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Sacred Heart Meditation/OneNess Day/The Healing Crystal Temple Of Your Heart

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  • Skye Coe
    Beautiful energies here. . . . participate if you can. . . Blissings! Ash wrote: Each of these stand solidly within
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 29, 2008
      Beautiful energies here. . . . participate if you can. . . Blissings! 

      Ash <mhc4sure@...> wrote:
      Each of these stand solidly within their messages and as each has many areas of resonance I wished to share these with you all. As each of you are so prompted do send these along to many others. Namaste
      The first link:  http://sunhealer.wordpress.com/category/meditations/    There are innumerable meditations upon this page which I am sure we can all find a number that resonate with us. One particular is the Sacred Heart Meditation about middle of the way down. It is worth scrolling down to.
      The information on OneNess Day is shared here within its entirety as well as the two links to read and then sign the petition for all who feel guided and choose to be apart of.
      Last but certainly not least is the link just below to The Healing Crystal Temple Of Your Heart. May these all speak to us where we are and find root within us as well as we bloom and share with All. Namaste.
      My dear friends...

      I want to tell you about the most important petition ever launched . . . a petition that could lead us all toward a new humanity, a new earth, and a New Spirituality.

      Humanity's Team is collecting 50,000 Signatures to get the United Nations to declare a Oneness Day, a day set aside and embraced by individuals, communities and nations for humanity to celebrate, discuss and experience our similarities as well as our rich cultural diversities-our Oneness-a day to unite with the entire universe as one human family.

      In the article below I tell you why I believe so much in Oneness. In this letter, I want to just tell you about what you can do to help us move toward this wonderful goal. And the first step takes just 30 seconds.

      What I ask you to do is to join the thousands of others who are now signing a petition created by Humanity's Team. The idea here is to help humanity raise its consciousness by having a Oneness Day every year, celebrated worldwide. As we remember who and what we are on that day, we will soon realize who and what we are every day! And then we'll have heaven on earth!

      To read the petition, follow this link:

      To sign the petition, follow this link: http://act.humanitysteam.org/t/2014/petition.jsp?petition_KEY=80     

      Special times call for special action. We are in special times right now. Humanity is divided and faced with so many life-threatening crises that we need to change our world view if we wish to preserve life as we know it.

      This is a dramatic statement, but it's true. The status quo doesn't work anymore.

      We've got to stand together and declare that terrorism and anti-terrorism, the financial collapse and selective government bailouts, ecological devastation and uneven environmental enforcement, and the many other divisive and destructive conditions and policies in this world have to end if we are ever to begin creating our dream for all of humanity.

      And for those divisive and destructive conditions and policies to end, the underlying beliefs that created and perpetuate them must change.

      We've got to realize something we already know deep in our hearts; we've got to now officially declare it once and for all, for the World Entire to see and to consider: that we are all part of a unified whole, with multiple dimensions, each complementing the other: We Are All One. The sooner we recognize this, that is, re-cognize it (that is, know it again), the sooner the world's life-threatening crises will end.

      That's another dramatic statement, and it's also true.

      The fact that you are reading this means you are among the growing number of people who understand this truth. Your voice is important in helping us to make this message heard, causing it to get louder by the day. People the world over are awakening to the realization that We Are All One, and that recognizing this will change how we behave toward one another.

      After signing the petition, I will ask you to do something else: own it. Own it by using its built-in link to spread the word by forwarding the petition to as many people as possible. And continue checking back for the signature count. We can bring about a truly historic change, but only when we all take responsibility for getting the job done.
      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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