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The Sun Always Shines (10/5/2008)

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  • Ash
    Some of the most encouraging pieces I read come consistently from Carrie Hart. This morning message is no different and gives renewed vigor to face even our
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2008
      Some of the most encouraging pieces I read come consistently from Carrie Hart. This morning message is no different and gives renewed vigor to face even our perceived worst challenges in life; to coin a phrase to "find the silver lining in each cloud".
      Blessings, Shay

      Dear Friends,

      In these challenging times, I feel called to resume my daily messages. 


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      I am sending you my love and caring.  I hope that these messages help strengthen your inner light.  Together, we can generate enough light and love to counteract the darkness of fear.


      Love & peace,




      Sunday, October 5, 2008

      The Sun Always Shines



      Even when the sky is cloudy, the sun shines behind the clouds.  Even when the storm blows, the sun shines above the storm.  Even when the wind howls through and blasts the trees with its awesome power, the sun is there, up beyond the clouds and wind, shining as brightly as ever.


      Even in the darkest night, when you feel lost and unable to find your way, the sun is shining on the other side of the world, and you have only to wait for the cycle to complete, and the sun will be rising brightly on your life once again.


      Sometimes you have only to run for cover during the storm and wait for the sky to clear; it always does.  Sometimes you have only to stay still and wait for the sun to rise again in the coming dawn; it always does.


      But here is the true miracle of it.  You can access the sun at any time, even during the worst storm, even during the dead of night.  Still, even then, the sun is shining in your heart.  Still, even then, you can become quiet, breathe deeply and bring all of the wonder, all of the love and light, into you own heart of peace.  You have this power inside you, right now.


      And so then, use these two powers.  Use the power of time, knowing that change is constant and that what is today will be other tomorrow.  And use also your own power, the power to create light and love inside you, no matter what is happening outside.


      And thus does your life proceed in peace and connection, in joy and love.  And thus does your own light shine out brightly, even in the darkest of times, so that you light not only your own path, but help those around you to see a way to theirs.


      You are the light.  You are the beacon.  You have all the power you need to shine out, no matter what others say, no matter how dark it seems, no matter how strongly the wind blows. 


      The sun always shines and you are the sun.




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      I wish you love and peace.








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