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Stewardship Re: Our World Judgement 2008 -- Planetary Culture-Wide ElectroParliament

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  • Messiah Twain
    aye, clear Tevin,   The WHOLE is Our Center,   Your Free and Kind Realm --   of Service, Spirit, Ethics ,   i.e, the ONE ...     Millennium -- In
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2008
      aye, clear Tevin,
      The WHOLE is Our Center,
      Your Free and Kind Realm --
      of Service, Spirit, Ethics ,
      i.e, the ONE ...

      -- In Forum For Disclosures, Chet Chidester <uniteinkindness> wrote:
      Dear Messiah Twain and all,
      Right in the center of our heart and minds need for cognizant reflection of what we all really need to accept and choose!
      Thank You for this beautiful expression!

      A free and kind world, Tevin

      --- On Thu, 10/2/08, Messiah Twain <yonibluestar@ yahoo.co. uk> wrote:

      World Judgement 2008 -- Planetary Culture-Wide ElectroParliament

      Judgement -- Discerning, Knowing, Understanding, Seeing

      Until this time of herstory, in what today is referred to as "written history", all forms of 'decision-making' -- all churches, all governments, all corporations, all associations -- viz. the US Fed or British Crown for example -- have been based on power over others, on violence to maintain sick aristocratic ('security state') privilege, on deceit and disinformation (education and media based on total lies) in order to keep 'their' worker/soldier populations in disease and slavery -- to make unholy war on other cultures.


      To deny human and divine spirituality, to enshrine violence against women, and killing as the universal solution to institutional insanity, impotence and ignorance.

      The rape and murder of our Mother Earth -- of the rivers, wetlands, forests, rainforests, ocean, and atmosphere -- as the answer to our own sterile materialism.

      The denial of all our spiritual relations, the killing of all our animal cousins (teachers, mentors) through the ages, of LIFE AND CONSCIOUSNESS itself.

      This nightmare, this horror, NOW, we KNOW.

      And thus we can, will, end it.

      Today we awaken.

      In the global (worldwide) universal (all participating) Parliament or Congress -- SoverAnia -- of all people -- for the sole twofold purpose of HEALING THE EARTH and PROTECTING ALL PEOPLE.

      Protecting EVERY single individual on the planet, guaranteeing their livelihoods and safety and freedom and health. Ending the oil/petrochemical and industrial war machine, the pharmaceutical and medical monster feeding on all people, on the women and children.

      And RETURN the rivers, wetlands, forests, rainforests, ocean, and atmosphere -- at this time 95-percent-murdered -- RETURN them, along with the whales and dolphins, turtles and penquins, elephants and gorillas -- RETURN them all at least tenfold. RETURN our beloved Mother Earth, the wilderness.

      And make our world 'civilization' into a multicultural garden paradise of permaculture -- of tenfold increased plant and produce diversity, of tenfold increased life and aquafirs, underground water and above-ground wetlands!

      A GLOBAL PARLIAMENT for a global family born of Global Consciousness, which our rainbow-planet cultures have named the Adi Shakti, Maadhi, Maschiak, Maitreyah, Messiah, and WE/SHE of a thousand chanted holy names.

      A planetwide body without power, without privilege, without purse.

      A planetwide mind with only ethics, morality, service as the language it seeks. Refining, Polishing, Ourselves and our Planetwide Constitution of Ethics -- the ONLY language we require. Not a dialog or document on power and privilege, legal avarice, court violence. Simply, only, wholly, a document of the goodness of creation.

      The ONE, of Judgement, Global Knowing / Discerning / Understanding / Compassion --

      The ONE whom we have waited for through all disparate time.

      ONE -- NOW -- ARRIVED,

      The returned Divine Feminine.

      With and for all our ancestral relations,

      Sacred Stone, River, Breath, Fire, Light, Spirit ...

      Millennium Twain
      Goddess Moon, Califa
      Turtle Island, Mother Earth

      Our Beginning Constitution, the 42 Laws of Isis/Maat/Innana
      (from which rainbow of ethical personality we refine, expand.)

      I. I will not kill, nor bid any others to kill.

      II. I will not commit adultery or rape.

      III. I will not avenge myself, nor fan my rage.
      I will not bring terror to the people.

      IV. I live in peace nonviolence; in harmony and respect.

      V. I will not assault another, nor cause them pain.
      I will not cause misery for others.

      VI. I live to bring joy enlightenment to myself and all others.

      VII. I will not harm another human, nor any animals.

      VIII. I will not bring about the shedding of tears.

      IX. I will not wrong the people, nor bare them evil intent.

      X. I will not steal nor take that which does not belong to me.

      I will not deprive anyone of that which is rightfully theirs.

