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OmPlace ALTWIRE - Aug. 2, 2008

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  • Ash
    I am glad to see the newest edition of OmPlace ALTWIRE out. Enjoy!   OmPlace ALTWIRE - Aug. 2, 2008 Saturday, August 2, 2008 6:18 AM From:
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      I am glad to see the newest edition of OmPlace ALTWIRE out. Enjoy!

      OmPlace ALTWIRE - Aug. 2, 2008

      Saturday, August 2, 2008 6:18 AM
      "editor@..." <editor@...>
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      Venus Sunset
      by Apollo

      Visit the
      Spirit Card Center!

      OUR 175th ISSUE
      Welcome to Issue 175 of OmPlace's Altwire newsletter. Please direct your submissions and suggestions to: susanp@...

      FREE OmPlace Radio

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      The Gathering of the Peacemakers

      A Week of Wisdom & Conscious Music
      Aug. 4-10 Banner Elk, NC

      Join us in the Blue Ridge mountains for daily workshops in solar and wind energy, bio-diesel fuels, living off-the-grid, organic and bio-dynamic gardening, holistic health, wilderness survival, building your own green home, handling money wisely, creating and sustaining loving unions, finding your mission in life, etc. Evening concerts with Corey Harris, Dub Conscious, Laura Reed and Deep Pocket Band, Afromotive, Ras Alan and Chalwa. Register soon as space is very limited! For more information, visit onelovepress.com or send an email.

      Soul Healing and Enlightenment Retreat with Master Zhi Gang Sha

      Oct 23-25, 2008
      in Atlanta, GA

      Follow your soul's desire. Join Master Zhi Gang Sha, inspiring soul leader, exceptional healer, and chosen divine servant. Learn soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge and practices, clear your blockages and transform every aspect of your life. Experience soul healing and enlightenment. For more details or to register, call 888-339-6815, send an email or visit drsha.com.

      Raw Cacao from Organic Living Food

      All of us at Organic Living Food take pride in our quality "Arriba Nacional" raw cacao products, as well as our other raw super-foods. Everyone is raving about our cacao's exceptional flavor and natural high. Cacao is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, and promotes the production of feel good chemicals in the body. Used by the ancient culture of the Mayans in a spicy beverage which was valued more than gold! For more info and to order, see our website.

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      The Chinese Online Almanac

      For centuries, the farmer's calendar was a guideline to detect auspicious hours, days and periods for important activities to ensure a positive outcome. Now people all across the globe are followers of this potent tool. The user-friendly Online Chinese Almanac embodies this calendar and more to ensure that your day's work is paved with success. View our free almanac for the day here at Dragon-Gate.com.

      Grail Springs
      Holistic Detox

      Canada Best Seller! Order your copy now from Canada's most talked about holistic spa and life transformation retreat centre Grail Springs Holistic Detox: For Body, Mind & Spirit (McArthur & Company). See grailsprings.com or amazon.com.

      Sacred Geometry
      Oracle Deck

      Visionary artist Francene Hart designed this boxed set, which includes a 128-page 6X9 paperback book with 64 full-color oracle cards. See this page for more info.

      Recipe of the Week: Tofu-Chickpea Curry from VegWeb.com
      Serve with a green salad and plenty of cucumbers.
      See recipe

             See previous recipe links

      Alternative News
      US Consumer Bill Partially Bans Plastic Softener   from Common Dreams News Center (commondreams.org)
      A partial ban on controversial plastic-softening chemicals called phthalates has been agreed on as part of a bill to revamp consumer product safety, lawmakers involved in the negotiations said on Monday (July 28, 2008). The legislation also would sharply cut the amount of lead allowed in toys and other products while increasing funding for the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), an agency much criticized after millions of toys, mostly made in China, were recalled last year. The ban on phthalates, which some believe can cause abnormal reproductive development in children, was one of the most hotly debated items considered by members of the House and Senate who hammered out the final version of the legislation. Three types of phthalates would be permanently banned in children’s toys and child care items, except for minute amounts, while three others would be temporarily banned pending further study.
            See the full article >>>          See previous News links

      Arts and Entertainment
      Dance Dance Revolution: An Interview with Boots Riley
        from MotherJones.com
      Onstage with the Coup, Raymond "Boots" Riley delivers a high-volume blast of social critique and humor, awash in layers of funk beats, heavy bass lines, loud guitar riffs, and old-school record-scratching. Offstage, the 36-year-old Oakland, California-based artist displays his wit and politics more quietly. Wearing ripped jeans and old sneakers, he exudes relaxed charm as he discusses the rationale behind in-your-face songs like "5 Million Ways to Kill a C.E.O." But Riley, who earned his moniker after wearing a pair of boots to a high school formal, is more than just a firebrand; he's also the brains behind some of the most irresistibly creative and laugh-out-loud funny hip-hop around.
            Read full article >>>           See previous A&E links

      Reading Room
      From The I-Ching to 2012: Terrance Mckenna's Astonishing Theory   by Craig Howell / Freelance Writer, Publisher and Sacred Sound Musician
      Recently passed philosopher, scientist (and some may say, eccentric) Terrance McKenna was a complex man with a complex theory that ended in a simple statement: December of 2012 will be a time that we will never forget. After intensely studying the I-Ching, the Ancient Chinese Oracle known as the "book of changes," (some say with the assistance of psychoactive plants in the Amazon) he began to see patterns. The I-Ching is composed of 64 hexagrams, which are made up of six levels each of alternating horizontal bars and dots. If you line them up and stack them so that they are within a perfect square, you start to see a movement within the shapes. He decided to create a linear model beginning in time with the era that the I-Ching was created in China and continuing to the present to see what patterns develop.
            Read full article >>>       See previous Reading Room links

      The Perpetual Karma Motion Machine   by Richard Rudis (Sonam Dorje) / Sound Healer, Workshop Leader and Owner of BuddhistArtifacts.com
      We are all governed by karmic patterns that are ingrained reactions, habitual conceptualizations, emotional and intellectual rigidities which are conditioned both individual and communally. Karma is a device we pull out of are collective hat (consciousness); activate, apply, react to, create and are subject to; while simultaneously creating more and/or strengthening the bonds of future karma in the process. The result is closing the circle of fate within a greater circle of karma each feeding on each other. This system dictates and couples action to reaction; sowing the seeds of the future resulting in an endless cycle.
            Read full article >>>            See previous Spirituality links

      Environment News Stories
      Canadian Ice Shelf Loses 7-Square-Mile Section
        from HuffingtonPost.com

      A chunk of ice spreading across seven square miles has broken off a Canadian ice shelf in the Arctic, scientists said Tuesday (July 29, 2008). Derek Mueller, a research at Trent University in Edmunton, Alberta, was careful not to blame global warming, but said it the event was consistent with the theory that the current Arctic climate isn't rebuilding ice sheets. "We're in a different climate now," he said. "It's not conducive to regrowing them. It's a one-way process." Mueller said the sheet broke away last week from the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf off the north coast of Ellesmere Island in Canada's far north. He said a crack in the shelf was first spotted in 2002 and a survey this spring found a network of fissures. The sheet is the biggest piece shed by one of Canada's six ice shelves since the Ayles shelf broke loose in 2005 from the coast of Ellesmere, about 500 miles from the North Pole.
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