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August Greetings from Spirit of Ma'at

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  • Ash
    There are more than a few channelings with the up to date Spirit of Ma at. For those not familiar with the website and their newsletters I highly recommend
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2 7:30 AM
      There are more than a few channelings with the up to date Spirit of Ma'at. For those not familiar with the website and their newsletters I highly recommend checking out more in depth when there through these links below. L&B, Shay
      Greetings  [First Name will go here],

      Welcome to the August Issue of Spirit of Ma'at e-Zine.

      This Month: Messages from Beyond the Veil

      In this month's issue at Spirt of Ma'at, we are featuring several channelings
      with messages we feel are extremely pertinent since they specifically address
      some of the emotional challenges many of us have been experiencing over the last couple of months.

      We have stories to help you get what you really want, and about balancing the
      voices within that keep us in tune with Divine Essence and end with a look at
      one of the last Drunvalo workshops here in Sedona, through the eyes of one of
      the participants. Click on for this month's offerings from us at the Spirit of
      Ma'at! and En-Joy (in-joy)!



      A Message from The Hathors
      As Channelled through Tom Kenyon
      Many of us in the spiritual community report feelings of displacement and depression, hopelessness and unexplainable apprehension. Sound Healer and international teacher, Tom Kenyon returns to Spirit of Ma'at with a recent message of understanding from the interdimensional beings called The Hathors. Read on to discover how to ride through these emotional storms with simple exercises evoking the elevated state of Appreciation.


      Correspondence — Second of the Seven Hermetic Laws
      by Bruce Rawles
      The second of the seven laws or principles is given the name Correspondence in the Kybalion, along with the phrase "As above, so below; as below, so above."

      This article — second in the series by Bruce Rawles — explores the Law of Correspondence which states that the Universe mirrors the models and belief structures that exist within our imagination. Join Bruce as we learn about how this steady flow of holographic projections that we call perception keeps us stuck in the labyrinthine illusion of form, space and time.


      Conscious Creation
      By Julia Griffin
      There is a real art to conscious creation that has been taught through many forms of metaphysics and alchemy. Returning contributor Julia Griffin gives us a simple meditation that can help us all focus on what we choose to create in our lives. Try this easy and simple practice of focused imagery and see what changes and manifests in your life! En-Joy!


      8/8/08 Meditation for Activating YOUR Zero Point
      By Phoenix Rising Star
      This powerful meditation came about are a result of Phoenix's research on how to access Zero Point Energy. Read on and if you are called, join us on August 8th at 8:00 a.m. wherever you are.


      The Time of Your Life — Yeshua
      Channeled through Carol Cooper-Steyn
      In February 2008, Carol Cooper-Steyn began a series of channelings with Yeshua (Jesus) called "The Teachings and Revelations of The Christ". The message provided in this issue encourages Light Workers of the world to unite and to allow the presence of Light to work through us seeing the Divinity and Divine Love in all things. We know we've heard these words before in so many ways and its easy to just push these words aside, but in these important times of change it is good to remind ourselves of what is truly important — the Presence and Power of Creator within each of us.


      The Voices That Speak From Within
      By Stephen Thomson
      There are two voices within each of us. One we can think of as being the guide to our physical life, the other voice speaks from our Divine Essence. With the identification and attention to these two powerful influences, the most profound and important parts of life come into focus. Read on and learn what to do to balance these two voices and become the person we aspire to be.


      Knowing What You Really Want
      By Jean-Claude Gerard Koven
      The next time someone complains that despite all their best efforts, they haven't been able to make the highly publicized Law of Attraction work, tell them to count their lucky stars. According to author Jean-Claude Gerard Koven, the naive misuse of powerful cosmic tools to acquire fame, fortune, and other creature comforts can easily have ruinous consequences. Join him as he talks with James Twyman about the newly released movie — The Moses Code and how it is important for us to realize that that we can be the embodiment of God here in our own lives and that we can use the power of that embodiment to change the world.


      A Compelling Conversation During Massage
      By Brandon Ellis
      Brandon Ellis tells us a remarkable story from one of his massage patients who came to him after years of chronic pain. Debbie shares while on the massage table, the unusual gifts that were given to her after her accident NDE (Near Death Experience) and and how those gifts are helping many of her clients today.


      Everything Present Earth, Sky and Heart
      By Kris Lichtenstein
      Kris talks about her experience at a recent workshop with Drunvalo in Sedona, Arizona. She shares her insight, impressions and the impact on her life. Join us for a short story about Kris' visit to Angel Valley and the Earth Sky Living in the Heart workshop.



      For information about Drunvalo's 2008 schedule and upcoming workshops go to www.drunvalo.net   The next workshop with available space is in Portugal.

      Sedona, Arizona, USA, September 5—7, 2008
      With Maori Teacher Kingi Ojasvin Davis

      In Drunvalo's seminars he often tells the story about desiring to meet the Waitaha of New Zealand and how when he was in Switzerland visiting Shin Shiva, he met Kingi — who just "happened" to be in the next room. Now Kingi is coming to Sedona, Arizona on September 5—7 teaching his grandmother's Healing Haka. We invite you to join us for this powerful workshop and experience a Maori form of dance and ceremony.



      October 2008, Sedona, Arizona, USA
      In October of 2008, National Geographic Sacred Sites photographer and anthropologist Martin Gray will host two photography workshops in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.   Check out Martin’s new book – Sacred Earth at the Ma’at shoppe – and click here for information on the workshop.



      Drunvalo, Diane, Cal, Tim, Joan and Alex

      Spirit of Ma'at LLC
      PO Box 687
      Sedona, Az  86339

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