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Reminder - Pluto in Capricorn until 2023 ~ Transform Government Special World Service Message

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  • Ash
    “Pluto in Capricorn until 2023 ~ Transform Government” A Special World Service Message Live on November 26, 2008 Includes telephone and MP3 recordings
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      Pluto in Capricorn until 2023 ~ Transform Government”
      A Special World Service Message
      Live on November 26, 2008

      Includes telephone and MP3 recordings
      Complimentary transcript and
      Option to purchase CD by mail for additional $8

      For best value, order the full package prior to the event and no later than December 1.*

      Channeled by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul
      through Rev. Terri Newlon
      Channeling Djwhal Khul with Clarity and Integrity since 1980



      Channeled description by Djwhal Khul, also known as The Tibetan:

      Pluto, our friend, is often known as representing transformation, sometimes death, and always relates to the fears held in the subconscious collective mind.  It has an elongated orbit, causing it to spend many years in one particular sign.
      Where Pluto appears in your birth chart symbolizes esoterically the area of your life that will constantly change, or that must transform or evolve during this lifetime.  Whole groups of Humanity will share a “group transformation”, for example all those born while Pluto is in Capricorn from 2008 to 2023 will have a common bond of that particular purpose.
      Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and most certainly the time of the New (Aquarian) Age is upon Humanity to create new Authority, new Structure, and a Humanitarian Based Society.
      Government has long been feared by Humanity.  Governments of all types have been created, transformed, destroyed, and rebirthed as long as your History is known.  This basic experience of fear or loathing of structured rule and regulation is now ready for mass transformation.
      Countless Ascension-level Beings are incarnate now to co-create a New World based on the evolution of this old fear into a state of love and grace.
      World Servers are called upon to assist the Transformation of Government into a Love-Based collective where fear no longer resonates as the primary vibration.
      Please join us on the call, live or recorded versions, and experience the shift in your own reality.  Then, co-create with others to send the wave of transformation about the Planet.
      As always, my Love to you, Djwhal Khul.
      Channeled through Rev. Terri Newlon on November 18, 2008.
      NOTE:  Djwhal Khul originally forecast that Humanity would figure out how to split an atom through the famed Alice A. Bailey.  For contemporary teachings, visit:  www.TerriNewlon.com.
      DATE AND TIME:  Wednesday, November 26, 2008, the LIVE Tele-conference will be at:
      Pacific Time (Los Angeles)                         10 AM to 11:30 AM
      Mountain Time (Denver/AZ)                      11 AM to 12:30 PM
      Central Time (Chicago)                              NOON to 1:30 PM
      Eastern Time (New York)                          1 PM to 2:30 PM
      For other time zones, visit:  http://timeanddate.com/worldclock/
      Whether you join us live or not, just for registering:
      Your will receive the live and recorded telephone call in codes right away by email.  Please check your junk or spam folder, as it is virtually instant.  Note that our office is closed on nights and weekends.  MAKE SURE YOU TYPE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS CORRECTLY.
      The telephone recording will be available immediately after the live call and is good for one month.  You can call in as often as you like to hear the message.
      Within one business day after the live call, you will receive a recording electronically by email that you can download to your computer or transfer to your iPod.  This will be MP3 format that plays automatically on Windows Media or iTunes, or whatever default program is included on your computer.
      Within 2 or 3 weeks after the live call, you will receive a transcript by email.
      COST WITHOUT CD:  -- Includes LIVE call, Call in Later telephone recording (for one month), MP3 audio download delivered by email one business day after the live call, and written transcript delivered by email 2 to 3 weeks later.  $25 USD
      COST WITH CD :  -- Above package plus add a CD IN THE MAIL for $8 more.  Allow 1 to 2 weeks after live call for delivery.  For our International Friends:  No additional postage for our beloved friends outside the USA!  We will show the value of the CD as the raw cost of replacing the CD only, since it is an add-on feature.  You may need to check with your customs department if the CD does not arrive within 2 weeks after the live call.  $33 USD

      *These calls will be posted on our site for purchase as a value package through Sunday, November 30, 2008.  This is still a great value, even without the live call.

