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Create New Worlds (12/4/2008)

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  • Ash
    This speaks across the board on so many levels and is a very uplifting and wise message for us to receive in our hearts and minds. Blessings, Shay   Thursday,
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      This speaks across the board on so many levels and is a very uplifting and wise message for us to receive in our hearts and minds. Blessings, Shay


      Thursday, December 4, 2008

      Create New Worlds


      This is the time to come within and find yourself, in quiet moments alone, in the peace of beingness.  Find your light and then shine out, shine out to show the way.


      Do not look for others to show the way, nor for your society's old ways of being and acting to guide you.  Allow yourself to be led by your true self inside, by the light that shines, so that you may know the truth, that the world does not consist of your worries, fears and doubts, but rather that it is created anew each moment by your light, your truth, your soul.


      Come into this space, the space of this moment.  Let it lead you down into yourself, to the light that shines within, the light that is you.  Now feed that flame, let it burn more brightly.  Let the light that is love, that is you, that is peace and joy, shine brightly within you.  Let it expand and expand.  Let it be you, completely.


      And let that light drive away the phantoms of fear and doubt, so that you might see more clearly what is true.


      And now, without their confusing presence, what do you see?  What windows are opening, what doors are swinging wide?  What newness is beginning to flow toward you, newness that you might breathe in to make you strong?  What new idea might you embrace, what new vision might you follow?  What new connections are opening, when fear and doubt are gone?


      Clear them away.  They do not serve.  They weaken, and you need to be strong, strong and courageous, to step out onto the path lit by your inner light and create new worlds from pure being.



      Remember that there are many resources available to you on www.carriehart.com.  Please visit to download the transformational music and powerful meditations.  You may also obtain a healing crystal, charged with loving energies, to hold during your morning meditations and then carry with you during the day.  And you may also book a private session to lift you up into the power of your higher self


      You will also find the messages from the last several months on www.carriehart.com as well as information on my one-woman inspirational show, the Courage of the Creative Spirit.


      And of course, remember to go to www.PowerAnimalsUnleashed.com every day, to receive powerful guidance and energy for the important events and relationships of your life.


      I am sending you my love and caring.  I hope that these messages help strengthen your inner light


      Love & peace,








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