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World Puja: New Model of Creation

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  • Ash
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2008
      December 3, 2008


      "New Model of Creation"

      The World Puja Network is a global Internet broadcasting system serving as a catalyst for communication in the emerging New World. We inform, inspire and empower humanity to actively engage their creative capacities to instigate change and catapult an upgraded shift of global consciousness.

      The World Puja Network changes lives and instigates change
      in more than 98 countries.

      We hope you will visit us via our new front door!

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      • Latest Thought Provoking Article: "New Model of Creation: Part 1." (If you missed any other monthly articles they are in the World Puja Newsletter archives at http://www.worldpuja.org )

      • Our Holiday Gift To You. No limits on how many you choose. No cost to you at all.

      • 11 Hosts! 27 diverse, life giving new shows this month! (Includes Gregg Braden taking us on a journey into "Fractal Time on Dec 18.")

      • Update of The World Puja Network live event "Creating A Great Reality: The Gathering," March 27-29, 2009. No one has been to an event like this before and no one will leave without making a huge leap in consciousness. Details below and at https://www.worldpuja.org/ashland.php

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      Dearest Hearts,
      As always I pray you are well. Last month I began my greeting by acknowledging that together we stand on a bridge that holds infinite possibilities. This month I am aware that we have crossed the bridge of lifetimes, made history, and are now surveying the landscape for ways in which to create an entirely new world. Each of these massive missions has never occurred in such a palpable way in human history. As before and once again, I am humbled to stand with each of you knowing what we have accomplished and what we are about to embark on. Lately I have been feeling as though we are a collective Christopher Columbus discovering a new world and then taking it a step further by creating it out of the vision. Indeed a new model of creation is being put into place.
      Never has so much been asked of a human race, nor agreed to by a human race. Never has a human race signed an ascension agreement in 'relative' clarity and been asked to carry it out with blinders on. Never have multiple dimensions watched with bated breath as we of human kind made the seemingly impossible possible. Never has humanity stood in a pile of burning embers while perfectly poised for re-creation, and never has the heart and soul taken the leading role in so many lives for more than incremental periods of time. That above all blesses each of us.
      As we stand on the fringes of this new world riddled with both uncertainty and great excitement we are undoubtedly being asked to abound in imagination, and deepen our discernment, followed by action to implement new ways in which to live, collaborate, co-create, sustain and nourish that which sustains and nourishes us.
      It was suggested in a newsletter I was sent a couple of weeks ago that as we raise our vibrations higher and ride the wave of ascension "we need not support each other, or the collective as much. It's not our job" was what was written.
      Jobs change all of the time. Everything, every job and everyone is in our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. It is our hearts and souls continued and natural impetus to engage not disengage from where we stand in Creation and with Creation, contributing in a healthy manner to that which nourishes us at soul level and to that which calls out to our soul for upliftment. The ego often looks at this natural act as a job when indeed it is the ways and means through which life, love and potential flow.
      How we contribute and where we contribute is up to each of us. It is true that our priorities are changing as we enter into the next phase of creation. Now it's all a matter of heart and personal consideration. The mind often turns matters of the heart into a job, and then the ego decides how much of an inconvenience it all is.
      Author Shawn Phillips recently wrote, "to make an impact in our world is not to be a consumer, but to be a contributor." "When we don't contribute, he suggests, we short-change our ability to have an impact, we short change our natural flow of energy, and we do not show up in our full capacity. As a result we loose strength." The new model of our creation requires strength, collaboration and contribution.
      Consider this: For millennia throngs of people have gone to churches and temples and tithed. Tithing (contributing and supporting) has always occurred in times of plenty and in times of little. People tithe during depressions and recessions and as a result of impressions. Each do so (and continue to do so) for a myriad of reasons, primarily a desire to support that which they feel nourishes and supports them.
      The former world led by mind and ego compelled many to support the unsustainable, be it a failing government, a business generated half-heartedly or out of greed, or personal relationships launched and maintained by fear and co-dependence, rather than interdependence. As a result, many people were drained emotionally, physically and financially as we efforted our way to keep the unsustainable sustained.
      As part of our new model of Creation, nourishing, getting nourished and sustaining our new realities, is vital for ourselves, our planet, our relationships, and our souls and hearts emergence to the forefront. Let us consider actions we might take as an exchange of energy reciprocity, passion and sustainability that fills us. No longer a moral imperative, new considerations, (deeper discernment) and actions are a Divine imperative and the ways and means to insure that the river of Life never stops flowing.
      As we create this new model of Creation, I sense we are willing to be more conscious of the immensity of our roles. Do you realize we are setting the stage for generations to come who will take their lead from this new model on the many levels from which it is being formed?
      Contribution is not about what we think we can or cannot afford to do (those perceptions come from paradigms of the mind and media,) it is however about flowing love in ways that offer support without losing balance. It's a collaboration of heart and soul to imbue the vitality of Spirit into or toward another or their respective activities in the world.
      "Love without action is meaningless and action without love is irrelevant." -Deepak Chopra
      Let's really vision and activate this new model of Creation by 'playing' our respective roles with passion, compassion, heartfelt consideration, and spontaneous acts of appreciation, honoring this new model as a reflection of who we are by contributing, collaborating, and nourishing the sums of its parts. And please, let's not wait until we are alerted that the economy is back on its feet. We are on our feet standing on Holy Ground, no matter what the economy is doing.
      We will talk about all of the above and give Master Keys for collaborating, discerning and creating "A New Model of Creation" in much greater detail at our "Creating A Great Reality: The Gathering" March 27-29. All details are at https://www.worldpuja.org/ashland.php Pre-Registration ends on December 15, 2008.
      If you feel The World Puja Network and the articles we send you each month are nourishing you, we invite you to consider supporting this brilliant Arc of Light so that we may continue to reach more, teach more, support more and empower more. Just click on the link on the Home Page http://www.worldpuja.org that says: "Support Us". I deeply thank you in advance for your consideration. Maureen.
      Copyright 2008 Maureen Moss. Please pass this on to friends and family with name and website.
      We actually had two, and decided to give the second one in January since Randy (World Puja's chief tech engineer) and I heart-stormed another awesome component to it just last week that every single one of you will benefit from. We believe it's worth the wait.
      In the meantime, for the next 90 days we are giving you every single archive on The World Puja Network for FREE. We have never done that before and we feel this to be another way to contribute to you.
      Download any show, meditation, attunement, frequency activation and more (there are 400 timeless ones with cultural shape-shifters, pioneers of consciousness, scientists, health professionals, relationship experts, sound healers and more) for FREE.
      We want you to carry ways and means of EMPOWERMENT with you wherever you go; in the car, on a walk, at the gym, in any sacred space or while cooking a meal. We hope that a selection of these might also make a great holiday gift for family and friends. You won't have to spend any money and you won't have to worry about it fitting or being the right color. This is truly an opportunity for all who have them to stay steady and balanced in higher states of consciousness, to extract credible pearls of wisdom and feel supported as you move forward into the emerging new world. Enjoy and take your picks (as many as you want) at http://www.worldpuja.org Click on archives.


