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  • Ash
    Friday, November 28, 2008 Dr. Sue ^j** www.thesouldoctor.com   I found this tip on using EFT for releasing our stresses and calming the physical and mental
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      Friday, November 28, 2008

      Dr. Sue ^j**


        I found this tip on using EFT for releasing our stresses and calming the physical and mental body. After a busy Thanksgiving and the on set of the count down to Christmas I felt we needed something to help us out. Of course Prayer and meditation are the key to understanding all of this change and we all need the understanding  energies to pull us forward into the Wheels of Change that will take us to our new and abundant shores of our new planet earth……..


        Use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for Stress relief

      Using EFT to ride out the Winds Of Change in our Stormy energy waves


      EFT is a drug-free, easy-to-learn technique that may reduce stress or painful emotions associated with thoughts, past experiences, etc. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are several points on your body where you will tap, gently, with your fingers, while holding in mind the troublesome thought. The theory behind this technique involves the body's energy field, or "energy meridians", but the validity and reliability of this method are not scientifically clear. Whether you believe in energy fields, which are described in most sources as spiritual, or the placebo effect, you might be curious to try this next time you feel a negative emotion and see what happens.


      ***   EFT helps us through the Choppy Energy Waves of the Personal Storms we are encountering and helps to anchor self healing habits. .


      To begin :

      #1 … Think of an issue that brings up painful thoughts, identify how painful the

                  thoughts are and assign an intensity level. 0 would be no intensity at all and 10

                  would be the  greatest.

      #2 …Try to think of a specific incident that relates to those painful thoughts.

      #3 … Tap the soft spot on the side of your hand (either one) below your little finger,

                   and  out loud, say, "Even though I am (angry at my mother for saying . . .or

                    whatever) . .       “I deeply and completely love and accept myself".

       #4… Say this three times while continuing to tap on the side of your hand.

       #5 ... Tap through all the following spots, about eight or so taps per spot, and repeat

                   a  short phrase that reminds you of the problem. (i.e. "my mother said I'm stupid”

                     or whatever is appropriate: to 


      Begin Tapping at these points:


       *1.  Inner eyebrow, just above the inner "corner" of the eye, on the bone….  

      *2.   Outer eye: outside edge of the eye, on the bone.

      *3.   Under the eye: below the center of the eye, again, on the bone.

      *4    Under the nose, between the nose and the lip.

      *5   On the chin, right in the middle where the crease is

      *6   On your chest. Find the "U" shaped bone below your throat, go down 2 inches

              and   then  2 inches either to the right or left.

      *6   Under your arm: three inches down from the arm pit on the side of your chest


      *7   Top of head: Near the back of the head in the middle.

      *8   Take a deep breath and see how you feel. If the intensity has dropped a few

               numbers, take note of it and tap again, this time saying, "Even though I have this

               remaining  (issue), I deeply and profoundly accept myself."


       ***Tips for practice, use one or two fingers and tap each spot gently but not so

             gently    that your body can't feel it!


      ***Be as specific as possible with the issue; for example, don't say just "I am

            depressed."  You need to focus on some specific aspect of it.


      ***Use the movie technique: Think of a specific moment and replay it in your mind like a movie. As you watch the movie, be aware of how you feel when something happens. If a moment or event is strong, a 2 or more on your scale of 1-10, stop and tap on it until it drops to a 1 or 0, and then continue through the movie until it's over.


      ***Be persistent! The issue may not drop fast, but continued tapping might/will lower the intensity.


      ***If you did something you feel guilty about or that caused someone or yourself harm or injure, replace the "deeply and profoundly accept myself" with "deeply and profoundly forgive myself."


      ***If you have trouble clearing an issue by yourself, you may have limiting beliefs about healing that prohibit you from making headway. To get through it, start the setup statement by saying, "Even though I don't feel I deserve to heal myself, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself."


      ***Finish two rounds with that, saying "I'm stuck healing myself." Start a third round with "Even though I feel I shouldn't heal myself, I realize this limits me, and choose to change this about myself." Then tap each point and say, "I deserve to heal myself." ***Do this for as long as you can until it feels right.


      *** Warnings You can not hurt yourself doing this. The only real danger is if you don't apply the technique correctly and don't get the results and get discouraged from using it again!

      This is not a replacement for seeking help from a qualified mental health expert.



      Energy Waves of November 28th are high and choppy causing exhaustion and anxiety about what is going to happen next. Be aware that we are making new paths in the uncharted unknown so be accurate in your choices and be proud of the spiritual path you have chosen.


      In today’s world of change and stresses we need simple and workable techniques to help through the minor lower energy attacks that sneak up on us. This EFT is a good and simple remedy for help us out of the 3D ruts and obstacles of our everyday life…


      Have a wonderful day and keep tapping away


      Dr. Sue ^j^

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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