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  • mikael
    AOBAMANATION?... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUcmbeSI4EQ
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 4, 2008
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    • Skye Coe
      Balance is good. . . . http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=-1C04d0od2o&NR=1 mikael wrote: AOBAMANATION?...
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        Balance is good. . .  .
        AOBAMANATION?... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUcmbeSI4EQ


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      • mikael
        Message contains attachments BILL.doc (30KB) Organic to be Banned in the US http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqx9YU-QUcg
        Message 3 of 4 , Mar 8, 2009
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          Message contains attachments
          BILL.doc (30KB)

          Organic to be Banned in the US



          To: ;
          Subject: Fw: Bill C6 critique- this is very important
          Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 18:16:24 -0500

          Hi Folks,

          I am forwarding this e-mail in the exact same condition in which I received it.

          This warning is for real because I took my wife to our Naturopath for her treatment on Thursday and he informed me that Health Canada was "killing them" by cutting off access to their supply of natural health products.

          The threat to our health is very serious because as most of you know, the only thing that can help our bodies heal are natural products (food). There is no known disease that is cause by a lack of some drug but all diseases are caused from a lack of some nutrient that is found in food and/or natural health supplements.

          This threat is very serious.

          Love & Peace of I,

          Sent: Friday, March 06, 2009 5:00 PM
          Subject: Bill C6 critique- this is very important

          Serious matter threatening many of our freedoms:

          Please pass this on to everyone you know- people need to become educated as to what is truly happening on all levels.
          I've pulled together a number of e-mails and articles that were sent out to me re Bill C-6 - to make it easier to read - my thanks to many of you that are helping to get this information out.

          I've also included some information on the Codex Alimentarius ( please read more on this- by googling it) as to the major agenda in process. According to the Codex plan of action- the date for this is to be instituted by Dec. 2009.

          I'm sending this along with a statement written by Dr. Dahl when his home was raided last month ( Jan. 2009) in Alberta Can. by Health Canada and the RCMP at gunpoint.
          I spoke with his wife about - the first week of Feb. 2009. She told me with shocked voice what had happened. This was how I learned about Bill C-6 as she pointed out to me that this was the thinking behind the raid even though it's not yet law. ( nor do we want it to be) I was quite surprised at this family's experience.

          I feel that it's become more important to not only circulate this information ( as knowledge is power) but in order to transform this - action needs to be taken- and in different ways.

          One very important way is to remember:
          Since The substance of the universe is consciousness and We create our reality- then we
          are a powerful, light force- especially when numbers of like-minded people are gathered together,
          that is based on intentional conscious co-creating. In this case to create a new wave of freedom with our focused intent- energy creates matter ( quantum physics ). When we are vibrating on that plane of freedom then like a magnet it is attracted to us. So let us focus on what we want- our freedom of choice.
          Dr.Sabina DeVita

          Loving family treated as criminals by Health Canada
          Natural supplements, readily available in the US, treated as illicit drugs
          By Eldon Dahl, ND

          Never in a million years would I expect to be telling fellow god-fearing Canadians what happened to me and my family. Having a life-time of working for the community, and caring for people, it seems hardly possible that this kind of humiliation would be allowed. Instead of being applauded for being a good citizen and helping people recover their health in a safer, more natural way, we were treated as if we were nasty criminals, dealing in drugs. I have never been more ashamed of my fellow Canadians as now, and I am very willing to talk about it.

          The following events are shocking and especially when one discovers that they've happened in Canada.

          On a beautiful morning in the middle of January, my wife answered the door.

          RCMP officers, and one with his gun drawn, burst through. I heard the officer say `not cool, that is not cool; I heard my wife say "Please put the gun away! We are no harm to any of you. We are humanitarians, not criminals."

          Unbeknownst to us, my daughter was having the same thing happen at her house. They forced themselves in giving the warrant to her roommate, and even kicked in her bedroom door. The warrant was for my wife and I, not for our daughter.

          The RCMP officers who came to our house said that we were not under arrest, but we weren't free to leave either. We were forced to sit in our living room where we were watched like hawks anytime we moved. We sat for 11 hours. If washroom breaks were needed, an RCMP officer went with us and stood at the door. I asked him "Why is an escort necessary?" He said "people do strange things under these circumstances." OH YOU THINK.

          "This is not right. I want to call my lawyer," I said. My request was granted. I detailed the events to my lawyer and he told me to follow the Health Canada agents and document what they were taking and make photographs for future reference. I told the RCMP officer my intention and he said "no, you stay where you are." With the exception of one officer the others refused to disclose their names, give business cards or even their badge numbers; they said everything will be documented in their paperwork- so we do not need to know any information – one day we would get it.