      XI. I will not take more than my share of food or neccessities.

      XII. I will not damage the fields, crops, trees or forests.

      XIII. I live to further the integrity of all our family and ancestors.

      XIV. I will not bare false witness, nor support false allegations.

      XV. I will not lie, nor speak falsely to the hurt of another.

      XVI. I will not use fiery words, nor stir up damaging strife. I will not deceive others, in word or action, in order to hurt them. (I will not act guilefully).

      XVII. I will not speak scornfully of others.

      XVIII. I will not eavesdrop on others.

      XIX. I will not ignore the words of truth, or the lessons of nature.

      (I will not close my ears to the truth.)

      XX. My body is one with the Sun, listening always to the truth.

      XXI. I will not judge anyone hastily or harshly.

      XXII. I will not disrespect the sacred places.

      XXIII. I will do no wrong to workers or prisoners.

      XXIV. I will not be angry without good reason.

      XXV. I will not hinder the flow of running water.
      I will do no harm to our ocean womb.

      XXVI. I will not pollute the water or the land.

      XXVII. I always ask permission of nature; guidance in all my actions.

      XXVIII. I will not speak disrespectfully of our ancestors.

      XXIX. I will not despise our sacred heritage.

      XXX. I will not plunder our spiritual or community houses.

      XXXI. I will not give to excess, nor less than is due.

      XXXII. I will not covet my neighbor's goods.

      XXXIII. I will not steal from, nor disrespect, the shrines
      of the deceased.

      XXXIV. I will remember and observe the holy days.

      XXXV. I will not take food from the mouths of children.

      XXXVI. I will not interfere with cultural or sacred traditions.

      Every day I will give the best of myself; and grow in my

      XXXVII. I will not slaughter Earth's sacred animals.
      I love our animal relations as my own family.

      XXXVIII. I will not act unconsciously, or with insolence.

      XXXIX. I will not be unduly proud, nor act with arrogance.

      XXXX. I will not magnify my condition beyond what is appropriate.

      XXXXI. I will not harm or pollute myself.

      I will never shut off my body; ignore divine sensation and reason.

      XXXXII. I will obey the just laws, and not turn against my people.


      you bless our world, Jake One!

      above, just posted at:

      http://www.ojaipost .com/2008/ 10/world_ judgement_ 2008_planetary. shtml

      with and for all our sacred relations,

      Millennium Twain

      --- On Fri, 3/10/08, Jake <jrex> wrote:

      Hey MT.
      We've come a long way from a few years back.
      I Agree with much of what you see.
      We have reached the tipping point.
      The only cure from this will be Forgiveness .
      There is just too much to even consider any sort
      of Prosecution . Its asinine and niece to think that
      corruption will disappear if we hold showtrials.
      They will only allow the problem to fester.  The course chosen
      is over a hundred years old now. Perhaps for the sake
      of the many it seemed the right thing to at the time. Or maybe it was malice .
      But what ever the root cause by the lense of History we are able to
      see who really suffers for our corrupt collective decision or indecision .
      Our Children and our childrens children. Individually we can find
      that rebalance . But Now.. we are not only seeing individuals suffer only from this mess but whole communities and cultures.
      It will take collectives such as the communities we are plugged into
      to effect the level of Effective forgiveness it will take to see our way through.
      Think of it as the flipping of the poles..
      Ye ole Christian book Says " Those who are first will be last.and Last shall be first."
      When Lynett is First my bet is she will be looking to break the Hellish Cycle created by someones Long Dead Grandpa twice removed  200 years ago.
      Forgiveness sets rebalance to Understanding.
      Institutions cannot feel Remorse. Only People can.
      You People are Shining with Innocent Understanding.
      For All our Sacred Relations ..
      With Peacefull Intention..
      ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ---------
      I suspect these European Rothschilds who own the world are no more evil than the politicians in Washington, or our industrialists, clergy, scientists, lawyers, doctors, teachers, media, shopkeepers, soldiers, police ... serfs all.  sick, evil yes, VERY, but healing. refining, connecting.

      Together, all ...

      Millennium Twain
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