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Morning Clearing (10/4/2008)

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  • Ash
    Carrie Hart always has such a wealth of messages that speak so deeply to so many of us. This Morning Clearing, as she describes it, is well worth the read as
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2008
      Carrie Hart always has such a wealth of messages that speak so deeply to so many of us. This Morning Clearing, as she describes it, is well worth the read as it deals with the fears inside and out that we face continually. There is such a high resonance within this and wished to share this with everyone. Please do feel free to pass this along. Namaste

      Saturday, October 4, 2008


      Dear Friends,

      I woke up this morning with my heart aching and this message flowing to me, with a strong directive to write it down and send it to you.  I hope you find it helpful.


      And please remember, in these challenging times, not only to follow a morning routine like that described below, but also to monitor your language, speaking and thinking of the desired outcome, not of that which you fear.  It harms you to sit with friends and bemoan the state of the world; it helps all of you immeasurably to talk of the wondrous direction you are turning your own life, the new disciplines you are building, the change you are welcoming into your heart, and the positive actions you are taking.


      My love reaches out to you and I wish you all the best.


      Love & peace,



      A Morning Clearing


      The fear is much more crippling than what you fear.  The obstacles and challenges can make you stronger; the changes can open new doors.  But the fear only weakens you and makes you numb, unable to climb that hill or walk through that opening door into newness.


      And so, when you are in the clutches of fear, you must first overcome that fear and clear a space in which you can know, see, feel and hear what is true.  For fear does not tell the truth.  And if you listen only to fear, you will miss the loving and true guidance that is there for you.


      Each morning, develop a routine you follow faithfully, no matter what.  Adjust it as you learn what works best.  But do not skip a single morning.  If you care to, you might hold a crystal in your hand as you go through your routine, so that you may have it with you throughout the day.


      Begin by breathing deeply several times.  If you are very tense, try counting down from ten as you breathe.  Breathe in, ten.  Breathe out, ten.  Breathe in, nine.  Breathe out, nine.  As so on down to one.


      Then picture a relaxing scene, perhaps a deep blue lake with green trees around it and a few birds gliding across a blue sky touched with clouds.  A gentle breeze moves the trees and lightly touches your cheek, your hair.  Stay within your picture until you feel as calm and deep as the water.


      Now, picture your higher self as a bright golden ball above your head.  This is the part of you that is eternal, that knows all, that contains intention and purpose, that is made of love and only love.  See and feel this presence strongly.


      Now open the top of your head to this glowing presence.  Watch and feel as the bright channel of light shines down and enters you, gradually filling your body.  Let the glow enter you slowly from the top down, first clearing your mind of past regrets and future worries, then moving down to fill your heart with love.  Watch the glow spread out your arms and into your hand, where it fills your crystal with light and love.  Watch it move down to your center where the peace fills you like a deep well. 


      Let the glow spread down and down, through your entire body, to your feet and beyond, into the earth.  Feel that everywhere you glow, you are filled with love and only love, a love so strong that fear and doubt cannot possibly survive there.  And when you are ready, breathe deeply again to feel how clear and clean you are, how free and unburdened.


      Now would be an excellent time to receive guidance for your day.  Ask "What shall I do right now?" or "What shall I focus on today?" or "How shall I handle this situation?"  Ask a question beginning with "how" or "what" that focuses on the next and most important action for you to take in your life.


      Do not ask why things as they are and do not ask what the future holds.  Ask only how you should act, and trust that the answer encompasses a deep knowledge of your highest intention as well as the likely future unfolding before you.  Then write down the answers you receive. 


      And throughout the day, when you become stressed or anxious, touch your crystal; recall the feelings of love and light in your mind and body; look at the guidance you wrote down.


      Learn to recognize this glowing feeling as the place where you can make excellent choices.  Develop methods for reaching this place easily and quickly, so that you are never asking for guidance or making decisions out of fear.


      And above all, remember that you are deeply loved, surrounded by love and guidance at all times.  It is your job to become quiet and clear so that you may feel and know this love and hear the angels as they sing your name.




      Please remember that there are many resources to help you on www.carriehart.com


      The Healing Crystal on the Products page has been charged with healing energies.  Hold it during your morning routine and take it with you throughout the day.


      On the HartTracks page, you will find many meditation and music downloads to incorporate into your morning routine.  They are available by donation.


      • Begin your morning routine with a song, either "Ave Maria (Here I Am)" or "23rd Psalm (You Are My Shepherd)," both of which are very soothing and help bring you into the presence of spirit quickly and easily. 


      • The "Golden Connection Meditation" takes only ten minutes as it guides you into the energies of your higher self


      • The "Renewal Meditation" is a longer meditation, designed for a deep and thorough cleansing of fear and doubt.


      Also, go to www.PowerAnimalsUnleashed.com to let your intuition guide you to powerful guidance and energy, for the day or for important events, decisions and relationships.


       I wish you all the best and hold you in my heart.


      Love & peace,







      * * *



      This newsletter is distributed free of charge.  You may subscribe on www.carriehart.com .   


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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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