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  • Ash
     There is no need to add to this resonating message as the author has created this beautifully. Namaste     COSMIC CUBE CIRCUIT 12.3 THE CANTOR My heart
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2008
       There is no need to add to this resonating message as the author has created this beautifully. Namaste


      My heart sings with rapture. The current of internal energy has crescendoed from alternating to direct flow. I rejoice in the vision of a 7 DAY materialization of MAXIMUM II.

      MAXIMUM II is the YIN YANG ERA of harmonic convergence between dimensions. It happened at Christ on Earth Hill, Canada. The nature of I AM THAT I AM is one of Dual polarities. Light and Darkness, Hot and cold, Mind and Matter, God and The Devil. The culmination of I AM's swirling interactive dance is the birth of a new Universal Specie. God-Man fully alive in both the flesh and spirit.

      Initally, Man's voracious appetite for consciousness far outweighs his capacity for discernment. The "Star Ship" or "Dark Dungeon" in the infinite astral world is what we build for ourselves during our excursion into outer consciousness. Our "Mansion in the Sky" is identical to our scope of consciousness. This incredible treasure of higher consciousness is something to sing about. It reflects Eternal Justice ad. infinitum. It is the opposite pole to STUPIDITY, which is the only unforgivable sin.

      The significance of the inter-related laws, of spirit, nature and society explodes into the higher mind as we realize that the lower realms of life are both subservient to, and the mediums of, the higher realms of consciousness. Universal Law is inviolable. There is no way anyone can break it. It is only possible for each individual to BREAK HIMSELF, against Universal Law.

      Our world is into a fundamental paradigm shift. Our higher human potential is demanding our conscious assistance for externalization and manifestation in the physical world. This requires co-operation with the deva forces, also known as the Elementals or "Little People". They have wonderful secrets to impart to the faithful who cherish the land.

      The Deva World, that is to say the Unified Field of Natural Life, have a vast array of intelligence accessible for the mutual benefit of all natural life, including man. Rudolph Steiner was the great exponent of the Deva Forces. Hitler tried to duplicate Steiner's successful experiment to rid a town of rabbits without bloodshed, on human beings. But it didn't work.

      Deva life forms, feed and are fed by the consciousness of the global community. When this common consciousness of man, the "God" of this world, deteriorates, all planetary life forms sicken and die. Medieval woodcarvings extol this concept, and like all generations, leave a powerful message for the Kingdoms yet to be. Scores of new and previously unknown illnesses, mental and physical attest to this fact. Not to see or hear the message of Life is to court Death.

      Of all intelligent life forms in this system, man alone uses money as a basis of exchange of energy. This reduces our scale of values to a metallic level and develops a HEART OF STONE. This defies our higher common sense.

      By using money as a basis for our scale of values we support the great opponent of Common Planetary Health and Welfare. This is the tyrannical and titanic obstruction to all forms of higher consciousness. A fundamental paradigm shift is the great New Earth Era challenge. As our dinosaur brothers teach us, we either respond to evolutions challenge or we get wiped out.

      At Window 12.3 let us sing a new song. Revelations foreshadows this glorious event ... I AM THE LORD THY GOD WHO HAVE BROUGHT YOU OUT OF THE HOUSE OF BONDAGE INTO THE PROMISED LAND. Divine Love and Justice wed, is what brings us out of the "House of Bondage".

      The panorama of possibility when earth God-Man acts at his/her maximum potential is MINDBLOWING. Healing, balance, abundant prosperity, antiquities restoration, elemental rejuvenation, global revitalization: Deva World/Human World in fusion, its all Here-Now. High technology puts it right within our grasp.

      As man's unfeeling "heart of stone" is transformed into a feeling "heart of flesh and blood" we understand and share the Virgin Mother's sorrow. Then let Earth's voice and all her inhabitants join in harmonic convergence with the music of the spheres of all the other planetary species. We sang the first glad chorus at the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987. We sang a new song.

      Traditional angels occupy eternity by playing harps. Indigenous man calls this the vibrations of the universal void. At window 12.03 we join the Heavenly Host in an harmonic convergence with this Universal Symphony. When all obstructions are eliminated, we become one with the resonance of the Music of the Spheres. The chakra points are where the physical and spiritual bodies meet. The traditional heavenly harp is the opened throat chakra. "Let Heaven and Nature sing" the Christmas carol proclaims, unerringly. At Window 12.3 we join this Cantor.

      A musical instrument can be tuned to a particular and exalted spiritual pitch, and, if tuned correctly and if the musician is truly dedicated, GOD ITSELF WILL RESONATE THROUGH IT. The Word of God, is just one part of the union. The Cantor explodes on the light screen of mind, when to THE WORD WE ADD THE MUSIC.

      But how can one learn to tune their "crystal" correctly so as to manifest Him? It is done by understanding the sacred geometry of Cubit Circuit 12.3. Musicians are the "Time Bandits" of Eternity. Life is intended to be a symphony of times and seasons. It gives us a reflection of our "salad days" and the follies of when we were young.

