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The Year 2009 and January 2009 Nightlight Newsletter - Chuck Spezzano

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      January 2009 Nightlight Newsletter
      Chuck Spezzano
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      January is a seed month.  We plant for the rest of the year.  What is planted in our hearts and minds grows all year.  So this is a month to realize that your thoughts are the seed and what is planted will become what your life brings to fruition.  This is true all the time but is especially true of January and during new moons.

      A moment’s concentration empowers your thoughts and wishes into making your life what it is.  So give your mind to the true wishes of your heart and it can be both a bountiful and beautiful year.

      Be especially vigilant for fear thoughts.  Thoughts are things and fear thoughts make a terrifying world.  We are attracted to what we love and shy away from what scares us.  But we have gotten so turned around that we have become afraid of love and are secretly attracted to what we fear, inviting it in thinking it is love.  This is what must and can be changed this January.  As A Course in Miracles states “Nothing is gained by frightening yourself. It is very destructive.”

      There is no problem that does not have fear as one of its roots.  Heal the fear and the problem dissolves.  The problem situations this month are part of our old Victim Stories.  Now is the time to ask yourself how many you have to give them to your higher mind, whose job it is to disperse them.  So if there is a problem this month pull the whole root system of it out for yourself.

      There are two ways I would like to suggest that have been most helpful to me.  The first is keeping my mind on God and the second is forgiveness.  The first keeps my mind on Love, in spite of what the world is showing me.  The second principle is forgiveness.  When I forgive, the situation changes, relationships become happy and fear melts away.  In the last year I have forgiven everyone and everything, especially the economy both personally and collectively.  What happened in the economy was a pandemic of fear as is every epidemic of world proportions.  Most of all I have forgiven myself especially when I’ve authored up something troublesome.  I recognize that everything and everyone reflect self-concepts in my own mind and that even, collective patterns are my responsibility because I helped create them.  

      Forgiveness is the purifying remedy that sets the stage for miracles.  It heals fear and gives us the responsibility that engenders maturity.  Maturity is response-ability in a helpful way and it restores us because we see things in a higher perspective.

      Lastly, the grace of January brings in more possibility to give ourselves totally.  It is this wholeheartedness that leads to success.  It is this wholeheartedness that makes you a star.

      January can be a bright month where we bypass the usual busyness, sacrifice, and misuse of the body through overwork and indulgence.  It can help us remember what life is really all about and what God wants for us.  As I said before – the phrase that appears most often in the Bible is “Be not afraid.”

      So this January, keep your mind fixated on God.  Put on your “big girl panties” of maturity.  Use the tool of forgiveness to transform fear and Victim Stories and enjoy the fruits of wholeheartedness.
      Those born this month came in to be pioneers.

      Have a Great Month and remember if you are not happy you are not thinking of Heaven.

      And there is someone or something to forgive. If you let Heaven love you, you will recognize you have all you want and everything else will be given to you.
      Bless you all and be at peace,

      Chuck Spezzano
      January 2009
      Kahalu’u, Hawaii
      The Year 2009 Nightlight Newsletter
      Chuck Spezzano
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      The Year 2009 is a year of possibility.  It is the possibility of what could be achieved starting with us as individuals, partners, communities and nations.

           Many stars will emerge in the next year.  Would you be one of those?  There are four levels of stars:  those who work for themselves, those who work for the community, those who work the world and those who work for Heaven.  Stars are those who shine from the inside out.  They are always giving themselves completely and effortlessly.  Being a star is a state of love that brings creative vision and even the spiritual vision of miracles.  The more you are a star, the more you give up your identity to be in the creative flow.  When you embrace spiritual vision, you give up even more of your identity and you recognize you have the mind of the Buddha, you have the heart of Christ.  Each time you embrace this spiritual vision, there is a miracle or an awakening.  Each time you come back with less of you and more of Heaven.

           There will be many completions in 2009 and the harvest that comes will feel like honeymoons.  A nine year as in 2009 is meant to complete all the patterns that are unfinished in that 9 year cycle.  That is why when we are children, age nine can be a tough year.  We are trying to complete the healing in our childhood so that it is a foundation and not a rocket that launches us into disassociated independence.  There were a lot of difficult things to master in the last eight years and this is the year to face unfinished business of that time.  When this is accomplished there will be a golden honeymoon.

           What you have kept apart from love has not been healed and you are frightened not only of what you have hidden but the sentinels of illusion that are guardians of the darkness.  All of this must be brought to the light of forgiveness.

           One of the great helpful hints to remember is that we are the authors of our emotions and we are the author of the many stories that become our Life Story.  We are here to overcome fear and darkness not by hiding, minimizing or denying it but by remembering Heaven is with us every step of the way.  When you think of God, when you think of the Tao, when you realize who walks with you, how can there be darkness?  When you realize that the purpose of the body is to receive the Buddha and the Christ and it brings a miracle into every situation in need.

           The grace of wisdom flows into this year so that understanding is paramount.  This brings bonding and new levels of success and intimacy.

           If where there is unfinished business, you fall for the temptation to fight, take or win, there can be heartbreak as a result.  These are not new.  These are Heartbreak Stories you script and this is just one more chapter.  It is time to give up these stories and what causes them, because the secret payoff of independence will not make you happy.
      Helpful Hints for 2009

      1. Heaven walks with you.
      2. You are the author of your life and everything you feel.
      3. When something does not feel happy you are called upon to forgive to restore peace and happiness.
      4. Be the star you have come to be.  Keep the sacred promise you made before you came into this world.

           Heaven’s path has honeymoon and new wisdom.  Forsake the ego’s path of Heartbreak Stories.  Together your love and Heaven’s Love makes miracles.

           What could have been a difficult year for everyone in 2009 was transformed by those bringing the light.  They deserve our gratitude.  We do not have to be brought to the brink of total devastation to finally wake up.  There is an easier path that we have collectively taken.

      Remember who walks with you.  Remember what you promised.
      Chuck Spezzano
      January 2009
      Kahalu’u, Hawaii


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