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12/28/2008: Sacred Silence by The Soul Doctor Dr. Sue ^j** ENERGY ALERT

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  • Ash
    Our Purposeful Pause has shifted into  Sacred Silence…..  Dr. Sue ^j** www.thesouldoctor.com   As we awaken to the Purposeful Pause energy we knew it was
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      Our Purposeful Pause has shifted into  Sacred Silence…..

       Dr. Sue ^j**



      As we awaken to the Purposeful Pause energy we knew it was to recall our long journey of our souls awakening and to know that we have taken huge steps to be free of the 3D.   We were given the Purposeful Pause to release the old and anchor in the new Ultra Human energy.  In doing this we were able to release of all the old lower vibrational addictions.  We did this most proudly and are now on the brink of the next step into the Corridors of Transmutation.  We are now at the beginning of the corridor called the Sacred Silence and the beginning of Transmutation into the Ultra Human purposeful future in the new planet energy.  This corridor is a great and final stage of our journey filled with silence; a pause to remember and re establish our goal to be free of the lower vibrations of the old planet earth. .   There is a new corridor that is opening in front of us.  It is in our psychic view and we are now taking the step out of the Purposeful Pause to travel into the Sacred Silence. It is a silent pathway we will travel before we step into the new corridors of the New and True energies..  As the new Ultra Humans, we know that we shall enter it and gracefully move through this sacred corridor into a new matrix of the Transmuted Ultra Human. .


      When we took our Purposeful Pause we were asked to look back and appreciate and acknowledge the journey we have undertaken and won.   It's time to heal all the wounds we have accumulated during our long, strenuous journey.  It's time to forgive all who has harmed us or caused chaos that has blocked our path.   In this Sacred Silence we need to acknowledge and appreciate ourselves and others that have struggled through so much to be at the entrance of this sacred corridor.


      As we enter the coming New Year of 2009 the sacredness and the change of our life times will be enormous.  Within this New Year there will be a year of the greatest Aha’s we have ever had.  The entrances to the sacred corridors will be flung open and well lit.   The old beliefs and addictions in our consciousness that have held us in limbo and in the dark for sometime will be swept away and we will truly see what we have accomplished as Ultra Humans.  This is the time of Transmutation we have been waiting for. Our new Ultra Human energy will allow is to take our final steps to integrate, saturate and consecrate the release of duality.  We will move onto a totally new level of our Ultra Human experience, we will share and live our new energetic lives fully.   The brilliance of the corridors that are filled with Transmutational energy will sometimes blind us and we will need to stop and be in Sacred Silence as the transmutation takes place. .So always, when you feel blinded stop and be in your Sacred Silence and you will be lovingly directed to the next turn in the corridor.


      During our Purposeful Pause, we have fully cleared our fields of any debris of the lower vibrations and we must focus on the clarity of our new and true lives.   We have often stopped and cleared and recalibrated and moved on, this time we are silent as the creator takes the controls and wipes away any and all things that cannot come with us into the New Year of 2009.  This is a Sacred Silence a moment to embody the Christ Consciousness.  We need to use the Sacred Silence to open our human matrix and allow this sacred moment to happen. 


      By being still in the Sacred Silence we are enabled to see the great works of our journey be wiped clean and as we are silent the Transmutation of the human matrix will be changed for ever…It's really important that during this time of Sacred Silence that we do our very best to get ourselves into the surrender mode to seek the clearest, truest position in our conscious self so we can as we enter our Sacred Silence in purity.  When learned to surrender our selves, we gained the highest protection from the light as we were tweaked, recalibrated, washed and cleansed, always to become more receptive of the light.  This Sacred Silence has the same protection with the added perks that we will become that light, not just be protected by it.


      We need to expand our inter most certainty that the creator has and will from now on assist us in all things that we need to bring us abundance and protection as this planet does her cleansing and shifting.  The Ultra Human is a transmuted human matrix of great potential with light qualities we have never owned before.  This new matrix has put us at the opening to the Corridors of Light and Transmutation we must be in the Sacred Silence as we are prepared for the rest of our journey.  This is being offered because we no longer stand as simple humans, but as the Ultra Human a masterful being that has become light. .In our new form we will be able to assist and allow our fellow humans to be into the corridors they need to be in and we can shine our lights brightly so they can make their choices easily without the darkness shadowing their choices.   .


      The unbelievable breakthroughs that will be in 2009 will and can be the greatest we have ever experienced. . But what we experience in 2009 will be determined by where we stand in our own personal light corridor.  We are the new and true energy that is needed for this planet to continue on its journey.  We sit in silence when we meditate and we vibrate in silence when we are being transmuted into the light beings of the future.  Let's put ourselves into the right time, right place and right position to be the most sacred of all beings and receive the pure light of the creator.



      Dr. Sue ^j**


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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