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Visionary Music News & Updates 9/30

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  • Ash
    I highly recommend the site and have had the opportunity to aquire work with the DNA Activation series. Very resonating material to say the least. Blessings,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2008
      I highly recommend the site and have had the opportunity to aquire work with the DNA Activation series. Very resonating material to say the least. Blessings, Shay

      Visionary Music News & Updates
      Shapeshifter's Shapeshifting
      Reality Show Blog

      Multidimensional Explorations into the Light Matrix

      Updates for Sept 1-30, 2008

      • YouTube: Shapeshifter talks about DNA Activation
        This is an interview that we did on Sept. 22, 2008 with Dielle Ciesco, sound healer. Dielle has performed with us in our Transmission of Light Codes concerts as well as she works with us on other projects. The focus of this interview was the DNA Activation soundscapes starting with the beginning creations and moving [...]


      Desktop Wallpaper - DNA L2
      Put this image on your desktop to call forth the new frequencies from the DNA L2 transmissions to assist you in your current manifestations. Whether you are in the DNA L2 Program or not, the energy of the Logo will initiate some of the initial downloads of information to prepare you for the next waves [...]


      SS Podcast - Teleconference 9.17.08
      Show 9.17.08 — Shapeshifter’s Live, Uncut and Slightly Raw Podcast Recorded 9/17/08
      Topics Included (in order of discussion)
      Approx Times Indicated [xx:xx]
      Music for Sleeping & Dreaming
      Sleep Patterns
      Abuse energy/Sexual/Death Imprints
      Shamanic Journey work pre/post sleep
      Productive time/Creative Manifestation time
      How to Listen - Holding In between states, Relaxing Body, Reviewing Day, Future Work, Intentions, Programminig DNA, Attraction
      Imagination, Creation, Manifestation
      Shamanic Work - Underworld, [...]

      Download Podcast

      9/21/2008 YouTube - ReJuva Living Waters

      Posted a new video which accompanied the ReJuva CD Project. This is an upgrade from our flash movie file. We created this piece along with DeAnne Hampton who also co-wrote the ReJuva book with us. Visit DeAnne at InteriorJoy.com

      9/18/2008 YouTube - Eleal Sonus EVO

      Posted our first music video - actually this is a remake of our Harmonic Convergence (Nov 2003) flash movie. Our Music Video YouTube site: http://www.youtube.com/VisionaryMusic1111 The original art was done by Daniel Holeman - be sure to check out his website at AwakenVisions.com

      9/18/2008 YouTube Music Videos - Collaborate with Shapeshifter

      We have now started our 2nd YouTube Channel - this one will feature only Music Videos. We want to collaborate with other lightworkers to build this channel, so if you have any of the following gifts or talents that you would like to contribute to this channel, request our submission guidelines and let’s start creating [...]

      9/18/2008 Shapeshifter goes YouTube

      We’ve started 2 channels on the YouTube website - the first one will be for information content and the second will be more entertainment oriented (music videos).http://www.youtube.com/user/ShapeshifterDNA1111 We begin with a 7 part series that is an introductory interview with us by Dielle Ciesco. Dielle is a sound healer and brings her amazing vocals to our Transmission [...]

      9/10/2008 VMM Goes Green

      Visionary Music & Multimedia Goes Green Reduces Plastic CD Production Saves on Shipping (no boxes, no fuel) Quicker - Easier - Less Expensive PURCHASE FLAC FILES HERE In an effort to do our part to support to shift to Green-based business practices, we have launched our FLAC download section of our shopping cart. As you may already be [...]


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