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The Online Messages December 1, 2008

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  • Ash
    I always find such resonance within Dr Meg s messages and insights. I have had the blessing to speak with her once or twice and had hoped that while I was in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2008
      I always find such resonance within Dr Meg's messages and insights. I have had the blessing to speak with her once or twice and had hoped that while I was in the Knoxville, Tn area I would have enjoyed an opportunity to meet. Please do feel free to continuing moving this along to share with others. This message ties in deeply and strongly with another from earlier today. One of the many examples of now interconnected, interwoven, We All Are.
      e Changes in our Harmonic RelationsDecember 2008
      in this issue Online Message from Dr. Meg From The Masters


      Welcome to our most current Transmissions!
      meg chicago
      Meg Blackburn Losey
      Online Message from Dr. Meg
      Online Messages November 30, 2008

      Greetings to each of you!

      The symbol expressed with this transmission is representative of the perception of "as above so below" to know that all that happens happens everywhere at once and that balance is resident no matter what the perspective. It is only the perspective that changes the experience.

      This is indeed a transformational time. My deepest apologies that I am just now getting a message out. I have been moving through somewhat of a dark night of the soul. I have had to wonder just how many of these we must move through in order to achieve the perfection that we know we are.

      I have found over recent months that things are not always as they seem. That those who claim to walk their talk only do so until challenged or until they are faced with circumstances that challenge their comfortable perspectives and this can often be painful. My realization of the immensity of this has brought to me both sadness and a determination to continue what I do even more fervently. I have honestly had to look at my own advice from time to time to bring myself back to center. I could not write to you until I found my center again. In short, this isn't my usual newsletter but one from the depths of my soul.

      Sometimes life, the universe, Spirit, God, whatever you want to call it challenges our established norm to the enth degree, forcing us to look at what we know, what we think that we know and the outcome is that we know little to nothing. Humility sets in and from there we can begin to see the truth of everything. If we are willing.

      I have written since May or June about the triangulations that are occurring and how they are forcing us to face truths that we had not. About how the triangulations are bringing up all of our stuff and the stuff in everyone around us. The triangulations require the truth no matter what. Sometimes those truths are a surprise to us. They are challenges that we must deal with in order to proceed on our chosen paths. Or not. The most recent one, on November 19th was to date the most powerful and life altering triangulation to date. Each intensifies the effects of the one previous and begins to affect us weeks before its actual occurrence.

      In my choosing, what I have found is that at the same time that the truth is coming forward in such an intense way, there are also blatant untruths that are front and center. Challenges from the dark side that have forced me to look beyond and into that which I know is light. Wading through those situations for me lately has been an extreme personal lesson. One that I didn't realize that I needed. One that I realize now I needed very much.

      Issues of integrity have been forefront. Those people whom I thought I needed, could count on, were not there when I thought I needed them most. The illusion was that I needed. The truth is that I had everything all along. Well for the most part. The rest has come in surprising ways that have both touched me and validated my knowing that there is a greater light that will shine through if only we are willing to see it.

      What we believe that we need is all part of the illusion. This can include anything or anyone. Being a human being with the perception of aloneness in this world can be very hard. On the other hand, without all of the static interference that others bring what we find is that the base emotions that we hide from ourselves are exquisite in their love and in their pain. Sometimes the world gets so hectic that we keep moving forward in such a way that we don't notice how we feel, how others are affecting us. We are so intent on our believed purpose that it is as if we have blinders on. We don't acknowledge how the little things are piling up on us and how we are taking more to heart than we realize. Until there is nothing there. And then we notice the emptiness. The depth and height of the illusion that we have created for ourselves. And that can be stunning.

      What I am saying to each of you, no matter what kind of life you think you have, take time to notice. Take time to realize the truths around you. Ask yourself if you are seeing little signs that people aren't what you think in relation to your life experience. Tell yourself the truth no matter what.

      Most people think that being "famous" is a glamorous way to live. That being so well known comes with an instant package of everything you could ever want. Often what it really means is being set aside in the perspectives of others until isolation sets in and the requirements of the journey are that you can continue with confidence or step forward one foot at a time toward whatever direction feels right. Even when you don't know the direction. Your feet do.

