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CNE Newsletter - October 2008

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    In this day and age we all are aware of how important our children are. To us as well as the planet. This newsletter assists in finding new and re-newed ways
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      In this day and age we all are aware of how important our children are. To us as well as the planet. This newsletter assists in finding new and re-newed ways of giving that very assistance and support to our children that become more and more advanced each Moment. Namaste


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      OCTOBER 2008
      In this issue...

      It's that time of year again... Transition. Change.
      It's that time when, traditionally speaking, spirits walk between the worlds. Those who fear, pay special attention to their defenses. Those who don't, frolic in the moonlight, waiting for the Great Pumpkin...
      Are you a trick-or-treater? Do you carve pumpkins, decorate your yard, or throw a party? Or maybe you're one of those moms who hands out boxes of raisins. Maybe, you don't celebrate at all - my family didn't when I was growing up.
      The Celts treated this time of year as... not an ending - let's call it the close of a chapter. All Hallows Eve was a transition point, the close of the light half of the year and the opening of the dark half.
      Surely, there is a lot of change in the wind these days. It can be unsettling.
      I found myself counseling a friend the other day to let go of the past - to honor it for the gifts it gave and let it stand as the giver of those gifts. Likewise, to let go of her expectation of the future - to honor it for the gifts it would give.
      Whether in reference to a departed friend, or a new president, or a mess on the kitchen floor... Truth and Beauty may be found in what was, just as it is here, around us, now. We need to relax our grip long enough to receive the gift. To take hold of the treat being offered.
      I think we are well served to decide now, at this transition point, whether we will view these changes as Tricks... or as Treats. Our world is what we make it. May we choose well.
      In Love and Light,
      Vara LorEl
      Deputy Editor


      For every parent, grandparent or adult
      dedicated to empowering children
      by encouraging them to love themselves




      The following articles appear in our paid for section. You can access them by clicking on their title links, or by visiting the Full Online Magazine's Contents page. This month's Free Articles, which appear further down this page, can be accessed by clicking on the title links or visiting our home page.


      Who first told you that only children were lonely and bossy? When was that? Not to worry if you don’t remember. Sam Wang, associate professor of molecular biology and neuroscience at Princeton, and Sandra Aamodt, a former editor in chief of Nature Neuroscience, report that “As the source is forgotten, the message and its implications gain strength.” It doesn’t seem to matter after a short period of time whether or not you trusted the person who told you only children were lonely, bossy, and spoiled...

      FIRST BORN JEALOUSY by Elizabeth Pantley
      Question: Our first born is showing extreme jealousy towards the new baby. He’s obviously mad at us for disrupting the predictable flow of his life with this new challenger for our attention. How can we smooth things out? THINK ABOUT IT: Before the baby entered your family, your toddler was told he’d have a wonderful little brother to play with, and how much fun it would be. Then the little brother is born and your toddler is thinking, “Are you kidding me? This squirming, red-faced baby that takes up all your time and attention is supposed to be FUN?” He then “plays” with the baby in the only ways he knows how. He plays catch...

      WHAT OUR TEENS REALLY NEED by Debbie Milam
      On Christmas morning a couple of years back — although our family was in the midst of healing from a month of trauma — love and prosperity filled our home. The contrast of emotions and our experience made the joy ever more palpable. We opened presents, enjoyed each others' company and savored a delicious breakfast feast. All was well in our home until my 13-year-old, usually mild-mannered son began ranting and raving. He was furious; I had forgotten to buy several items he needed to prepare his famous pound cake recipe that he intended to serve at Christmas dinner...


      PARENTING WITH PASSION: Just Be It by Dr. Lara Honos-Webb
      Patience means that the terrible twos will likely be... well... terrible. Children are not little adults, they don’t have the brain structure to be reasonable, and they need your help to handle unruly emotions. And even with your help, that will take time. You will need the patience to wait out these developmental stages. Many times the answer to most of the perplexing parenting questions is patience. How do you get your baby to sleep through the night? Patience, in time he will. How do you get your toddler to stop taking the bottle? Comfort yourself that by the time she’s in college she won’t take a bottle, so it will work itself out...

      MEDITATION FOR KIDS: Facing the Days by Jeannine Proulx
      Guided meditations are a wonderful way to calm the minds of these very high maintenance children. It offers them a story form that keeps them interested and aware, while allowing them the freedom to create their own experiences and stories. Come join us as we offer this next generation the opportunity to create their own world and their own lives! To set the scene, find a quiet, comfortable space and time. Bedtime or afternoon nap is ideal. Keep the lighting soft and still, play soft music if you wish and read out loud slowly...

      HOW TO RAISE AN INDIGO CHILD: A Complete Serialization by Dr. Barbara Condron - The Golden Rule
      This book started with a story about Ki having his heart set on being with Paul Blosser. If you’ll remember Hezekiah had agreed to postpone playing with Paul for a half hour so Paul could complete some work. There’s more to that story. Once Ki and Paul agreed to meet, Hezekiah settled down. We read another story and then Carrie, one of the students living at the College at the time, arrived. All seemed well. Less than five minutes had passed when Hezekiah came into my room with an upset, sad look on his face. He literally fell into my lap declaring, “I don’t want to play with Carrie...”


