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Fw: 9 Cancer The Angels of Occult Faculties

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  • Polly A. Menendez
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      Subject: 9 Cancer The Angels of Occult Faculties


      9 degrees Cancer

      The Angels of Occult Faculties

      Also known as

      The Angels of ’Oramos’


      We teach the children of God how to follow in the footsteps of the masters by making use of the gifts of the spirit.

      "All that I do ye shall do and more."

      Being made in God’s image, mankind was intended to manifest fully in the likeness of God. This includes having Divine Consciousness and Divine faculties. These faculties include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairfeeling, psychometry, and the like. They also include command and dominion over spirits of every level.

      "Powerful feelings attract powerfully."

      The energy of FEELING attracts specific results through magnetic resonance.

      Whenever you wish to obtain information through the mystical faculties, place your attention on the desired person, information, or object. WILL to hear, see, and feel the essence of that person or object. As the strength of your will turns into strength of receptive feeling, or as electric turns into magnetic, information is ATTRACTED into your feelings and into your consciousness. Visual images come into your visual imagination, sounds come into your imagination, and sensations and feelings also come into your imagination. The key is to TRUST the information as it comes into your mind’s eye, hearing, and feeling. The intensity of your focus and feeling determines the intensity of your results.

      If a child of God has unresolved and unconscious emotional traumas within their body tissues and in their subconscious mind, with their correlative negative beliefs and concepts, these intrude into the imagination during times of receptivity.

      Instead of getting pure information from the object of attention, the intrusion of these unresolved emotional feelings and beliefs contaminates the accuracy of the incoming information. In this case, it is important to embark upon an on-going course of emotional healing and resolution of past traumas and wounding to correct this.

      We help each child of God to bring their feelings into alignment with the principle of Divine Justice and Harmony, so that only that which is the highest good of all concerned is desired and therefore attracted .

      "As you sow, so shall you reap."

      Understanding of the dynamics of the Unified Field teaches each child of God to use careful adherance to inner guidance and wisdom in using the gifts of magnetic attraction. It is in this way that heaven and earth are made one.









      O…We impart unity with the divine virtue of Justice,

      R…and the ability to freely follow inner guidance impeccably, in complete harmony with Divine Consciousness.

      A…We help the children of God to understand and use gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and the like.

      M…We teach how to feel strongly, so that great magnetic attraction is generated to produce any desired effect.

      O…We teach how to create any feeling in a way that is all powerful and unimpeachably in tune with Divine Providence.

      S…We enable the perfect control over any being, and over the gift of clairvoyance, clairaudience etc.



      As each child of God regains the use of power of the gifts of the spirit, their priorities, values, and the use of their time on Earth changes. Their activities become that of creative, loving, ecstatic, and enlightened children in a garden of Eden.

      Thus is God’s will for heaven on earth manifest.






      The 9th day of the 28 day Moon Cycle

      The Angels of Psychosomatic Healing

      Also known as


      The Angels of ‘Emzhebyp’

      Beloved, when a person is overwhelmed with negative feelings, the physical body goes into a state of alarm and alert, or the opposite; sadness and depression. This causes various diseases.


      In the ocean of magnetic energy, which was called by the ancients ‘the astral plane’, there are negative and positive feelings, and there are negative and positive spirits. Over time negative feelings attract even more negative feelings through the law of attraction. When a child of God experiences enough negative emotional energy over enough time, a negative magnetic spirit often attaches itself to that person. Some of these spirits are very powerful. This is often the cause of states of obsession, hysteria, lunacy, St. Vitus’s Dance, menstruation difficulties and the like.



      Divine Providence has ordained that the children of God free themselves from negative astral spirits and cure themselves from the harmful effects of negative emotions. This can be done through the power of the word , which is the skill of using the meditation of the ancient language.

      Any child of God can remove a negative spirit from another using the power of the word, and then the recovering person can go through a process of emotional healing to recover from previous traumatic events or situations.

      Feelings are like water. When they are bottled up and kept from flowing, they stagnate and become poisonous. When they are allowed to flow in a safe and non-destructive way, they cleanse themselves and become pure and live-giving once again.

      At night during dreaming, the eyes move back and forth. This is called REM, or Rapid Eye Movement. REM shifts emotional energy back and forth between the two hemispheres of the brain, and between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. This allows the emotional energy in the dream process to heal itself on all four levels of consciousness.

      When a person is recalling and reliving a memory of an emotional trauma, and feeling the old feelings as they come up in the process, it is wise to shift the eyes back and forth exactly the same way as in dreaming.

      The most important principles to remember in healing emotions are:


      1…Recall and relive only one memory at a time.

      2. Choose the memory that is the most painful. MAKE A VISUAL PICTURE IN YOUR MIND THAT REPRESENTS THIS MEMORY…as if you had a snapshot of the event. Write down a description of this snapshot.

      1. Remember and relive the memory completely from beginning to end. Do this a number of times, reliving the memory from beginning to end. Do this as long as it takes to bring up all the feelings.

      2. Commit to stay with the remembering and feeling process for as long as it takes in order to obtain healing insights into the circumstances of the wounding event. This will take discipline. Always, at some point in the healing process, there is a strong, powerful urge to "bolt" and walk away from the painful feelings. Usually this happens just prior to the stage when the most intense healing occurs.

      5. Use eye movement, REM, in order to help the brain process the powerful emotional energies. The fastness or slowness of the eyemovement is optional, use whatever is comfortable. In other words, as you feel strong feelings, move the eyes back and forth. The eyes can be open or closed.

      6. Emotional traumas, especially when they occur at a young age, cause a person to form negative beliefs about themselves and the nature of reality. In reliving a memory of a painful trauma, insights begin to occur which free a person from these negative beliefs. When enough of these insights have occurred to shed a new positive light on the memory, FORM ANOTHER VISUAL PICTURE IN YOUR MIND THAT REPRESENTS THE NEW FEELINGS ABOUT THE TRAUMA AND IMAGINE PUSHING IT INTO THE ORIGINAL PICTURE [step 2 above]. Merge the two snapshots together and WATCH CAREFULLY WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM WHEN THEY ARE MERGED TOGETHER.

      This is an ancient process that must be experienced in order to understand the power of it. If done correctly, the feelings from the particular trauma remembered will be healed and even the memory of it is changed permanently.

      Each person has a finite number of individual traumas that must be healed, and in time, using this process, a person’s original bliss and innocence is regained.

      "Except ye be as little children, ye shall in no wise enter the kingdom of God."






      E… We teach the perception of past , present, and future events,

      M…and the pure experience of feelings and magnetism.

      Z…We help with the artistic expression of feelings and ideas.

      H…We teach the children of God to have control over the fate of any being,

      B…and help with the understanding of polarity, the plus and the minus, and the necessity for the existence of polarity.

      Y…We teach how to know the fate of any being,

      P…and the longing for spiritual perfection, beauty, and harmony.’

      Whenever a child of God sets about the task of healing emotions, we come along with many orders of angels to give help and inspiration.

      Each child of God longs to feel bliss. In a blissful state, the physical body is capable of remaining free of disease and the effects of aging.




      Names or phrases in italics or single quotation marks are quoted or paraphrased from the books

      of Franz Bardon, ISBN 3-921338-02-6 [The Practice of Magical Evocation] and 3-921338-13-4 [The Key to the True Quaballah]. Publisher is Dieter Ruggeberg, Wuppertal/ W. Germany.








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