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October 1, 2008

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  • Ash
    For those interested in receiving Rev Sue Johnson s ezine directly one can subscribe off of her website (the old front is active while she writes the rest): 
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      For those interested in receiving Rev Sue Johnson's ezine directly one can subscribe off of her website (the old front is active while she writes the rest):  www.thesouldoctor.com It is
      It is under construction right now so send your request to subscribe to  cauac44@... as that is the best sign up address till the other is up and running.  As always receive what resonates to your Inner Truth and releasing the rest. Blessings, Shay


      OCTOBER 1, 2008

      DR. SUE ^J**


      Waves upon waves of choppy and whirling energy are pouring in. These choppy waves form  whirlpools that  are massive and they stretch all the way to the distant horizon! They are crashing all around us, washing away the old and bringing in the New. This is a real Turning Point we feel the surging pressure of then new energy coming in..We must turn all cornors to reach the completion point. As always there are obstacals that seem to hold us back wheather it is another person, thing or just our deep emotional buttons being pushed. This in turn throws us into the choppy waves and then the spin of the wghirlpool to release the obstacal or memory that is holding us back.


      These whirlpools are also amping up the intensity of the energy around us, to almost unbearable levels. This brings us many challenges as we hold tightly onto our light~preservers as the intensity moves us up and down physically and mentally. We hold on to what we know as true while maintaining some sense of balance. So much is being stirred up and brought to the surface we feel the need to clear the flow as fast as we can. Calling our angels in whether they are here on earth or in the heavens they are at our sides helping in many ways. Our emotions are being greatly affected by this and we may feel anger or unexpectedly burst into tears. Plus, the energy waves are huge and rough creating numerous whirlpools all around us. If we're not on your guard, it's really easy to get overwhelmed and swept away. Sometimes we feel as though we aree depressed and lost, be not fooled by this. We are working deeply to release and the lost feeling is because we are in the unknown waters of change. Our paths have been planned long ago and we are certianly not alone. The angels and guides are at our sides showing us the power within is the positive movment of light through our bodies clearing and cleaning up that which we have tucked away and did want to work with it. I say be done with it no matter what it is...


      The intensity levels of the whirling energies are also having a strong effect on mechanical & electrical equipment. Anything that wasn't quite right and sort of needed repair will now fall apart and need immediate attention. Electronics are especially affected because of their sensitivity.  I can’t believe the issues I have had with computers, washing machines and cars as of late. We are defiantly being shown that things are being recalibrated and rewired for the new energy. Our old THINGS don’t function well in the midst of the higher energy flowing in. Always adjusting and tweaking soon we will know all there is to know about our machines and energy.  The computer of the brain and of the office function on pure energy and menmory so we need to understand if the PC in the office is on the blitz surely we will have the same going on within and it is time to REBOOT!


      When the intensity is this strong and the energy waves are this high, we need to constantly rebalance ourselves. Many old layers and issues within our beings are becoming loosened and surfacing for release. Some are being peeled off like layers of an onion. There is nowhere to go, except into the truest core center of our beings. Anything false that we try to hang onto will be magnified and distorted until it is finally stripped away and we are clean and clear…….This is a mmagnificent feeling of freedom as all this is stripped away. The burdens of past and present as soon to be never more. Praying and meditating on these issues will inhanxe the flow of the cleansing energies.


      This is the time to recognize our core being and stay there for the rest of the journey. We need to become so real and true and dedicated to our knowing that we never slip out of it again. The best way that we do this is to step right into the turmoil of our whirlpool of elements and hold true to our truths. This is how we can turn things over to the real right-side up and in the right place. . This is how we step out of duality and into the Ultra Humans Reality; this is what we have been working so hard to do….The Ultra Human is really a high breed you and has the energy and the power to bring new life and loves into our precious planet and into thye hearts of those we love. Soon those that aoubt will awaken and we will share in their celebration of awakening...


      Some of us are running into a lot of internal resistance about diving into our elemental whirlpools. We really don't like the fact that there are no visible safety nets to assure our wellbeing. We don't like having to face our biggest fears head-on. We would much rather pretend it isn’t there and make up excuses why we can't do it. And this is exactly what we must not do.... The only way through the enormous challenges of this choppy energy in the whirlpool is to realize that it is time to leap into our True Beings, regardless of our fears. I want you to remember that as soon as you do, everything will become immeasurably easier and people and our angels and masters will come forth to help us. The process of manifestation in quadupeled when we are free of the sticky and icky burdens of the 3D.


      Since there is such a cornucopia of things happening all around us, on level after level, and in world beyond it is and feels as though it’s coming at us from multiple directions. There is so with so much to do in a very short time, it's easy to become overwhelmed and feel the exhaustion. What will really help is if you just take it one step at a time the urgency is just imagination we are working in no time now. . Just do whatever you can in the present moment. If the door closes on the issues at hand allow it to cook and find something else to do until the timing is right. .The door will be flung open again and a new and wiser you will preform the exact effort needed to bring you into the higher realms.


      During this time, everything is being edited and re -edited to remove any catches or glitches in the matrix. Everything is in the process of being recalibrated, removed or rerouted. An extremely vast repositioning is taking place with much to be put into the exact timing that spirit has planned so well.

      Re editing means just that sometimes we have to do it over and over till all the dings and bings are out of the energy that b rought it to us. Be patient and remember editing is good for the soul.


      Everything that is duality-based and expired both within our own beings and in the outside world is reaching its breaking point. We watch as many of our companies and firms of prestige show their need for reconstruction and failure to keep their businesses in safe working order. Instead they just covered it up till now there is no more covering things up.  This is what the Time of Completion is about.  It renews our sense of necessity to fully personify who we really are and to get into our new positions as quickly as possible. For this is what will see us through into the new….The courage to be is so powerful and needed in this soul journey.


      Reaching the breaking point also brings us to the doorstep of incredible breakthroughs. We are seeing them every moment and it is sometimes overwhelming until we again place it in the frame of “Right Time~ Right Place ” and the message is clear, CHANGE ~ IS ~ HERE!  The fear and confusion turns to celebration because we are completing a huge job that only the true of heart can to.


      Enjoy your whirlpools and choppy energy waves because you know that this is the days of completion and we are looking to the horizon of unified peace and nirvana.



      Dr. Sue ^j**

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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