      To be a worker of light truly requires an in depth realization of truth. Too many people use their perceptions or metaphysical excuses for why they do or don't want to do something. "Oh, this is a sign that I should or shouldn't do this!" or "I know my path and I am not wavering". When we lose our flexibility we lose all sight of the infinite possibilities that are available to us. We also lose our humility. That which allows us to reach inward to our childish innocence and into the depths of love that is within us.

      If we are to survive the shift that is happening right now, the one that we have created, we must work together no matter what. We must be willing to look at each other in the eyes to our very souls and see each other as honest reflections of ourselves. Really see, how each other feels. Who we are and how we can participate with each other in such a way that we co- create a magnificent whole that we really mean.

      It is true that when two or more are gathered that we can create exponentially what we could have on our own. But we have to get out of our own selfish ways, our illusions, and live the truth that we mean to create. Much of the immensity of my feelings of late come from my observation that there are many, many people who claim to be workers of the light, warriors of the truth, bringers of love to our world. And yet all of those claims are not truth. The illusion has created a place of comfortable fantasy.

      In this now I challenge each of you to shed what isn't so and to come out of your spiritual closets to be the magnificent creatures that you are. Notice those around you. Love them as true reflections of yourselves. Be there for them as you would ask them to be there for you. Extend yourselves beyond your comfort zones. Act. For God's sake act in the way that you want your world to be. We are in serious times. Wake up. Be the truth. Give until you think there is nothing left and then reach way down deep inside and give more. Give of yourselves. And also, learn to receive.

      Recently we have witnessed great change in the political realm. We know that there are possibilities available to the U.S. and even now in the world through international relations that things are going to be different from now on. The shift that we have worked so hard on has taken a turn into possibilities of greatness. We are at a pivotal point. We are at the crux of changing the direction of our world just as we have intended. Don't stop now. Act. Be. Love. Know. That anything and everything is possible and you are the creator. Have the courage to soar into the changes that you know can happen.

      I love each of you dearly and beyond words. I am grateful to be able to share with you in every way.

      My trip in December to Teotihuacan has been canceled. I had surgery recently (am just fine!) and since it was delayed by a week I am not up to the trip. Stay tuned for new dates and times to experience the magnificence of the initiations of the ancients.

      We have the trip to Peru coming up in March. This trip promises to be a life changing experience for all of us. I am now offering an early registration discount of $250 to anyone who wishes to come with us. Also, a lesser registration deposit to make it easier for you to say YES! This offer is good until December 31st, 2009. For more information or top register please contact Patricia Veneman at patriciaveneman@.... Also, see the link at the bottom of this page for more info.

      Ok, the time is now. Each year I have offered a buy one get one free special for sessions with me. Last year we received such an immense response that we weren't prepared for it and so scheduling got kind of nuts. This year we have prepared easy ways to work with this and a few parameters that will help all of us work together to give you my appreciation in this way. This special will only run until midnight, December 24th, 2008. When you order, you will receive a form in response that will ask you everything that we need to get you and your loved ones booked as easily and quickly as possible. Sessions once designated are non transferable and are good for one year. They are non refundable. Please see the links below to order yours. Appointments will be on a first come first serve basis as always. I look forward to serving each of you and those whom you gift these sessions. I will happily send gorgeous gift certificates via e-mail to anyone you would like to receive these.

      Also, for the holidays, I have added to my web store on spiritlite.com some very special crystals and precious stone carvings from my personal collection, infused with the energies of the Masters and the healing work that we do. Each of those that I am offering has communicated to me that itt is time for them to move on to another who needs them more. Enjoy!

      Except for those few of you whom still have sessions already booked, I will remain on hiatus the rest of this year so that I can finish my new book. I am ever, ever grateful that you are out there, listening, reading, sharing and being who you are. Have a beautiful holiday season. I plan to get back to you in late December or early January at the latest with the Master's 2009 prophecies.

      Wishing you joy in your hearts, laughter in your days, truth in every moment and love in everything that you do. Be in peace.