          One officer said that we needed to sit where we were. He said we are treating you very low key. We could place you in a holding cell till the search and investigations are concluded, but we don't think it's necessary if you cooperate. This officer said, "Your lawyer knows nothing about this matter and probably has no relevant knowledge; he's advised you wrong." We sat restricted in our own home and they prevented us the right to view the Health Canada agents searching our entire residence, even violating the privacy of our bedroom.

          I said to this officer, "It seems like we are then under arrest?" He answered, "No you are just being detained." He asked me if I had a home safe, and I answered "yes but for personal items." He said it's necessary that it be opened, "but even if the contents are personal?" "Yes," once opened a Health Canada agent photographed its contents. Later he told me "it's a good thing you told me of the safe for if you had lied it would have been much worse." I relayed the safe matter to my lawyer and he said they had no legal right; and yet they did.

          You may ask why I am telling my story, it's because matters like these need to be brought into the light. Abuses of power from public servants are getting out of hand. If we don't voice our concerns things will only worsen with other Canadian residents. My family was shamed and humiliated by the actions of the RCMP and the Health Canada agents. They laughed together and acted like they were at home. We didn't. As my family sat together we discussed how these transgressions can happen in Canada, especially an item like folic acid; it's been 30 days since the raid and now we're looking for the answer.

          The Helsinki Accord for Human Rights and Section 8 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms clearly states "Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search and seizure". Section 7 of the Charter also guarantees every person's right to life, liberty and the security of the person. Heath Canada and officers from the RCMP violated these rights.

          If this can be done to my family what will Bill C-6 implement?


          It gives you something to think about doesn't it?

          Change – yes we can. Dr. Dahl

          Subject: Bill C6 critique
          From Rick D

          Hello to All,

          I wanted to get this off right away. I will be speaking to some of you in the core NHPPA group, as well as others in the next week or so. This is a major battle that is shaping up... make no mistake, this Bill is a heavy hitter designed to deliver a knock-out punch to this industry and possibly some practitioners.



          Please read Rick's critique in the attachment.

          Bill C-6 gives powers to inspectors to stop the importation or sale of a
          product and to seize property and documents, based entirely on the
          inspector's "belief" that a product may be harmful. There is no requirement
          for the inspector to produce any documented proof nor scientific evidence of
          harm. There is a requirement to get a warrant if the goods and evidence to
          be seized are in a personal dwelling; however, such warrant could be issued
          over the telephone by a judge who would base his decision entirely on the
          unsubstantiated "belief" of the inspector.."

          To understand that this is systematic, dismantling our protections via the
          installation of industry PR stooges in key scientific positions such as
          those of the Health Canada who tabled C-6, read
          Dr. Shiv Chopra detailed book "Corrupt to The Core".

          In it a "good account is made of how our science based institutions have
          been systematically overhauled into industry organs while maintaining the
          pretence of protecting the public...."

          Chris Gupta

          Another way to see this is described as such:
          New enforcement powers allow Canadian government to seize your home or business
          At the same time that C-6 is outlawing herbs, supplements and vitamins, it would grant alarming new "enforcement" powers to the (thugs) enforcement agents who claim to be "protecting" the public from dangerous unapproved "therapeutic agents" like, say, dandelion greens. As explained on the www.Educate-Yourself.org website ((http://educate-yourself.org/cn/canadian%c2%85), the C-6 law would allow the Canadian government's thugs enforcement agents to:
          * Raid your home or business without a warrant
          * Seize your bank accounts
          * Levy fines up to $5 million and a jail terms up to 2 years for merely selling an herb
          * Confiscate your property, then charge you storage fees for the expense involved in storing all the products they stole from you
          C-6 would even criminalize the simple drying of herbs in your kitchen to be used in an herbal product, by the way. That would now be categorized as a "controlled activity," and anyone caught engaging in such "controlled activities" would be arrested, fined and potentially jailed.
          Other "controlled activities" include labeling bottles, harvesting plants on a farm, collecting herbs from your back yard, or even testing herbal products on yourself! (Yes, virtually every activity involving herbs or supplements would be criminalized…)
          There's more, too. C-6 is the Canadian government's "final solution" for the health products industry. It's a desperate effort to destroy this industry that's threatening the profits and viability of conventional medicine. Natural medicine works so well — and is becoming so widely used — that both the Canadian and American governments have decided to "nuke" the industries by passing new laws that effectively criminalize anyone selling such products.
          They simply cannot tolerate allowing consumers to have continued access to natural products. To do so will ultimately spell the destruction of Big Pharma and the outdated, corrupt and criminally-operated pharmaceutical industry that these criminally-operated governments are trying to protect


          Please see below Dr. David Rowland's initial comments:

          Bill C-6 specifically EXEMPTS products listed in Schedule 1, which
          includes both "drugs" and "foods". "Natural Health Products" are not
          specifically mentioned in Schedule 1. NHPs are treated for regulatory
          purposes as a sub-category of "drugs"; however, one wonders if their
          omission from Schedule 1 may be a deliberate semantic loophole.

