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November 1st, 2008 News Letter Dr. Sue ^j**

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  • Ash
    The newest edition of Dr Sue s newsletter is now available and wished to pass this along to everyone. Blessings, Shay   November 1, 2008 Dr. Sue ^j** What
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      The newest edition of Dr Sue's newsletter is now available and wished to pass this along to everyone. Blessings, Shay
      November 1, 2008
      Dr. Sue ^j**
      What energy and  new experiences can we expect during the month of November  ?

      The overall energy of this month is the energy of rejuvenation; it is re-establishing balance and harmony with-in and outside yourself. . .   The meaning of rejuvenation for   yourself is in three special and different ways.   Number #1 is recovering like you would be healing from an illness or rejuvenating from the hard week of working night and day.   It is a time of rest; a time to allow yourselves to heal internally and externally , get your energy back and collect your balance and harmony with-in yourself.  The number #2 meaning is rejuvenation in the sense of what you might do if your car just stops working and the mechanic says the computer in the engine is down.   You need to have its computer reprogrammed so you take it to a special mechanic that has the technology and information to re-program the engine with the correct information the manufacturer has specified for the engine and drive train of your car. .  Your engine regains it computer files and you are back on the road. .   This rejuvenation energy is a time where you are realigning parts of you that have became fragmented and cluttered by the intensity of the energy waves containing the wheels of our destiny clicking into new and unknown territory on the wheel of the new energy plan.   This shifting gears and clicking into unknown gears has scattered us and pressured us into feeling frazzled and worn out.   This energy is changing us at enormous rates and the timing feels off kilter and so do we. .

        November is the month in 2008 that brings us to the ending of the shifting into higher gears and a beginning of a new and larger gear ratio. . Then we are introduced to the   new energy activations starting out side our bodies.  This is a support system for our chakras called the Cylinder System which is a newly developing energy system.  I will be talking more about that at another time.. (A seminar Nov 8th)   This month was created for a time of quiet, peacefulness and rest.  The first half of November is giving us a pause to recollect and anchor all the work of the year into our new and wonderful Ultra Human bodies. .  It is a quiet time; a pause between the gears on the wheel of destiny.  The #3 meaning of rejuvenation for November is the process of rejuvenating and refreshing the memories of the journey you have traveled and acknowledging the completion of the cycle of change for 2008.   We are offered this pause to recollect and recover any and all issues we have resolved or integrated into our new energy systems. We are settling in to being Ultra Humans with the knowledge of completion and satisfaction of job well done..

      Ahhhhhh it feels good!

      This month is election time making choices for the future and doing the same for the personal self.   It is an excellent time to re look the choices and efforts you have made to become this new and rejuvenated being of light. .   It is a time to set things straight that seen to be out of alignment with your journey.   Putting clarity to the things that have been often times been changed or rewritten in your journey.   Paying attention to the feeling of the joy that is beginning to rise in your soul as you lighten the burdens of the 3D soul damage.    Seeing the month of November as a time space for reassuring yourself of the hard work of being a light~worker has paid off in personal balance and harmony.   When you are in the pause you are seeing the balance and harmony outside of you that has come into being because of your efforts to bring light in all areas of your life.   You are honoring the changes that had to be made as well done and complete.   This time is for acknowledging that which has come and gone, appreciating its value, and giving thanks from the deepest parts of your hearts for what has been evolving for so long. – Saying prayers and meditating on those people, those things, those belief systems, ideas or opinions that you had before awakening and honoring the knowledge they no- longer serve you.   This month is a good time to completely erase all anger, fear, jealousy, shame or blame that may have settled in the bottom of your new soul energy.   Put it out of the new you, and appreciate what you have learned, and to honor the path that you have created and walked with integrity.  

      You ask me and yourself, how can we best work with this higher energy?  What can we do to keep the flow? 

