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The Magic of Inner Peace By DL Zeta

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  • Deborah
    The Magic of Inner Peace As a New Time dawns on Planet Earth, many are now receiving visions of a peaceful and seemingly magical time when each being feels
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2009
      The Magic of Inner Peace

      As a New Time dawns on Planet Earth, many are now receiving visions of
      a peaceful and seemingly magical time when each being feels loved and
      whole within themselves. The landscape of this new world may seem
      very different from the world you see around you today. In this new
      world, wars and famine have become extinct; each person exists on
      frequencies of love and peace and gladly serve as a wise and loving
      caretaker of the Earth and all its inhabitants. In this world, each
      person is abundant in the wealth of their spirit and from this place
      of infinite wealth, each has much to give. Imagine a society where
      each being from birth is loved and valued for the unique gift that
      they are. This is a world where all kingdoms of life – human, plant,
      animal and mineral - are valued and respected for the spark of spirit
      that they are. Imagine all of Planet Earth sending a radiant vibration
      of love into the universe.

      You Came Here to Anchor Peace and Love

      This may seem in stark contrast to the world you see around you today
      where suffering and un-love swirl all around. You may find yourself
      wondering why you chose to be born onto such a dense energetic plane.
      The answer is simple. You came here to anchor the energies of the New
      Time where peace and love are the primary frequencies. This may seem
      a monumental task given the current landscape of your world, yet your
      own experience of this New Time is already a sprout growing inside you.

      Each of you reading this is a seed of the New Time. Each of you
      contains the magic of inner peace. As you bring your focus and
      attention to nurture this seed within you, you see it grow and expand.
      As peace grows within you, you find more and more your attention
      falling away from the violence and strife of un-love. As each being
      cultivates the seed of inner peace, peace and love become the primary
      vibration in the world. World peace is a reflection of inner peace.
      Focusing on strife will never bring you to a place of inner peace.

      Transforming Energies of Un-love

      As the seed of peace grows within you, so does your awareness of the
      skills you possess to transform any densities you encounter. You can
      choose to transform what you see around you with the light of your
      spiritual understanding. When you look at those who are caught up in
      war and disharmony, see the soul that is learning the value of peace
      by experiencing its opposite. Each of you have, in the course of your
      personal evolution, moved through the same passageway. Instead of
      condemning those who struggle at war within themselves, see them
      through the eyes of spirit, with love and compassion. This allows you
      to remain in a place of inner peace. From this place of inner peace,
      you are able to hold a peaceful space for all others to step into.
      This is how you anchor peace on Planet Earth.

      Inner Peace and the Cultivation of Inner Technologies

      Existing on the frequency of love and peace is the foundation for
      developing advanced inner technologies. When your heart and mind are
      open, your thoughts and emotions are still and calm.

      The emotional level exists in between your conscious and subconscious
      minds, serving as a gatekeeper. This is by design. Until a person
      enters a place of peace and love within themselves, they won't gain
      access to the vast array of advanced abilities that reside within
      their higher self. When you exist in a peaceful place within
      yourself, you are able to travel at will between your conscious and
      subconscious minds.

      In this way, you daily strengthen the bridge to higher consciousness
      until you reach the level where the two aspects of your self (your
      true inner soulmates) are fully united. This is the point where
      Heaven and Earth become one. As you unite with your higher
      consciousness, you experience a heightened awareness that activates
      advanced inner technologies of telepathy, clairsentience, clairvoyance
      and clairaudience. You will find people showing up in your life who
      will learn from you and share with you the gifts of their own inner
      knowing. Over time, you will join together to create a radiant
      energetic field to anchor and magnify the frequencies of love and
      peace on the planet.

      This process has already begun as many now are learning to exist on
      frequencies of love and peace, uniting their inner soulmates, and
      gaining access to the inner technologies that allow them to activate
      and engage the full range of their being, effectively becoming spirit
      incarnate on Earth.

      The "magic" of this transition is activated the moment you turn your
      focus away from strife and unrest and begin to cultivate and nurture
      the seed of inner peace within you.

      For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org
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