          Bill C-6 gives powers to inspectors to stop the importation or sale of a
          product and to seize property and documents, based entirely on the
          inspector's "belief" that a product may be harmful. There is no requirement
          for the inspector to produce any documented proof nor scientific evidence of
          harm. There is a requirement to get a warrant if the goods and evidence to
          be seized are in a personal dwelling; however, such warrant could be issued
          over the telephone by a judge who would base his decision entirely on the
          unsubstantiated "belief" of the inspector.

          C-6 effectively gives absolute power to the Health Minister to take whatever
          measures she feels necessary to stop the sale of the allegedly "unsafe"
          product - subject only to the rubber stamp of approval of a court, which
          surely would be granted because all the Minister has to do is apply to the
          court; there would be no actual hearing at which the accused would be present.

          Fines are exorbitant: up to $5,000,000 and/or imprisonment for 2 years.

          C-6 also gives the Minister the ability to pierce the corporate veil and
          hold personally liable the directors and officers of a company who may have
          been (a) fulfilling their duties in good faith, and (b) not guilty of any
          actual wrongdoing. So C-6 effective throws out the window the entire
          foundation of corporate law.

          C-6 gives Health Canada the power to levy criminal penalties for what are
          nothing more than alleged violations of departmental regulations.

          All a person has to do to commit a "violation" is to contravene a
          bureaucratic "order". It does not matter if the violation was unintentional,
          if no one was harmed, if there was no intention to harm, if there was no
          victim and no crime.

          Further, a person named in a notice of violation is NOT permitted the
          defence that (a) he exercised due diligence to prevent the violation, or (b)
          believes that the facts will exonerate him. The only thing that matters is
          that a deemed violation was committed.

          All property seized under the proposed Act may be disposed of by whatever
          means the Health Minister chooses.

          One also wonders what the implications are in the introduction where C-6
          gives allegiance to "a government of a foreign state" or "an international
          organization of states". Who is pulling whose strings?

          That's how I see it.


          Dr. David W. Rowland

          Sent by Darinka Blagaj
          Read about it here: http://www.newmediaexplorer.org/chris/2009/02/01/as_expected_bill_c51_is_back_reworked_as_bill_c6.htm

          SIGN a petition on this site:

          Write to your member of Parliament

          About Codex Alimentarius

          Codex Alimentarius— The story of the United Nations Food code which was devised by Fritz ter Meer, one of Hitler's largest financial supporters. Fritz ter Meer who helped develop and run the infamous Auschwitz death camp in World War II, was mysteriously allowed out of prison and later became a distinguished delegate of the United Nations.

          See Dr. Robert Verkerk Executive Director of Alliance for Natural Health's (ANH) on Codex http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWRxT_6L_pA ( He will be one of the key speakers in Toronto at the Total Health expo, April 17-19th, 2009, along with Shawn Buckley ( lawyer) and Dr. Shiv Chopra ( former health Canada scientist /whistleblower)

          What is CODEX? (34), in short it is an annual World Health Organisation (WHO) sponsored gathering of delegates in Europe, many of them CFR Transnationals pharmaceutical corporations who are primarily focused on increasing their market share, by pushing their desired and arbitrary regulatory "standards" into a global standard and forcing it into the smaller local supplement industry, all in the name of "international regulatory excellence". The Codex Committee is also bound by the World Trade Organisation's (WTO) treaties.

          The WTO is a global commercial police that ensures countries are required to purchase from transnational corporations in favour of their own locally produced goods, in the name of "lowering trade barriers".

          This WHO/WTO joint effort called CODEX is in the process of wiping out local supplement companies and natural health care practices, to bring in more drug based medicines, in what is euphemistically known as "creating a level playing field", while primarily giving the public a misleading impression that someone in the World Health Organisation (WTO) is looking after its health and safety.

          CODEX recommendations are then adopted by regulators such as the Australian TGA or the US FDA by various direct or indirect means that end up as Acts and amendments that are passed into law by Parliaments or Congress, usually without public debate.

          This is another example of globalisation and unconstitutional UN treaties.

          Check out other sites on Codex Alimentarius.

          Energy and spiritual based classes for change

          Dr. Sabina Mary DeVita Ed.D., R.N.C.P.,DNM, CBP, IPSP
          Federal approved natural & energy health school:
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