      Dr. Meg
      Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
      From The Masters
      above and below
      Message from the Masters November 30, 2008

      Antui, Anshallah! Asi, Asi, Asi!

      Greetings from the light, within the light and with the light!

      It is the each of you have been moving through great change with the advent of the inter-dimensional triangulations that proceed, each with specific effects upon not only your very beingness but your perceptions and life experiences.

      As we have spoken previously, the triangulations which are in occurrence are recreating your actual form and harmonic relations amongst all Creation. The mathematic spacing of your very particulates with each triangulation is being adjusted in response to the galactic changes and progressions that continue in the alignment of your solar system with its galactic center in the year 2012.

      It is that the light particles within you are responding to their source profoundly. Those light particles within you are reaching toward their source in such a way that the purity of that source is calling to each of you to respond with the truths of who and what you are. This is causing great change in many of your lives. Many of you are finding yourselves relocating to geographic locations for which you seem to have no purpose or reason. That is because as the light intensifies you are being redistributed in such a way as to maintain the balance within the very creation in which you exist.

      You are finding that your relationships with others may not be what they seem or have changed dramatically as your awareness increases. Often many of you may be feeling alone or aside from others. Look deeper. It is the intense relationships that you have with others that is calling to you to find within you that which is far beyond any awareness that you have ever had. Many of you have believed that your experience is the only experience. That you are on your own to create whatever works in conjunction with the journey of your souls and yet what you have not seen is that you are part of a great tapestry that is infinitely intertwined and that each breath that you take, each act that you make each word that you say and thought that you have weaves further the intricate of the great tapestry that is what we would refer to as the All Souls.

      It is the All Souls, you as a collective that creates the illusion and the changes of that illusion in which you have lived. It is that the force of your combined energies sends messages into all of Creation as to how those changes will be, what the experiences of those changes will be in your world and how those changes will affect you as individuals and integral parts of the collective in which you exist.

      As each of you acts on behalf of yourselves not realizing the infinite effects that you have on the All Souls, you are creating of unintentional ignorance. Look beyond this illusion and begin to know that you are everything that you seek and that the time is now for you to embrace the power of being in such a way that your every expension of energy becomes intentional and of greater force.

      We speak of force not as that of a warrior, even though that is what you may believe. The force of which we speak is the purity of your essence, your very beingness in such a way that it is undiluted by the illusions which have surrounded you in the past. True force is the gentle power which becomes you when you are in vast truth. This force seeks its way through the intricacies of all creation, seeking light such as itself and expanding the reality of the existence of that light in such a way that the light expands exponentially. In such a way, new and true reality is created. None of this can occur without your participation.

      It is time to return to the very basics of being. They are simple. To know that you matter, that you have infinite power at your disposal, that there are no mistakes and that the truth always prevails above all illusion otherwise. That you are perfection no matter what and that the perfection that is you changes forever that which is not truth.

      When you were small you were taught that to look into the eyes of others was perhaps impolite, or as you became immersed in the illusion you avoided the eyes of others in such a way that you begin to no longer truly see those around you. Look now. See everyone for who they are in truth. Who they are is you. Some facet, some aspect of truth that either you have embraced or not.

      Gaining a sense of importance from small or even grand acts of kindness is not truth. Being kind is truth. Kindness begets unconditionality in such a way that unconditionality propagates itself and reality becomes more honest.

      As the remaining triangulations occur you will find that each will bring new challenges and depths of challenge to you as you are rewired within the reality of infinite creation. The most recent triangulation on November 19th, 2008 and the weeks preceding it called to you to step forward out of your illusions and into greater reality. This call when answered has required great change for many of you and yet as we always tell you, the result of chaos is magnificence. Chaos to change is the virtual reality of humanity. Because of the density of human particulates often chaos is required for those changes. The triangulations are doing that for you. Creating internal chaos in such a way as your instructions do not necessarily seem clear and yet all of the answers lie there in your hands. It is only for you to see and act upon them.

      The next triangulations will occur on January 11th , February 15th, March 17th, April 4th and June 11th . Each will serve greater purpose for change and in and your life experience. They will be as follows:
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