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The August 1st Solar Eclipse By Peter Phalam

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  • Deborah
    The August 1st Solar Eclipse By Peter Phalam The August 1st Solar Eclipse offers many challenges, but if one is accomplished in awareness, it offers many
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2008
      The August 1st Solar Eclipse By Peter Phalam

      The August 1st Solar Eclipse offers many challenges, but if one is
      accomplished in awareness, it offers many benefits in terms of
      conscious advancement.  Chiron is the main character during this
      eclipse and offers bridges into higher awareness.  Chiron is conjunct
      Neptune at this time so the main emphasis of bridge work is through
      spiritual evolution.  The polarity of Chiron and Neptune at the
      eclipse point is Venus and Moon both depicted in Leo.  Leo is ideal
      for this example as it is the collective consciousness that needs to
      move emotionally ahead.  So many are trapped within the illusion of
      debt and scarcity.  Emotions are locked up in material cages and very
      few are feeling what feeling is meant to be.  Venus assists this
      polarity as the emotions we least understand are those of the feminine
      instinct on this planet.  Most women have had to adapt a masculine
      emotional base in order to survive.  Most men have stayed steadfast in
      their skeptical masculine ethic.  So this eclipse is intended to bust
      loose many things trapped in emotions.

      What also exists in polarity are Mars and Uranus.  When these two are
      in compatible relationship either conjunct, trines or sextiles they
      advocate a psychic nature.  However, when they are in polarity they
      tend to foster the denial of the ability. For those absent of a
      reasonable intuition or clairvoyant ability this eclipse open channels
      and tests fear levels. This is also an opportunity to get off the
      karmic wheel.  Saturn is in a position to hand out "get out of jail
      free" cards and if you are willing to believe nothing can happen to
      you, nothing will.  Positive aspects should be taken advantage of with
      Jupiter in trine with Saturn.  This signifies the abundance of
      awareness as Saturn travels through the benign sign of Virgo. Mars
      Trines Jupiter as well - a good time to be aggressive in terms of
      decisions in career moves, investments and purchases.  It is more
      important now with the economy in decline to test the "Law of
      Attraction" in your life.  Venus is in a combined trine with Saturn
      and Pluto so if you use your feminine energy of passive meditative,
      you will connect easily to your guides and understand path
      corrections.  Namaste Peter

      Peter Phalam is a Campanus Astrologer, metaphysical author and trance
      channel. His book, Celestial Reunion, heralded by reviewers as
      "advanced metaphysical teaching that brings new dimension to all
      metaphysical thought...one man's vision from beyond the cutting edge
      of current metaphysical thought..." and "a Divine celebration of
      cosmology. healing and ascension"is currently out of print, but will
      be on his website in September in ebook form. To learn more about him,
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