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Allowing the Greatness of Your Being By DL Zeta

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  • DL Zeta
    (Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness, Part 6) As you move further into the New Time, you will encounter situations that require you to develop new
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      (Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness, Part 6)

      As you move further into the New Time, you will encounter situations
      that require you to develop new approaches "within the moment." You
      will find it necessary to open to new levels of creativity and
      cultivate new resources. In order to do this, you will need to draw
      upon aspects of your being you have not yet come to know. These
      aspects exist beyond the physical realm, in your subconscious mind.
      You can think of these aspects as other selves that exist at other
      points in time and space. As you expand into fifth-dimensional
      consciousness, you are readily able to access the wisdom, knowledge
      and skills of your other selves. Inviting your vast repertoire of
      selves to participate in your current lifetime is the essence of
      allowing the greatness of your being.

      Accessing a Wider Range of Your Infinite Being

      In the past, it may have seemed you were limited to the confines of
      your current identity self in terms of resources and abilities.
      Within the expanded energies of the fifth dimension, you will find it
      easier to access a wider range of your overall being. The key to
      accessing this broader range of your self is to embrace the infinite
      nature of your being. This means embracing that you are a
      multidimensional and multifaceted being with an infinite repertoire of
      "selves." Each of the selves has a full complement of accompanying
      identities, talents and abilities you can call upon.

      In fact, when it is time for you to make the acquaintance of a new
      part of your being, your subconscious in cooperation with your guides
      and higher self, will set the stage for this to happen in physical
      reality by triggering the thoughts and desires that prompt you to
      reach out to a new aspect of your being.

      Know that whatever spirit is asking of you within the moment, there is
      an aspect of yourself that can answer the call. Allowing the
      greatness of your being is simply a matter of accepting and allowing
      these many aspects of yourself to play a role in your life. This
      requires a high level of trust and surrender on the part of your
      conscious mind and its current "identity self". We are not talking
      about a blind trust but a trust aligned with your inner knowing, your
      spiritual purpose and your highest vision.

      The Importance of Embracing Your Entire Being

      The single most important step in aligning with the energies of the
      New Earth is understanding the true nature of your being. That is,
      your multidimensional nature, which allows you to experience
      simultaneously different time frames and dimensions.

      If you believe that a great deal (if not all) of your being exists
      within your conscious mind, it will be difficult to step into the
      fifth dimension. There is a misunderstanding on the Earth plane that
      your conscious mind represents the whole of your existence. This is a
      limited perspective that dramatically reduces a person's field of
      possibilities, cutting them off from the vast wealth of their inner

      When a person begins to awaken to the true nature of their being, they
      often feel confused by the realization that they are multifaceted with
      many aspects existing beyond the realm of their conscious mind. This
      perception may lead them to question their sanity or at best leave
      them feeling bewildered and overwhelmed.

      In order to come into a place of peace with your true nature, release
      the need to only interact through the lens of your conscious mind. Be
      willing to enter the domain of your subconscious by practicing what
      you might refer to as "trust," "faith," and "belief." Faith naturally
      evolves into a "knowing" that allows you to work with and interact
      with aspects of your self that exist beyond the auspices of your
      conscious mind.

      When you "know" you have multidimensional aspects of your
      consciousness and you seek to unite with these aspects, you are able
      to create beyond the realm of your conscious existence.

      Allowing the Full Spectrum of Human Possibility

      In order to experience the full spectrum of human possibility, you
      have chosen at times to don a cloak of invisibility, so to speak.
      Under this cloak, your true nature was hidden from you. Your bright
      light was dimmed. This dimming of your light afforded you the great
      gift of humility. Experiencing life veiled from the great powers of
      your being allowed you the gift of perspective, insight and
      compassion. It gave you the opportunity to awaken and remember that
      you are a vast and powerful being. This ability to find your way home
      alone through the darkness helped you discover, appreciate and
      understand the true nature of your being. It allowed you to experience
      new opportunities and reconnect with your spiritual powers.

      As older souls, you have moved through many realms of human
      experience. You know what it is like to struggle and feel vulnerable.
      You know what it is like to experience feelings of helplessness and
      to experience various forms of physical illness. You chose to
      undertake this full range of experience as part of your journey here.
      Now many are being called to move further along the spectrum of human
      experience. This is the empowered phase of the spectrum where you
      pull away your cloak of invisibility and "see" with your inner eyes
      how it is possible for you to move into the next level of human
      experience. The shape of this experience is different for each
      person, depending on their individual purpose and where they are in
      their realization of it. Each path has in common the moments when
      another veil is pulled away and a new field of possibility appears.
      For some, this will mean seeing how you can come into a place of
      allowing things to happen rather than struggling with each step. This
      may mean coming into a joyful collaboration with spirit. However this
      manifests for you, it will involve a greater acceptance of the
      powerful capabilities of your spirit.

      You Already Have Everything You Need

      As you open to your expanded capabilities, you will likely come into a
      deeper realization that the resources you need to activate your
      purpose are available and easily accessible by "thinking outside the
      box." In other words, allowing yourself to experiment with a new
      idea, new technique or way of being. This usually involves stepping
      outside your comfort zone and embracing a previously "unknown" aspect
      of your being that your spiritual guidance has revealed to you.

      As you expand into the greatness of your being, resources and
      abundance flow proportionately to support the new aspects activated by
      the expansion.

      Spiritual Freedom and the Infinite Nature of Your Being

      Feelings of limitation are common when you allow yourself to become
      locked into one point of view. Part of allowing the greatness of your
      being is being able to step into many different points of view at
      will. When you become locked into one identity, it's easy to feel a
      slave to physical reality. This leads to feelings of blame and
      victimhood. By holding in awareness the infinite and multifaceted
      nature of your being, it is easier for you to release any feelings of
      limitation and to open to the reality that you hold many identities
      and many possibilities.

      Stepping into Spiritual Mastery

      So how do you allow other aspects within your consciousness to work
      with you? First you set an intention, which sends a signal to your
      higher self. State to your self your clear intention and ask for
      guidance and assistance. This opens the channel for other aspects of
      your consciousness to work with you. For example, if you feel drawn
      to become a composer of music, it is likely there is an aspect within
      your consciousness that has knowledge of composing music. Old souls
      having explored the full range of their own expression, will likely
      seek to unite with a range of talents and abilities they have
      developed throughout lifetimes. This allows them to come into mastery
      and gift the world with unique and transformative works of art, music,
      writing and other inventions and ideas. (Those who are reading this
      are old souls).

      Once you identify a talent that brings you joy and excitement, set
      your intention to develop this ability. This invites aspects within
      your consciousness to assist you and merge with you to further develop
      this ability. This is what is happening at times when you begin
      developing new works using skills you did not know you had. Another
      aspect of your consciousness is working through you, effectively
      teaching you the techniques it has learned, sharing its visions,
      drawing from your talents and abilities and merging with your present
      skills and understandings to go out beyond what either of you could
      have created alone. These creations birthed through the efforts of
      conscious and subconscious minds are encoded with the essence of
      Heaven and Earth. When shared with others, they have the ability to
      "unlock" latent memories and abilities and activate DNA coding for
      awakening consciousness. In this way, collaborations between your
      conscious and subconscious minds are a gift and a blessing to all of

      When one being awakens to the greatness of their being and embraces
      their multidimensional nature, blessings and gifts flow with great
      abundance, opening new energetic pathways for all others to step into.

      Next week we will discuss the importance of trusting and believing in
      your highest visions.

      For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org
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