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Dr Sue: Are you feeling SEPARATE

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  • Ash
    This is one of the most resonating messages I have received in quite a period of time. Dr Sue touches on so many areas that speak to our deepest Core
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2008

      This is one of the most resonating messages I have received in quite a period of time. Dr Sue touches on so many areas that speak to our deepest Core Essence. Namaste  


      Are you feeling SEPARATE?


      December,3, 2008

      Dr. Sue ^j**



      Hello all my loving lights,

      We are in the most challenging and trying times of our transformation and yet we are feeling so much separation/release  from who we were and who we have for so long been in a friendship, marriage, career, partnership with. What is this?  It does not feel like unity?  Ah, but it is the forming of unity!  Without separation/release from what we were to what we intend to be we cannot be unified.  This portion of the shifting to the higher consciousness is departing energy from the old, we new so well. This is often times comes between relationships, career, friendships and partnerships.  This separation/release is not for ever, nor is a leaving of these behind.  It is for the time it takes for you to calibrate your inter light to the brightest you can be, without the interference of other forms of light.  Do you get that?  The Separation/release from other forms of light till you know the quality of your own personal light.  


      That is what is happening and we as humans always have feared separation because of the original separation from spirit. Separation has always meant sadness, hurt, change and feeling lost.  This separation is not that separation I just referred to, it is a energy of release/separation for what is needed to step into our new higher vibrational light bodies in 2009. The gateway opening on the 12th is a full moon that is the energy of ending and of completion and this gateway has 2 separate doors, much like the ones in the kitchens of restaurants. . One door goes in the other is for coming out. It works like a turnstile of doorways.  If you get caught up in the turnstile you will not step out on the side you wish to be on.  So we are experiencing separation/release of the old energies and things that kept us in that turnstile rather than a door/gateway that opened us into the next phase of the journey.  When we are separate/released from the old habits, people and surroundings we stop look and listen before we move on.  That is exactly what the energy is doing right now. Stop, look and listen to your soul telling you the gateway/door to enter and come out on the other side, not caught in the turnstile as we have done so many times before. We need to be alone when we make that decision so we speak to our souls rather than listening to what or who is surrounding us.



      The time honored Christmas season draws near and we are all wanting unity and gathering in love and light. . The knowledge of birth of the new energies is upon humanity as many faiths celebrate on December.24th.  The Winter Solstice December 21st brings the turning of the Earth into the light of the New Year. This rising Light shines not only upon the Earth from the universe, but increases and magnifies within all beings as they honor their beliefs of light-in-God/Goddess, all that is..


      The year 2009 represents new beginnings which the Winter Solstice brings forth as our signal for the change from fall to winter. It also means we are birthing new surroundings and climate. Ah ha, a separation of seasons much like we are feeling in our lives right now. . The Winds of Change are blowing with the force of the light, as it is needed to be  a strong energy to separate us from the old 3D. . Many legions of light call humanity forward into the newly calibrated higher dimensional light. .As we have known December is a time of cooperation and brings with it the opening of many hearts as people think of others and of giving in joy and gladness. All these loving thoughts help in the bringing of what you hold closest to you, love, peace and light that comes to lift the consciousness of humanity.   Although we still hear of disaster, learn of fears, and see unwanted things happening in your world, those times shall pass.. In this holy season we are being asked to stand in the light of separation/release for the renewal of our intention to become lighter in the coming year. In this separation/release time will you continue to see these things you do not want?  Most will observe this energy until they notice something else, your new and renewed light shining through the darkness of the times. . Humanity has been caught up in delusion created by thought forms impacted through the raise of time. We are separating/releasing then this December 2008.


      We all await the paradigm shift that is coming to Earth, when humanity awakens to their true purpose---living in love, in peace, in harmony and respect for the life in Oneness, that is Unity! . All awakened beings have within them the seeds of God/Goddess, of the Creator. Yes, I speak of God/Goddess within each of us, because in that consciousness that you are one. You are released from the belief that you are separate, you awaken from the illusion that you are not connected to every living thing. You are the ones to unify the energies of God/Goddess and as the cells individually awaken, they begin to know their neighbors and love them as themselves in a new and blissful way. . This awakening feeling of separation/release causes light to connect to our consciousness, resulting in a great wave of awakening that turns the Wheels of the Future into the light of the God-Self within us all. So, remember, you are the new one being birthed... You are the one awakening and shinning your light brighter than ever before to a new year of 2009.


      Life is expansion, always getting larger and moving faster.  Those who planted the seeds of intent, cared and nourished those deep and abiding seeds within the heart, will birth them on December 12th. Then the Winter Solstice brings a door of awakening, an opportunity of great importance as we have left the turnstile and opened the forward door to our new and true lives. . Dash through the door and take the Leap with Faith into the arms of God/Goddess your Creator, Source of all life.  Accomplish your dreams. There is no better time than the new year of 2009.


      I often hear many say “Wait! These times are unstable and so much is falling apart. . People are losing their homes, their jobs, their mates!" I call this the separation/release from the old in our lives and I must remind you that the time is ripe for change.  Without the Winds of Change blowing a new change into life it stagnates, and we are trapped in the old paradigms again.  It is likened to death.  Change remains constantly and with it comes new birth, new growth. Be open and alert to new possibilities, even though they sometimes come in the masks of separation and loss. . Stops look ands listen for the signs and symbols for a new direction in your life. Look for that which you want to see, to have and to do, don’t settle into the old ways.. Be aware of all the good that happens in your life through change each day. Just look past all that you do not want to see---focus on that intention of the soul heart to begin a new life of light and unity. .


      This changing of the winds direction can be your collaborator now. The light shines brightly on your new path and the door or gateways are ahead and ready for you. . Take the time to know that the seeds of light you have planted in your life garden are beginning to bloom, you must nurture that!. Now, in order to have something different you must release or separate from the old. Oh yes,  just let go and let it flow into a new dream a new career, a new home a new partnership a new relationship.  This new is you and the new you has much to do. .  Feel the light of the Creator and all the angels and the brother/sister hood surround you. Let love enfold the new light with in you. Join with as many others as possible to strengthen you in your efforts to create a new world.  Utilize the power in numbers, join with intent, and great strides can be accomplished toward common goals if we unite. .


      In December, the time of new birth, let go and become all you want to be. I hold your hands and your hearts dear to me as you help bring the new light to all beings. The Ultra Human has shown immense courage during times of tremendous challenge. When you feel afraid, feel the wings of loving angels surround you.


      Many Blessings are being birthed this December 2008, it is in the times of chaos and challenge that we begin to understand our path as being sacred and that Creator/ God/Goddess is with in all of us and the birth will be of the higher Christ consciousness. Each of us at this time feels different from one another, even though we have known each other for eons.  This is Christed consciousness birthing with in to bring out the unique you… You are not separate, yet you are one with all and your special light shines bright amongst all the other lights. The separateness we are feeling is not separate from each other but it is your God/Goddess self birthing to become that which you have worked so had to be.  One with the creator not one amongst the crowd in the 3D, you are now becoming pure light. See it, feel it, wear it proudly.


      Hugs & Many Blessings,


      Dr. Sue ^j**

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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