, knowing some rearrangement will show itself along the way. And speaking of rearrangement, our website is about to go through a makeover during the coming weeks. Please do let me know of any errors you encounter.

      Opening to a grand year,


      Here are highlights of Lightsmith events. Our new schedule starts this Saturday:

      Second Saturday Channelings - Our channeling events continue with a change of focus. For three years we have had a series of special visitors who have shared stories and brought further awareness into consciousness. On January 10th a new series begins, and at this time it appears this series will last about a year. We learned a few months ago that Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus will be working with us to assist our next movement into the new story. It seems both fitting and auspicious that the beings who were the original orchestrators of this grand plan for earth would now be here assisting at the culmination. Other visitors will facilitate every third month. The Earth Mother will join us for the March channeling and Mother Mary will come in June. September and December guests are not yet known.

      As before, we begin at 7pm. We invite participation in person, by phone, or by recordings. Note that these channelings will now be paired with the Transformation Tuesdays that follow, and we offer reduced pricing for participation in both. Read below for details. See our website for more information at

      Transformation Tuesdays - These events facilitated by Michele have shifted from personally-focused Tuesday Tune-ups to group processes with a particular theme. This year the sessions will deepen the work begun at the previous channeling. We invite participation in person or by phone, and we will also make CD's and downloads available of all sessions.

      Channelings and Transformation Tuesdays are usually priced at $30 each when attended in person. Transformation Tuesdays may be attended for $20 by anyone who also attended the previous channeling. Similar pricing discounts are available for people who choose to participate by phone, CD's, or downloads. See the individual pages for more information.

      Collaborative and Special Topic Events- This is a general description covering a lot of territory. Our Facebook class was well-received and will probably be repeated. We are also considering other topics around which we can create fun, informative evenings. Small groups are also starting to use the building for meeting around topics of personal interest, such as how to do business in the New Field. Another group decided to gather just to see what would show up when they tuned-in together, (and a fascinating adventure certainly did show up). This is the year for such collaborations to blossom, so if you feel nudged to create something, please proceed. The building is available much of the time and loves to be used for such creations.

      Full-Day Immersions - We previously scheduled some new events called Weekend Immersions with Michele and Chris, but have changed them to be for only one day. Full-Day Immersions will allow us to more deeply enter the New Field and focus on specific topics. The overall theme for the Immersion experiences this year will be "Conscious Creation". The first one on February 21st will include the basics of conscious creation in the New Field. The second one on April 4th will focus on health and wholeness within the body. The Third one on July 11th will focus on Manifestation in the the material plane, and the fourth on September 9th will focus on soul fulfillment. We will provide more information as we go.

      Earth Mother Channelings - We will not have a planned schedule of Earth Mother events, rather we will add them as we feel prompted by her. Watch the calendar and future updates for information.

      Social Gatherings - These are events of connection and celebration, planned when we or others feel inspired to create a gathering. The first event of the new year will be an Inaguration Celebration on January 20th. We will have video recordings of some of the day's events and a broadcast feed of evening events and performances. We are open to additional help or ideas for this evening, so please contact us if you would like to participate in the organization.

      The next social event is scheduled for February 15th and has a love theme for Valentine's Day. We invite both kids and adults to participate in activities and a sharing circle. Watch the calendar for further details and again, if you feel drawn to help co-create this event, let us know.

      Planetary Work - These guided sessions are focused on the earth, humanity and/or large-scale consciousness structures. Planetary work events will be scheduled as we feel called, and we'll get them on the calendar with as much notice as possible.

      Chakra Classes and Advanced Practitioner Classes - All currently scheduled classes are on the calendar with information on the website. The current chakra series ends February 7th. The advanced practioner modules continue into the summer. We don't yet know about future classes with these topics, but they are (or will be) available by video or audio recording.

      Personal Mentoring Groups - These are groups of 5 people who work directly with Michele to focus on personal transformation. Michele currently has 5 groups meeting monthly with new ones forming as others end. We do not display these groups on the calendar. Phone participation is possible. Please contact Michele for information - michele@...

      More to come.....

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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