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     Weekly Video Message from Jelaila Starr December 29, 2008 Topic: Understanding Our Global “Dark Night of the Soul” Part 3  Click icon to watch video  
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      Jelaila Starr, teacher, counselor, speaker and author.Jelaila Starr, messenger for the Nibiraun Council Weekly Video Message from Jelaila Starr

      December 29, 2008

      Topic: Understanding Our Global “Dark Night of the Soul” Part 3

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      Hi all,

      In part 3 of our “Dark Night” series, we take a look at the higher dimensional tools that enable us to successfully work with our Souls to successfully complete our global Dark Night. For those who have not seen the previous two segments, a “Dark Night of the Soul” is a time when a dysfunctional belief is brought to our attention in order that we may change it. This process will always include some or all part of our lives being destroyed. One could say, a prop or all the props of our life are pulled from under us, leaving us with a life in shambles. Such a situation triggers extreme fear...as it is meant to do so that we have the opportunity to integrate that fear. We cannot integrate what we have not experienced.

      The lesson we as a planet are attempting to learn is about where we look for safety. We have been taught to look outside ourselves for safety, to the systems upon which our world has been based. We look to our governments, our social, economic, political and religious leaders, and to our police and military. As our systems collapse our leaders are falling with them. With funding cut they can no longer lead, or faced with what appears to be insurmountable hurdles, they stumble making decisions that though good on the short term will have devastating long term effects. Fear escalates as we begin to come to terms with the reality that our leaders are not equipped to lead and restore safety and security.  We collectively gasp as we watch our lives disintegrate; our life savings and retirement dreams gone. As the bills pile up, we sit in with head in hands staring blankly into space wondering how we are going to survive. Yes, our fears are triggered, starring us right in the face. How do we get through them? How do we make our way out of this tunnel of never-ending darkness? 

      The Tools:

      Fortunately we already created our way out. Unfortunately we cannot see that plan; our Soul has it. In a “Dark Night” lesson we walk through what appears to be an invisible dark maze. Blind with no light to show us the way, we must turn inward for guidance. When we begin to use higher dimensional tools given to us, we will be able to see the next step, the next turn because our Soul will reveal them to us.  Below are a few of the most important tools.

      1. Synchronicities - the Soul shows the way by bringing to us, seemingly random events. if we learn to pay attention we will begin to see that these events have a message: they are pointing us in the direction we need to go.  

      2. Signs come in 3s - the Soul communicates through signs and always sends them in groups of 3. Be aware of what’s going on around you. Slow down so that you can be aware. This means being in the moment because that’s the only way you will be able to see the signs. Write them down, keep a journal. It’s the best way to detect a sign series. 

      3. Intuitive hits - when the Soul speaks you will feel it as an intuitive hit or knowing. We feel these knowings in our thymus or high heart. Pay attention to these knowings and follow them even when they appear to make know sense. Remember the Soul is attempting to help you clear a fear. That often requires jumping without knowing where you will land. 

      4: People, money, opportunity - the Soul lets you know when it is time to make a move whether it be a physical move, a new job, or new investment. He/she does this by sending the people, money and opportunity to you. These will flow into your life in quick succession. Resist making a move until all three have appeared.  Remember, they must come to you; if you go out to find them, they are not part of the plan.

      I hope these tools will help you as you move through your individual part of our global “Dark Night.” I’ll focus on tools work with the Inner Child and Ego in the next segment.


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