      INSPIRED PARENTING: Appreciating Your Child’s Personal Style by Dr. Caron B. Goode
      Each of us has our own style. Personal style is a natural predisposition toward time, stress, people, tasks, and situations. It is also the foundation on which preferences, reactions, and life values are built. When parents understand their child’s personal style, communication and interaction become easier and more effective. This can help parents achieve the behavioral results they want, and the harmony they desire. There are four personal styles: behavioral, cognitive, interpersonal, and affective. There are bits and pieces of each personal style in all of us. However, one is typically dominant. In my family, I am the creative one, the dreamer...

      RAISING INTUITIVE CHILDREN: Shift Your Emotions Before Interacting with Your Child by Tara Paterson
      When you are feeling emotional upset within yourself, acknowledge the emotion and shift the feeling before you interact with your child. We all feel anger and frustration at times, but just as we teach our children not to take out their frustrations on things, animals, or people, neither should we. As parents, many of us are guilty of reacting in the moment based on how we feel. If we are angry or upset with a spouse, friend, family member or a business associate, it can lead to our propensity to yell at our kids or take out our frustration on them in some way which leads to a disconnection with our child. My mom gave me advice many years ago to always stop and count to ten before I responded to one of my kids, which sounded great in theory, but often the emotion comes on so strongly and the thought of counting to ten doesn’t even enter my mind...


      SPIRIT WISPERERS: WARNING SIGNS - Beyond What-Is by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller
      Looking at what-is in your classroom appears at first glance to be a healthy way to view your students and your classroom situation. After all, what-is is what is, and to deny that or pretend it does not exist seems similar to having your head planted firmly in the sand. But hold on. What if focusing on what-is only serves to keep you firmly grounded in what-is? What if paying attention to what-is creates an anchor that keeps you rooted in that place? What if that view prevents you from moving beyond what-is to the place you would like to be? What if what you focus on is only attracting more of the same into your life and the lives of your students?...


      INTUITIVE PARENTS, INTUITIVE KIDS - Anger by Jennifer Crews, M.A.
      I wanted to devote this month's article to the emotion of anger. I have watched my own release of anger and all its various forms while simultaneously watching it released in many children around me. Just recently I was contacted by seven different clients from various areas of the country. They requested intuitive sessions on their children regarding anger issues their children are exhibiting and its detrimental impact on the family. Many of these families are at their wits end and are considering medication and psychological assistance. The seven children are as young as four years old spanning up to nine years of age. What is this? What is happening?? How can children under the age of ten be experiencing such extreme anger and frustration within themselves and the world?...


      VACCINATIONS - The Pros and Cons by Lauren Feder, MD
      The following is a list of the pros and cons of vaccinations. Vaccinations are recommended by our healthcare system for every child. However, sometimes a child has a reaction from an inoculation. As a result, there has been a growing number of parents who have begun to question the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Pros: Most healthcare professionals believe that vaccinations are very effective. There is a widespread belief that vaccinations are responsible for the vast decline in many of our infectious and childhood illnesses. In comparison to the risks of the illnesses, it is commonly felt that vaccines are relatively harmless and pose very little risk...


      INDIGO CHILD - Awakening Of the Lightworker by Jamie L. Crowley
      I first heard the term "Indigo Children" in the early spring of 2007. The TV show New England Today was featuring a story on the Indigo Children; spiritually gifted, highly sensitive, psychic and creative children enrolled in a private school in my home state of Massachusetts. Indigo Children are a group of souls born to usher in the new age of light that is currently transforming the planet in miraculous, but sometimes frightening ways. They are the army of spiritual warriors whose life purpose is to transform the world by raising the collective consciousness, and by tangibly serving humanity through the transformation of outdated institutions and modes of living...


      THE DEADLY SWEETENER - A Letter to all British Schools, Education Authorities and Parents Everywhere by Lucas Davey
      WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IF your child came home from school and when asked what they had to eat and drink they answered, “Well I had lots of Acesulfame K (E950), Sodium Benzoate (E211), Sunset Yellow (E110), Ponceau 4R (E124), Aspartame (E951), Carmoisine (E122) and lots and lots of salt and sugar. It was yummy.”? Imagine they tell you this every day, day after day, year after year. If you weren’t sick with worry you would at least be curious to know what on earth these things are that they are eating...
      SPECIAL REPORT - Earth Talk™ - What's Going On With All The Increases in Autism?
      DEAR EARTH TALK: What’s going on with all the cases of autism cropping up and no one seems to know why? It stands to reason it must be something (or some things) environmental, yet every study allegedly turns up no conclusion? What are the possible causes? — Jessica W., Austin, TX...
      HEALTHY EATING IS THE BUZZ among all ages, including kids. But when school resumes, they sometimes feel overwhelmed and uncertain what to eat. With a little education and support, we can help kids make smart and healthy choices for lunch. There are two options when making lunch decisions: Bring or buy. Often finances, time or kids’ preferences determine choice...
      THE AUTISM SPECTRUM AND BEYOND with William Stillman, author of Autism and the God Connection
      MARGIE WRITES: My son, Chad, drowned two years ago at age four. He had autism and didn’t have many verbal words. Your two spiritual books have been a source of great comfort. My question is this: When I dream about Chad, he’s talking to me. How can this be? BILL REPLIES: Margie, first, accept my sympathies for your loss. Please know that Chad’s brief existence on Earth was not without purpose, and I am certain that he touched many lives in ways that were positive and profound...