       This month as we pause to acknowledge our journey so it is a perfect time to do ceremony or make positive connections to the in coming energies of light. .  It would be wonderful this month to create and share images and memories with one another.  Your friends and family to join you in a ceremony of the Autumn energies and light a candle for all the memories and efforts that each of you have done through the year. Chat about the future and what you are planning for the new you and how it will be a joint effort for everyone to focus on the changes that need to occur.  Pray or meditate on the unity of the lighting of these candles as a ritual of love for each other and our new lives…..  Each of the candles lit will be a symbol and honoring of what you have been through together.   Honor someone who is no longer with you or has passed into spirit. .  It is a good time to do cleansing with sage for cleaning the space and always recalling the sacredness of our journey.   Make the effort to clear out things that no longer serve you and give them away to someone that is in need of them.   Doing the burning bowl ceremony for the things, people and places that no longer serve you will release the urge to recall the changes as losses.  Instead they are regarded as honored and respected change for the good of all. .  Any form of ritual will serve you well this month -- as you create the ceremony or ritual you will understand and take on a deeper meaning of all the progress you have made. .  One good way to use the energy of November is to just be in the moment and appreciate all the blessings of the journey and the people that have become stronger through hard work and effort.  

      As you gather for your  Autumn ceremonies you will find that telling stories and listening to stories of others will be a connecting of soul energy and companion ship for unity. .  There seems to be an energy wave coming bringing us together and many of us will be called to share our stories and knowledge of how too and why….   

        Gathering with friends or in a class or spending an evening talking and listening to one another will anchor the changes we have experienced.   There are many of you that are feeling the urge to be writing your story or a story that emerges from your experience as a ritual of gifting experience to others. .   There is a part of us that is being drawn into contacting old friends and catching up with each other,. It is now completing our stories with others that anchor the energy into the soul spaces.  The sharing of stories will be very important this month as we are anchoring and moving to another level of vibrational advantage over the old energies of the 3D. .  It will help you stay connected to your sense of place and your sense of being loved.   It will be very nurturing of heart energy for you to tell stories and to listen to stories, so do not skip doing it this month.  Reaching out and sharing your stories with one another is a honoring of who we are and who we choose to be with. .  This is what helps you reweave the fabric of life in a way that keeps our hearts open and keeps us connected to what we are doing here.  It is what gives our lives meaning - telling stories and listening to one another with your hearts and your minds open is a long time ritual used by our ancestors to remind all of the grace of god/dess in our live now and forever. .

      Are there important days in November to do rituals and ceremony?  Of course we have Thanks Giving, but everyday is a day of thanks giving and we need to anchor that energy because our future is of thankfulness and abundance.   This energy of gratefulness and abundance will be carried through the coming years.

      The energy of October was so intense and it carries over into the first week of November so that you will still be exhausted frustrated and still gathering strength to deal with everything that has risen to attention in October.    After the first week of November, and the election energies are completed the energy of this month is like a pause for the cause. Meaningful times but a restful time to collect the energy we have over used and focus on the new energy forming as I write this news letter.    At first it is very refreshing to have this clam wave set in and it begins to sooth you.    It brings a sense of quiet and rest time.   November is very much like being in a cloud and floating away to unknown then gliding gently but distinctly downward.   It is almost as if you will feel the pressure change by November 11th By this date you will have moved into a sense of quiet, of peacefulness or reverence of your journey and you will begin focusing in the reality of oneness and attract the methods and energies to move you forward in your quest for light…. 

      By November 17 you will have come to a deeper sense of stillness which is turning point energy to move you to another cog in your wheel of destiny.   Each of these days marks a turning point, or a point at which you cross a threshold of reality and calmness by the 11th and into true focus on fulfilling your future dreams.   This is a time to close the gates on yesterday and be reverent to the changes and in the stillness of reality.   Then in the coming days and month of 2008 you are clearer in focusing on your future. .   For those of us in the northern states, we will feel the weather cooling bringing our winters stillness and hibernation feelings.   Allow this cooling weather to quiet you, to quiet your minds, to draw you into a reflective center. 

      There will be more activity in December than there is typically.  You might consider November 17 a true turning point in the flowing energy of change.   We will be experiencing the sensations of the new systems becoming operable and we will seek the knowledge and extra energy these Cylinder Systems will be adding to our usual energy flow.  Sounds good Huh?  So tuck in and prepare to be whisked away into the quiet for a bit and then awaken to the new you with more energy and more information about our future and our ne Ultra Human journey …

      Hugs & xoxo’s

      Dr. Sue ^j**

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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