      Now to The Vision add The Voice. Self love, love of creation, and love of God is ONE UNDIVIDED LOVE. Each person is a unique form of tubular bell. The timbre of the throat chakra is born of all the emotional experience gained in the school of life. The character of this sound, its intensity and pitch, reflects the whole range of human experience. Like tubular bells all ringing in a wonderful symphony. Dr. Marcel Vogel, who won a Nobel Prize for Chemistry, prophesied this situation. "Once one bell rings, all the bells start to ring" he said.

      The ear which is open hears the cry of others. It shares the heights of passion, the depths of compassion, and every possible emotional experience in between. There is no more separative squelch, no further disharmony as our collective human throat chakra aligns with the physical vocal cords to sing a new song. Deva are in a continuous song of praise to the Almighty King of Kings. As man joins with this choir of angels in resonance with the Universal Synchromesh, Heaven and Nature sings in harmony.

      One child UFO abductee I know came back to tell us "God has everybody's phone number." We understood that each one of us has a unique tone of resonance. Truth comes so simply when it comes out of the mouths of babes. Window 12.03 is the Gateway to Amnesty. The end of the curse, the time of the SOLUTION. To lend one's Kingdom to "The Beast" is one thing, but how does each one get his/her kingdom back again. The answer is by Grace. The Cantor sings of the Royal Jelly which is stored in the honeycomb of the timeless passageways. Window 12.03 represents the unloosing of Thoth's throat Chakra. From it, the wisdom of the ages pours forth, and for the faithful heart, the Mystery of God is finished.

      The Cantor sings about the writing on the wall of human history, now so clearly visible that the dullest dino mind can't fail to see it. The old ship torn apart from Nature by Her Patriarchal foes sits like a rotting hulk with a powder keg aboard. The time bomb of our implosion back into the light, is about to explode. Man has returned hate for love to the Deva. Gaia is out of love fuel and flounders helplessly towards the rocks of total oblivion.

      Nevertheless, we have spinal tapped the ship of all valuable cargo. We have recovered the fabled "Emerald Tablets" which contain the secret of Eternal Life itself. Our sparkling new white luxury liner is now boarding officers and crew. We are ready to sail with the cosmic tide.

      We have availed ourselves of the promise. We have fed on the elixir of The One, the Living Bread. "Those who drink-me shall never thirst again". The MOTHERSHIP carries the fountain of the Water of Life - the wellspring. The Biomutant community has helped to pump the elixir of Earth into the cargo hold of our sparkling new Star Ship Earth.

      In our function of New Earth Valkyrie let us go down into the battlefield and rescue the dead and dying and bring them safely home to Mu. All the classical themes, art and music have told a single story. The tale of a journey of a ship travelling through space and time to seek out unchartered areas of Divine Mind.

      Our Star Ship is manned by The Eternals, the Invisible Company of the Unified Light Forces, and by mutated mortals. There are many decks on this great cosmic ocean liner. Each one is separated by an electric fence, a specific VPS. Great multitudes of people are being spirited away from the lower to the upper decks of the Ships' consciousness.

      We have come away from the smoke of the illusion into the REAL WORLD. The parallel etheric world to the world of matter. When the journey began, the Egyptians described this great gleaming white vessel as a skiff or "Holy Barque". The Ship has come a long way since then, extending her mind fields, growing and updating her equipment along the way in accordance with the inflowing VPS.

      If you should dip below the Abyss the upper world fades into a vague memory, as a world in a dream. When you are above the Abyss looking down into the chaos on the poop deck it is hard to believe that what you are seeing is really happening. Those people are killing each other down there for nothing more than political differences. Yet none of their political systems work.

      The childish temptation is to run away and hide in some new age retreat centre. Temporarily this is a good idea. Then The Warrior steps in and says "no way!". The Knight Errant knows no retreat; We who have come into the light will go forward into battle and fight it out for the good of the common people.

      SPIRITUAL INTERVENTION can happen at any time in a persons life. A recent survey published by the Cambridge UFO Research Group, showed that 87% felt they had been suspended in space; 58% had night terrors; 38% had invisible companions; 54% had unusual hobbies; 93% had dreams of UFO's.

      In extensive research carried on since 1967 we have monitored a pattern of childhood overshadowing as reflected in the storyboard of Peter Pan or Charles Kingsley's "Water Babies." These represent the people who can access the "Middle Kingdom."

      We have monitored a pattern of circumstances that define a sudden imprinting with a mandate of spiritual intervention. These people might be called THE CHOSEN - called to sing out the new song of The New Heaven and the New Earth, in space-time 2003.

      In our own imprinted mandate, members of the 13th Tribe who were trying to qualify for admission to the "Order of Melchizedek" had to act out the magical storyboard of Egypt in reverse to get back through the mirror which is the traditional "Coming Forth By Day" for the exit on our Tribal Storyboard.

      CHECK YOUR TRIBAL STORYBOARD. The Kaballah recommends leaving one's initial tribal affiliation to gain other angles on the cosmic play. This is how we can join the Secret Chiefs, or Community of Masters, who live on Earth today.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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