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MANIFESTATION - Meditation Frequencies - Downloads , Experiment

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  • D Starz
    MANIFES-TATION - Meditation Frequencies -, Downloads    I d like to be able to share this information with the group here in the hopes that some members may
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 25, 2008
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      MANIFES-TATION - Meditation Frequencies -, Downloads 


      I'd like to be able to share this information with the group here in the hopes that some members may have an interest in participating in an experimental research project.


      I'm the head researcher for this initiative. Our experimental group of approximately 1350 volunteers have been witness to, in the last week, some really unusual and intense phenomena playing out... bordering on the concretely paranormal.


      I released new 'frequency' protoypes this last week that our group tested, the results have been staggering.


      I call these new prototypes the 'Manifestation Meditation' series.


      Data collected on reaction responses to the first two frequencies of this series released, have been over the top favourable.....


      We are finding that actual 'things' are happening, when these frequencies are simply played. Very noticeable and dramatic effects and changes in the body, mind and environment - unlike anything induced by any other sound.


      What we need right now however, are more volunteers who are willing to test out our other frequencies and keep a log of their findings and report their observations to our group.  There is no cost required for testing frequencies, the primary benefit to my group and I is the collection of data.... the benefit to you, well... once you see what we are engaged in

      I think you will be more than satisfied with the experience.....


      Two things important here, one is to share with you the observations of our group in their process of discovery in relation to the Manifestation Meditation series - the thought being, that you are likely to not only find this intrinsically interesting and newsworthy but also inspiring.  The second is to provide you with a means of facilitating your own journey through this phenomena in the hopes you can share your own unique findings with us.


      Feel free to view a recent post on our research forum that details how to access this information and also various frequency tracks you can download.



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