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(IJ) #8-94 - How do you think of money?

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  • Ash
    I will admit that my perception of money waffles quite a bit. It is not that I have no desire for money because, obviously, this is needed that to pay bills,
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      I will admit that my perception of money waffles quite a bit. It is not that I have no "desire" for money because, obviously, this is needed that to pay bills, gas, food, etc. I have always had some concern and that relates to having more money come my way. The last thing I want is to find myself so absorbed into the gaining of money it has me way out of balance. Yet I grow to perceive more and more that there IS a true balance. 
      Why when we find ourselves graced with the plethora of spiritual wealth why do we end up either denying or being afraid of money? Both should be in balance. I think this also has to do with several previous incarnations where I lived in opulence and wealth. Having everything I desired in a moment through my wealth finally left me feeling empty. There sparkles of wealth, the desire, began to dim as I realized I was missing on the true spiritual bread and wealth.
      So I made radical changes, or as they seemed to others, in that period. I walked away from the physical wealth because I needed to be released from the trappings, the temptations, the ego that was attached to that. I had become a slave, was owned by what I thought I had owned. Perhaps a large part of that is still within me in this lifetime. I walked away so much that it has come around to this lifetime to balance those actions. Not to become filthy rich as I do not want to go down that path once more. I think even in that it has become more that I shie away from without being consciously aware of it.
      I wonder how many have seen the Eddie Murphy film "Holy Man"? We discover that he walked away from the life he had known for the life he began to live. He found his way to remove those attachments which is how I perceive his giving away virtually all he owned. The glow, the radiance, the peace and the splendor that he possessed. Yes this is but a movie and am not saying I am about to embark on the same. I share that because I have simply yet importantly asked myself "Could I end up walking away from what material possessions I do have to attune my Self more to who I truly am"? The answer is yes. Perhaps that is all which is needed...to Know it to the point that I Knew that it is through the Answer that I needed to learn what the Question was/is. Namaste
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      "Money is a highly charged subject. And most of the emotions people feel around it are negative: fear, shame, embarrassment, anger."

      -- Jerrold Mundis

      How do you think of money? How do you feel about money?

      Many of us are afraid of money. With this fear, we avoid dealing honestly and completely with our financial situation. We only have a vague idea of how much money we earn and spend, and even how much we owe. By refusing to accept financial responsibility, we sacrifice our chances for a better life.

      "Choosing wealth as a goal requires facing everything about your money bravely, honestly, with courage -- which is a very, very hard thing for most of us to do. But it can be done."

      -- Suze Orman

      Progressively shift your prosperity consciousness from managing money to thinking prosperously to manifesting abudndance. Experience abundance by integrating new perspectives!

      How do you think of money?

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