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November 2008 Free Celestial Timings Newsletter

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  • Ash
    The newest edition is available at the link included within her message below. I hope everyone shall have a very beautiful and wondrous day. Love, Shay   ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2008
      The newest edition is available at the link included within her message below. I hope everyone shall have a very beautiful and wondrous day. Love, Shay

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      Free Celestial Timings

      The November Celestial are dedicated to the Memory of Nicole Christine who made her transition October 18, 2008. Be sure to read the tribute I wrote for her in the Introduction to the Celestial Timings. There is no need to say how intense the times continue to be and how important the first few days of November are in determining the course for the next few months and years. It is important we hold the vision and trust we are being guided into the reality of Divine Government no matter what the outcome of the elections. It may help to remember to Accept what IS and Trust the Universe!

      The Free Version of the September Celestial Timings are now posted and ready to be viewed at this URL http://www.celestialtimings.com/free_timings/index.html FYI I do post the Free Timings on my website as email has proven to be extremely unreliable for getting the information to everyone. Also that way you can see some of the sky maps and images I use through out the Celestial Timings as well.

      Don't forget you can access the past Celestial Timings on the archives page of the Celestial Timing Website http://www.celestialtimings.com/archives/index.html.

      Special Announcements and Events (Some of these announcements are not connected to the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School but are offered as a service for your information)

      November 19 -23, 2008 near Tucson, Arizona  Advanced Sacred Marriage and Relationship Training with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell Early registration discounts apply if you register by October 1, 2008. To attend this class you must have completed at least one beginning Chart Analysis Intensive or talk with Daniel or Cayelin for exceptions. http://www.shamanicastrology.com/sacred_marriage.html

      If you are in Austin, TX, Sante Fe, NM, Tucson, or Sedona in November...Come meet our Friend and colleague Jack Allis from Wisconsin...He is bringing his timely presentation "2012 and the Great Shift of the Ages - It's Happening NOW!"  to various venues in these four cities.  Jack's presentation is based upon his epic novel, Infinity's Flower, A Tale of 2012 & The Great Shift of the Ages.  All times are 7:00 PM (Doors open at 6:30) All events are a powerpoint presentation, sacred chant and book signing. Plus, Jack will be available afterwards to meet you, mingle, and answer questions.  Admission: $5 (and will be deducted for those who buy a book)

      Venues are as follows

      Austin, Texas Thursday, November 6 UNITARIAN-UNIVERSALIST CHURCH OF AUSTIN  For more information: www.austinuu.com

      Santa Fe, New Mexico Wednesday, November 12 SANTA FE SOUL Health & Healing Center For more information: www.santafesoul.com

      Tucson, Arizona ANJALI YOGA CENTER & DAY SPA Sunday, November 16 – 7-8:30 PM  For more information: www.anjaliyoga.com

      Sedona, Arizona SEDONA CREATIVE  LIFE CENTER Wednesday, November 19 For more information: www.sedonacreativelife.com

      Tucson, Arizona Sacred  Drumming Events for a full list of events please visit www.dambe.org or www.kalumba.org
      Healing Ceremonies Sacred  Drumming I and II: The Drum, Healing and Integrating  Ancient

      Tucson, Arizona West African Drumming Classes with Martin Klabunde
      Come learn traditional rhythms from Mali, Guinea and Cote d’Voire in a fun relaxed environment. Drums are provided for class use and are available to buy as well.
      Beginning Level Djembe
      For students with NO (or minimal) experience with Djembe, Dununs or West African rhythmical concepts. Students will get instruction on proper playing techniques and basic rhythmical concepts. For more information about any of the above events and directions contact: Martin Klabunde at 520-245-4547 email martin@... and

      Building a School in the Phillipines...Be sure to visit the website for the elementary school in the Phillipines to get the latest updates on what your donations have helped to create. Although a lot has been accomplished already, more school supplies, books and building materials are still needed.  http://www.rbaschool.com/index.html

      Shamanic Astrology Radio Show CD. You can learn more about Shamanic Astrology by listening to the archived internet radio shows with Daniel Giamario. Topics include the Moon, Venus, Mars and the Rising Sign from the lens of Shamanic Astrology. Also there are several quest interviews including Caroline Casey (visionary astrologer and activist), Cayelin Castell (co-founder and creative director of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School), John Major Jenkins (author of several books on 2012) and Bill Johnston (director of Project Hindsight). All 13 Shows are now available on a CD (in MP3 format) for $22.00 including shipping. Proceeds go to benefit the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School.

      Twelve Tribes CD This is a multi-dimensional guided journey through the Shamanic Astrology archetypes written and narrated Carolyn Brent who is now known as Cayelin Castell and features original sound healing music performed by John Dumas. This CD is $22 including shipping.

      You can order online either by check or by PayPal http://www.shamanicastrology.com/cds.html

      Joyful Blessings,

      Cayelin K Castell
      mail to: p3@...

      Miracles come from your love...They are synchronistic events that usually occur when you let go of attachment and trust your inner guidance  - Sanaya Roman - Creating Money

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      Tucson, AZ

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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