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December 2008 Nightlight Newsletter - Chuck Spezzano

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    As always let us receive what speaks to our Inner Truth and Voice then lovingly releasing all else. Namaste   #yiv317294574 { font-family:Tahoma, Verdana,
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      As always let us receive what speaks to our Inner Truth and Voice then lovingly releasing all else. Namaste
      December 2008 Nightlight Newsletter
      Chuck Spezzano
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      December is an interesting month in which there can be the heights of joy and the depths of wretchedness. Usually, in a month like this, we face the energy of both. We get to celebrate what we love but we also get to take a stark look at what is missing.
      The continuing theme for December and for 2009 is change, and your willingness to change will be the key over the next thirteen months. What you are unwilling to change, what you are holding on to, regardless of the truth, will be taken from you. It is quite an unpleasant way to learn when you are forced to do it. Think of a pregnant woman delivering a baby, who doesn’t want to deliver. She is forced to go through the birth process so that she and her baby do not die. The good news is that a lot of light workers have been toiling to remove the darkness, so that what would have been a heavy month, as the prelude to a heavy year, has been lightened.
      Otherwise, there would have been a huge trial coming to the Earth in 2009. Our kahuna (Hawaiian shaman) wrote a book called Change We Must, and this is the month where we can prepare physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually for transformation. Next year can now be an easier birth, and all the forgiveness, letting go and stepping forward will help the Earth. This is the time to do whatever is necessary to put your life in order and streamline it, especially letting go of projects, problems and your attachments to traps that carry hidden payoffs, such as control, specialness, getting attention or revenge.
      This is the time to practice receiving grace for yourself, those you love and the Earth. A great deal of darkness has been released from the Earth, especially in politics, business and the economy, though much more is needed. Much is coming to the surface from the collective unconscious.
      This is the time we came for—to be here to help the world birth to a new level. We came at this time to help the world transform. This is what we have been learning to be change agents for. We came to be midwives to a better future, and the time is upon us when all that we have learned is needed. This is a time when vision, especially spiritual vision, is most called for. People of vision are needed to lead the way forward.
      During December when you experience joy, put your attention on expanding it. One of the easiest ways to do this is through sharing. This could make December full of all that is valuable in life.
      Your wretchedness comes from deep in the unconscious and is tied to the shadow figure of the wretch. An easy way to heal the wretch shadow is to ask yourself how many of these shadow figures you have, and melt them down to their pure light and energy. Then bring the light and energy back into you to add to your wholeness.
      To heal your wretchedness, recognize that it is a tantrum. Since the tantrum is more primordial, it will melt away the wretchedness, if you put your attention on it. What is underneath the tantrum is a layer of rebellion. When you get in touch with how your tantrum is really a cover for rebellion, the tantrum will melt away, leaving you with the rebellion. This can be taken deeper into your anger at God and burned through for a level of awakening, or, if you immediately recognize the foolishness of such a stance, you can surrender it for the gift it hides.
      This is a month for giving and for service. This attitude of sharing will keep you in the flow and keep you from getting stressed by what is ultimately unimportant. Your giving and service will easily put you in the best position to have your prow facing the big wave coming, instead of taking it broadside and capsizing. This month can prove to be quite stressful. Prioritize, commit and receive the grace that is always offered.
      The other important factors this month are grace and putting everything in God’s Hands. Know you are loved and receive the help you need. What seems painful or overwhelming is Heaven’s job. Put it all in God’s Hands. Put yourself in God’s Hands. It’s not your job. It’s God’s.
      Your continuous commitment to the next stage and your willingness to give every issue to Heaven, and receive the grace and guidance instead, will keep you afloat and moving forward. There is joy aplenty if you are open to it, and mystic joy if you take the time for it.
      May you be blessed with grace and miracles this month,
      Chuck Spezzano
      Phoenix, Arizona
      December 2008


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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
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