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Turtle Woman's Auto Writing

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  • cmdrlyur
    Turtle Woman s Auto Writing At a time where there are more Earth changes coming, rumors of more wars for oil, rising of the waters and more insanity in this
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2008

      Turtle Woman's Auto Writing

      At a time where there are more Earth changes coming, rumors of more wars for oil, rising of the waters

      and more insanity in this so-called "modern society" as you can see in this article below,


      (not to mention the very bad health of many obese Americans caused by MSG, monosodium glutamate

      put in about all foods and all restaurants, while banned by some European countries) ;

      I am forwarding to my lists this latest Auto Writings from Turtle Woman.

      I want to share also a recent news brought by a co-worker for the command :

      "Last week Ashtar appeared to me, and he was irradiating me with his hand,

      he only make me a sign with his hand, that have a star and mentally told me,

      Only a little time, please wait." Naturally we are talking here about a real contact

      with Ashtar, not the many fake verbiage from new agers and channelers these days.

      Stand by for more news.

      Golden Love




      Turtle Woman's Auto Writing

      Monday, 11:16 p.m.

      August 18, 2008

      Sorry. Time's up. Forgive and move on. There is no more yesterday. Never look back from this point on. The past is gone and much is gone with it. Only Now. Never more. Sing Sing. Sing a song for all the tomorrows you've been waiting for. Open the door and step through. All has arrived Now. All you have to do is embrace it and hold on tight. Your Light shines and will guide you home.

      Say "come" and it will come. "Come all that is truly mine". "Come all that belongs with me". "Come in like heart and mind". "Come soul beings of my own". "Come". It is time to summons from above the beauty that belongs below. And it is time to rise to full height and be all that you truly are, according to Free Will and the Highest Good of All.

      Stand firm as that which no longer belongs with you falls away. That which sits in darkness remains so. Hold firm as that which falls away will be great and many - surprisingly so - but do not despair as it does not belong to you. Shock! Shock! Oh! Oh! You wonder when the insanity will end - for you it already has. The drama is not yours. Others play out their own. Yours is a calm flow forward and up beyond the flood of tears that are soon to follow. Your change is for the better. Some, many, wallow in the mire. What have you need for their chosen drama? None.

      Set your sights on the stars and the heavens and don't look back or down. Set your sights. You will not be touched by the fire that consumes from below. No more pain and misery for the children of the Light. You have chosen well. The Beauty Way opens the doors of it's path - your universe of being is fine.

      Know that the power of the Golden Light is yours to use at all times. Know that the power of the Christ Enlightened is yours to use at all times for the Highest Good. Know that you are the power, have the power, and that you manifest it Now.

      Death comes to many, in mass, Now. Your country will be shook to it's foundation. Many to die before the year is out. Cold, much cold. You will need to move south soon. Cold before the water. Move south for two years. Then into the hills of crystals before the water inundates. Prepare to move as quickly as you can. The Shift comes soon. Many going soon.

      Look to the skies. You'll see them there. Go when you are called. Do not hesitate. Nothing to hold you here. Nothing. Leave with joy. All awaits you in love and reunion. The true tie that binds is waiting above. Only chains are holding you here below.

      Move now as quickly as you can. There is no time to spare. The doors are opening. Be ready to step through. In love follow The Beauty Way. Let go. Aho!

      Standing in the Golden Light,

      All My Relations In Love and Light,

      Turtle Woman, Oma

      copywrite 2008. If forwarding remove all previous email addresses. Do not change, alter, delete, modify, spindle, fold or mutilate in any way, manner, or form.

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