      Note: Office will be closed for Thanksgiving Holiday from November 28 through November 30.

      After November 30, 2008, these products will be found on our web site as they become available, individually priced at:  Audio download only for $25, CD only for $33, and Written download (transcript) only for $10.

      The telephone recording will not be available for purchase by itself at any time.  It is available only in the value package.

      Benefits of the Live call:   Immeasurable! - Djwhal Khul does deep energy work with each of the live participants, and the live call group experiences the initial test run of the effects of the call upon Humanity.  Many report that an integration nap is required right afterward, or that they fall asleep during the live call so that they can process deeply on the inner planes.  We suggest that you have water to sip during the call, and perhaps some homeopathics, crystals, flower essences, essential oils, music instruments or incense as balancing and contributing tools.  Yes, your live energy contributes to the effectiveness of the work ~ thank you!
      Benefits of the Telephone recording: $25 added value – Listen from your cell phone in off-peak hours or use Skype or a land line.  Great for falling asleep at night without leaving on the computer or using other technology.  Call in as often as you like for 1 month, and make your own personal recording onto a tape or other device.  (Not for resale purposes)
      Benefits of the MP3 audio download:  $25 added value – Download to your computer, burn onto a disc, transfer to your iPod or iPhone, or just listen through computer speakers (We recommend that you always back up important files on a thumb drive, disc, or other source.  We do not replace this data if you lose it.)
      Benefits of the Transcript Written download:  $10 added value – The written word is powerful.  You can read while  you listen for maximum effects.  Our international friends can use translators to better understand the message.  Reading the transcript is also handy when you want to glance at your highlighted excerpts, are somewhere that doesn’t support audio listening, or just want to soak in the bath tub while you get all the energies!
      Benefits of the CD in the mail: $33 added value – For those who prefer the disc already made up, we offer it an add-on to the value package for only $8 extra.  After the value package expires, it can be purchased individually online for $33.  We pay for the first-class shipping, anywhere in the World.  International clients – we show the value of the CD at raw cost in the value package.

      Register now, and please forward this message to others.  Thank you!

      Please make sure that your email address is correctly typed – so we can email you the call-in codes and other downloads!  Remember, our office is closed on nights and weekends.  In order for the automation to work, your email address must be exact.

      We hope to see you on the call!

      Janet Smith,
      Client Relations Manager
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      Rev. Terri Newlon does not guarantee the accuracy of her insights and is in no way responsible for the interpretation of this material. The recipient is 100% responsible for any action taken based on their interpretation of the insights presented in any channeled material.  Channeled material presented through Rev. Terri is in no way meant to replace sound economical, political, medical, legal or any other advice and does not provide prophecy, or guaranteed accuracy on future predictions. The information is meant as a guideline only and to help Humanity better reflect upon themselves, where they have been, where they are now and where they potentially may be going. By asking for or otherwise acquiring this material, you agree to use your own discernment, and you release Rev. Terri, and Terri Newlon Holistic Consulting Co. LLC from any and all legal o r moral responsibility.
      About Reverend Terri:
      Terri Newlon is a world renowned spiritual teacher and conscious voice channel for Ascended Master Djwhal Khul.  Djwhal Khul has worked through numerous channels, including Madam H.P. Blavatsky and Alice A. Bailey, and is well known to spiritual students.  His work through Terri began in 1980 when she studied under Janet McClure and The Tibetan Foundation, Inc., and has resulted in an extensive online global support system of practical spiritual teachings.
      She is also a gifted health Empath and has trained thousands of mediums and psychics.  One of her specialties is instructing other natural sensitives how to turn on and off their abilities so they can live well-balanced lives, without neglecting their own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual requirements.
      Terri is a workshop leader, holistic consultant, public speaker, radio and TV guest.
      Training for Modern Mystics and
      Channeled Teachings for Everyday Spirituality
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