      March 27-29, 2009

      Mahatma Buddha said: "If you go where few have gone, you will find what few have found.
      No one has been to an event like this before and no one will leave without making a huge leap in consciousness.
      This World Puja live event was created as a vehicle to elevate your Light Quotient, enable necessary energetic shifts for ascension, take you into new levels of your multi-dimensionality, expand your perceptions of your capabilities, (you will have first hand experience of this) and bring you grounded clarity like you've rarely had before.
      The above will prepare you to meet the needs of the times ahead. Each will strengthen you at core level. Each will enhance your ability to call forth, on this Earth plane, whatsoever you desire from peace to prosperity, health to happiness, regardless of external circumstances.
      What will occur here is not a Secret, it's a power. There is a blueprint to securing your power, your abundance, your right relationship to life, yourself and each other, and we're giving it here. This will be an intimate, experiential 3-day gathering. Pre-registration only until Dec. 15, 2008. https://www.worldpuja.org/ashland.php 
      What is being broadcast daily on The World Puja Network is literally beyond my wildest imagination as to the quality, the subject matters, and the reaching out that our diverse hosts do. There are topics being covered, guests that are being spoken with, information being shared, activations and meditations to boost you, balance you and care for you daily from Esateys, Dr. Steven Greer, Matt & Julie, Kerrie O'Connor, Barry Goldstein, Sandra Sedgbeer, Lisa, Dr. Tanya and me!
      Please take a look (and listen) at our line up of life empowering, broadcasts being brought your way this month on our home page. Everything from "Evolving The Brain," "Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and A New World Age," "Energy Evolution," "Economic Solutions," "Master Keys, Part II," "Latest Orion Transmissions," Michelle Karen's Astrology Guidance," "Releasing Trauma," "Implementing New Value Systems," "New Looks at our Multi-Ascension Paths," "How To Enter Into Sacred Nature," "Inside Out Global Meditation," and about 17 further topics of conversation, frequency activations and meditations.
      Also, to answer a question; "How do I decide on a new host or when a change is in order? Answer: I don't decide, I receive guidance and I trust it's always in Divine Right Order.
      I continue to schedule Fearless Living/Fearless Loving personal sessions. If you would like your own personal session please E-mail me at Maureen@... The details and testimonials can be found on the World Puja site. Just click on Fearless Living at http://www.worldpuja.org on the Home Page.
      There you have it for another month. I hope we have and can continue to lift your Spirits higher, flow love to you daily and nourish your precious Being in as many ways as possible. And, you are cordially invited to The World Puja Network through our new doorway at http://www.worldpuja.org.
      Again, if you feel The World Puja Network and the articles we send you each month are nourishing you, we invite you to consider supporting us. The "Support Us" link is on our home page.
      Know you are loved!

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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