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    Some words of love and encouragement from our students The Dance of Light and Shadow by AlixSandra Parness, DD One day you wake up and things are not as they
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      Some words of love and encouragement from our students

      The Dance of Light and Shadow 

      by AlixSandra Parness, DD   

      One day you wake up and things are not as they have ever been, your life changed, you face the wall of life and death and wonder how you got there and how in heaven's name you will ever make it out alive. Voices inside you conflicting, scared, terrorized and you just want it all to go away, but it won't.

      When you embarked on your spiritual journey you joined an expedition of countless others that would eventually become a pilgrimage -- home -- into the Heart of God. You entered your Dance of Light and Shadow, a dance whose steps are intricate and complex -- twisting, turning, back flips and slides reminding you of the Jitterbug danced with such passion; reminding you of life. The Dance of Light and Shadow is a call to arms and sometimes a true battle for Life.

      When you hit that wall you are at choice-point. Live or die there is nothing in between. Familiar voices cry for you to follow them over a cliff to death, or...to find Life through a misty glade without promises or sure footing.

      Are you prepared?

      Understanding the Dance:

      Every thought is neutral, just a thought, idea or inspiration presented for your consideration. That thought is shifted into gear by emotion and passion propelling thought into action. Thoughts need company so they attract other corresponding thoughts welcomed by the seed idea. When enough energy is gathered, a reality, which revolves around the original idea, is brought into manifestation. This is how we create our own personal reality and how mass consciousness works.

      Throughout your life you have heard and followed many voices, dancing between your reality and theirs. Sifting the sands of beliefs, illusions and lies, searching for Truth. The day you looked to your Spirit for guidance is the day you began to look for your own voice, to learn to take responsibility for yourself and accept the consequences of your actions. The dance just became serious and will attract higher vibrations of Light to help lift you to your goal.

      In order to understand the exquisite beauty of the Dance of Light and Shadow you must realize the principle of divine paradox that sets the music in motion.

      All thoughts are neutral, complete and whole. Once a choice has been made the once neutral situation is separated into two. Two sides of the same coin so to speak. If you look at a coin it is very difficult to see both sides at the same time, so often, when one side is always facing us we tend to see that one side as the only reality when in fact its opposite is right there, just a flash away. The interesting thing about a whole idea is that it does not like being separate and will constantly call for it's opposite to come back into wholeness.

      For example: During your spiritual training you may have uncovered judgmental voices, including your own, that are certain you are really awful or bad. Try as you may this idea pops up now and again and makes you doubt yourself. This is a common belief held by the inner child. When your child was in pain he or she made a decision about how to act or be to resolve a problem and not feel the pain. Still frozen in time, the idea behind the decision continues to attract people and situations because the energy wants to come back into wholeness.

      To illustrate the principle of Divine Paradox I will use the Soul-Aware statement "I Am The Essence Of Pure Goodness," Sit quietly and repeat the statement "I Am The Essence Of Pure Goodness" over and over to yourself. Notice other voices that may want to come into your thoughts, shadow voices that say, "who do you think you are?" - "you know you will never be a good as..." - "you are bad and you know it, who is telling you anything different?" and on and on.

      You have just activated the principle of Divine Paradox. The Soul Aware statement of Truth, "I Am The Essence Of Pure Goodness," automatically draws every idea and emotion in opposition to it. The shadow that hides and lies is the same energy as Goodness. The healing occurs with the realization that you are in fact the essence of pure goodness no matter what you have ever done, no matter what anyone else has ever said about you. You were created good and very good! When you 'get it' embracing both sides as the same one thing, you bring the light of Truth to the shadow or illusion, which then disappears. This is a powerful understanding because if you can stay in a witness place with this you will be enlightened.

      Soul Lessons:

      At any dance there is usually a dance-master or disk jockey that chooses the music. At your dance your soul is your dance master and plays music just for you. Each adventure opens a soul lesson bringing you closer to home, closer to the truth of your being.

      The Dance of Teachers When you begin your spiritual journey you are immediately attracted to a teaching, religion or group who best represent the ideals you want to achieve. Usually these groups will change along the way because you will change, your ideas change as you learn to separate the voices and find your own song. Whether it is spoken of or not the beginning of the journey is always the same, learning self-responsibility. I often tell my students not to believe anything I tell them, believe your experience, believe your heart and follow it allways.

      The Dance of Self-Responsibility. determines your course of spiritual maturity. Self-Responsibility is your dance with mirrors allowing you to look at yourself and what you are doing with one thought in reflection... 'Do I want to keep dancing this dance?" In the hall of mirrors you meet your shadow, the part of you determined to follow voices tried and true. Mom and Dad, Priest, Doctor, Minister, Rabbi, Teacher, Peer Groups, etc. After all, they did have my best interest at heart... didn't they? I'm sure they did but when you are at the wall and the choice is live or die do those voices even know who you are? Who will die for you?

      The Dance of Light and Shadow takes you to the wall, perhaps more than once in your lifetime and if you have not matured within yourself your shadow will win, that is simply how we programmed it. What that means is you never make the choice, your shadow makes the choice for you. When you give away your choices you give away your power. Your shadow has to make the choice for you because your Soul never will.

      The prime directive of the soul is threefold. Truth, Freedom and Generosity. Your soul can wait for an eternity, until you believe in yourself enough to end the dance and dissolve the wall forever.

      Lifetimes of lessons have brought you to the consciousness of a Soul Directed Life. Choosing Life. Never hide your true feelings. Come into Truth in the moment by understanding that the Truth will never harm anyone. Truth supports life.

      Choosing Life. Live your life without judgment or condemnation of yourself or others. Seek freedom in all things by celebrating differences, uniqueness and the divine spirit within everyone and all of life.

      Choosing Life. Be Generous. Life is finite but your spirit is eternal. Live in gratitude for the bounty of nature and the prosperity of your soul. From generosity you will know true love and compassion.

      In the Dance of Light and Shadow we each mature and grow:

      Spiritual maturity takes responsibility for all the choices you have ever made, brilliant or dumb and realizes they were simply stepping stones leading you home.

      Spiritual maturity parts the sea of voices until you not only hear your own voice, but it is the only voice you ever follow.

      Spiritual maturity sees equality in all things embracing all that Life offers.

      Spiritual maturity realizes that everyone is on their own pilgrimage and never tries to entice another off their chosen path, but simply radiates kindness and understanding.

      Spiritual maturity honors the power of the shadow and learns to embrace those weaknesses without judgment and take charge. As the Light brightens and Home is in sight the burdens of fear and disease fall away. Passion fuels the embers of positive self-esteem and creativity births another reality. You watch in awe of your own power as others make a circle of Life around you.



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