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Tuning into the Broadcast of the New Earth By DL Zeta

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  • Deborah
    Accessing Fifth-Dimensional consciousness, Part 2 Even as the world you have known flickers amid dying embers, the New Earth is already alive in its own time
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2008

      Accessing Fifth-Dimensional consciousness, Part 2

      Even as the world you have known flickers amid dying embers, the New
      Earth is already alive in its own time frame and "broadcasting" a
      signal you can tune into.

      Since all time is one, the New Earth has always existed in its own
      "time zone" in the universe. The great seers of every age have
      perceived this time when a new harmonic is set into place on the Earth.

      In the present timeframe, you don't have to be a prophet or spiritual
      master to sense the vibrations of this new time. This is because you
      are now entering an energetic location on the map of human
      consciousness where the pulsings of the New Earth are stronger than
      ever before. If you are open and spiritually attuned, you will
      receive information and guidance from future selves and members of
      your soul group already residing in this new location in time and space.

      The Broadcast of the New Earth

      Every aspect within consciousness exists as a vibrational frequency. 
      In the course of your life, you have passed through many energetic
      locations in consciousness. For the sake of clarity, we can imagine
      these locations existing along a continuum. Some are closer together,
      some are further apart, in accordance with the Law of Attraction (like
      attracts like). Your ability to perceive a location in consciousness
      is governed by the Law of Attraction. Your vibrational frequency
      determines which locations on the map of consciousness you perceive
      and experience within your present moment.

      Those of you have chosen to "tune into" spiritual consciousness are
      able to "pick up" on the vibration and broadcast of the New Earth. 
      The more you hold your focus and attention on this location in
      consciousness, the more you energize it into your physical reality. 
      As you hold your focus on fifth-dimensional consciousness, you receive
      information "downloads" that guide you to more fully experience these
      energies. The steps are different for each person depending on the
      lessons they are currently working with – in other words, where they
      are located on their unique journey of becoming.

      "Downloads" In Dream States and Waking Consciousness

      Some of you have already begun receiving downloads in consciousness.
      At times, these arrive in your dreams and at other times, in waking
      consciousness. One common theme of these downloads involves "cities
      of light" where many souls join together in consciousness to anchor
      new and greatly expanded energies.

      Many of you visit these "inner" cities during your dream states. It
      is during these visits that you meet in consciousness with fellow
      beings with whom you share the purpose of helping human consciousness
      make this "shift of the ages" as it is sometimes called. Over the
      next few years, you will find these beings showing up in your physical
      world to join with you in coaching and assisting others who are just
      beginning to integrate the new energies into their conscious existence.

      During these downloads, you may receive visions of projects you will
      undertake, or areas of study that will bring you into greater
      self-realization. Many of you who have been "practicing" intuitive
      skills and absorbing knowledge and wisdom from your teachers will now
      be asked to "step up to the plate" as teachers and leaders for those
      who are a few steps behind you.

      Other downloads may bring awareness to aspects of yourself in need of
      healing. As you take steps to heal yourself at all levels, you gain
      greater access to fifth-dimensional consciousness. Unhealed parts of
      yourself often serve as "gatekeepers" barring the way to advanced
      consciousness. This is designed to protect and assist you rather than
      hold you back. This is similar to the rules in your world that govern
      a young person driving a car. To drive requires learning the
      necessary skills and "rules of the road."

      Opening to Moments of Insight and Synchronicity

      While many downloads arrive in dream states, you may find there are
      moments in your waking world where you spontaneously receive
      information. These "waking" downloads most often arrive during
      moments when you are deeply absorbed in something that brings you joy,
      therefore bringing you into closer resonance with your spirit and
      higher self. Examples are artwork, writing, dance, meditation, yoga,
      tai chi, walks in nature, listening to music - basically any time you
      step outside linear time into "no time".

      Often you first encounter the information contained in the downloads
      in your dream state and forget the details upon waking. (Practicing
      writing down your dreams will help you remember spiritual downloads on
      a more consistent basis).

      Even if you don't recall a dream download upon waking, it may come
      back to you at a later time. This often happens when you encounter
      something in your waking reality that "triggers" a memory of your
      dream download, prompting you to recall the information. These
      spontaneous memories are true "aha" moments when you arrive at a place
      of crystal clear insight and inspiration.

      Use the information you receive from these downloads. This
      information is golden because it lights the way to the next step of
      your journey. As you trust and believe in spiritual downloads,
      resources and synchronicities arrive to pave the way to bring these
      visions into reality. This is the essence of what you call "magic"
      and "miracles." in your world.

      Signposts of Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness 

      Some of you already traveling into fifth-dimensional consciousness
      still hold uncertainties and doubts that make it difficult for you to
      fully acknowledge this is happening.

      To help you recognize those moments when you are more closely attuned
      to the broadcast of the New Earth, we offer here some signposts of
      fifth-dimensional consciousness:

      One) a sense of inner peace and joy "for no reason at all."

      Two) a feeling of expansion and unlimited possibility.

      Three) a belief that everything that has ever happened in your life is
      part of divine perfection. This allows you to release all feelings of
      victimhood and take 100% responsibility for everything in your life.

      Four) a feeling of love and compassion for every aspect of yourself,
      which you naturally extend to all others.

      Five) the perception that you are abundant and able to call upon the
      vast unlimited resources of the universe.

      Six) a sense of purpose that is aligned with your highest vision.

      Seven) a desire to heal and grow and assist all others with this process.

      Eight) an ethic of stewardship aimed at respecting and protecting all
      kingdoms on Earth -- animal, plant and mineral. This grows from a
      respect for the spark of life force in all forms. 

      Nine) the ability to transform every situation you encounter. This
      acknowledges the unlimited powers of your being and helps you see
      through the illusion. From this place of clear-seeing, you are able to
      view the world around you through the eyes of Spirit.

      10) the activation of advanced intuitive abilities such as
      clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and telepathy. These gifts
      allow you to tune into the transmissions of your higher self.

      11) a surrender to the divine will of the universe that allows greater
      alignment with universal laws and the highest good of all.

      12) A willingness to release the past and open to the new. As you
      grow, you're able to jettison old scenarios but retain the
      understandings gained through creating them. This allows you to step
      free of old identities and adopt new ones you need to grow and learn.

      Recognizing and embracing the signposts of fifth-dimensional
      consciousness helps you home in on the broadcast of the New Earth.
      This allows you to further entrain your consciousness to this new and
      expanded time. As you further align with fifth-dimensional
      consciousness, the broadcast you send out to the world becomes more
      aligned with the essence of the New Earth. This draws you into
      communion with others who are waking up and tuning in, and with those
      who share your purpose of shifting human consciousness to this new octave.

      As those who have volunteered to anchor these energies unite, the
      frequencies of the New Earth become ever more accessible, ushering in
      the new and expanded possibilities of this "golden age."

      Next week we explain how you as lightworker and volunteer are the next
      step in the activation of the new energies on the Earth plane.

      For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org

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