      Parents! Write in and
      get your questions answered by Bill Stillman!

      THE PARENT COACH: Anger Management for Parents by Dr. Steven Richfield
      A PARENT WRITES: You've written about anger management for children, but what about for parents? The challenges of parenting can push parents to the brink of their patience and tolerance. Whether it is the irrational temper of the toddler or the disrespectful dismissiveness of the teenager, parenting doesn’t always bring out the best in us. Intimidation tactics such as yelling and empty threats erode trust and safety, while promoting detachment and denial in children...

      THE COSMIKIDS CONNECTION - Surrender and Watch the Magic Unfold by Judy Julin
      In the midst of my prayers one morning for understanding and inner peace with respect to the next steps for CosmiKids, I immediately heard the audio notice of a text message having been sent. I’d been texted by my best friend, (the key word that I want to emphasize is immediately) who asked me to call her as soon as I could. She was on the east coast, so I scurried out to my office and called her right away. She didn’t often contact me with such words as immediacy, so I happily complied...

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      The CosmiKids Connection

      The CosmiKids Connection

      and Watch the Magic Unfold

      by Judy Julin

      In the midst of my prayers one morning for understanding and inner peace with respect to the next steps for CosmiKids, I immediately heard the audio notice of a text message having been sent. I’d been texted by my best friend, (the key word that I want to emphasize is immediately) who asked me to call her as soon as I could. She was on the east coast, so I scurried out to my office and called her right away. She didn’t often contact me with such words as immediacy, so I happily complied... To read the rest of this article click here...

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      Sunday 5th October: Dan Millman – Raising Enlightened Children. To find out more click here.

      Sunday 12th October: Carista Luminare-Rosen, Ph.D. – Parenting Begins Before Conception. To find out more click here.

      Sunday 19th October: Chick Moorman & Thomas Haller – Teaching the Attraction Principle to Children. To find out more click here.

      Sunday 26th October: Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa – Pre and Post-Natal Yoga and the Peaceful Child. To find out more click here.



      How do you teach children self-confidence, self-esteem and an "I can do anything" attitude that will serve them wel throughout their entire life?

      As with everything in life, the best way for children to learn is through personal experience. According to Dr. Maxwell Maltz, the hugely successful originator of psycho-cybernetics: "Confidence is built upon the experience of success".

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      The Inner Wizdom Deck features 28 cards, each of which utilizes simple, empowering NLP and hypnotherapeutic language to bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the child's unconscious. Subtle yet incredibly powerful, this deck effective encourages children to tap into, access, utilize and combine the tremendous creative power of their mind with the inherent wisdom of their heart to develop confidence building strategies and create genuine magic and wizardry in their lives.

      Based on the CosmiKids Stations of Discovery, the principle message of the Magical Days Cards is that every day can be a magical day. The only thing we have to do is to choose to make it so. Designed to be used on a daily basis, the cards use positive suggestions, ideas and affirmations to provide the child with motivation, inspiration and encouragement to do something positive each day, or look at something in a different way.

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      Child of Mine, Know This
      by Rebecca Whitecotton

      Child of Mine, Know This introduces an innovative concept in children's books, combining a special, heartfelt message with the readers' photos to help parents remind their children how and why they love them. Full of loving messages reminding children of all ages that their physical bodies are just a part of who they are, Child of Mine, Know This goes so much further than any other book we have seen before...

      It's an inspirational message for parents who believe that their children's beautiful spirits are thousands of years old and wiser than we imagine.

      It's a heartfelt reminder of the bond between parents and children that was perhaps created over the course of many lifetimes, and the promises we made to each other before we embarked on this journey of life. Child of Mine, Know This is a loving message reminding children of all ages that their physical bodies are just a part of who they are.

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      Family Of the Heart
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      Owning the Beast Within by Heather Fraser

      Strengthening the Psychic Muscle
      by Deidre Madsen
      Activating Your Angelic Wings by Barry Goldstein

      Your Astrology for October 2008: Planetary Cycles by Carola Eastwood
      Your Numerology for October 2008: Numbers by Design by Kathleen Jacoby

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      by Frank MacEowen
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