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The Global Oneness Commitment : Need

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    [Site banner] Sneak-Peek of Global Oneness Community Hi friend! The Global Oneness Community, the place for information
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      Sneak-Peek of Global Oneness Community

      Hi friend! The Global Oneness Community, the place for information and sharing about Oneness is not really launched yet (you will see there is still some clean up to do) ...but it is now open for a sneak-peek! And if you wish - please register and become one of the very first members to do so! Jonas
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      Cosmic Love: Indigo Spirit for a cosmic Awakening

      A tremendous explosion in consciousness is occurring on our planet. This explosion is thrusting us into new dimensions that are beyond words and simple comprehension. We are being carried on a lucid thread of awakening to a potential that is new, yet as ancient as the stars. This new consciousness is full of love and light.

      Read more here: » Indigo Children: Indigo Spirit for a cosmic Awakening

      Cosmic Love: The Four Paths of Hindu Yoga

      The four main spiritual paths for God-realisation are Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga and Jnana Yoga. Karma Yoga is suitable for a man of active temperament, Bhakti Yoga for a man of devotional temperament, Raja Yoga for a man of mystic temperament, and Jnana Yoga for a man of rational and philosophical temperament, or a man of enquiry.


      Mantra Yoga, Laya Yoga or Kundalini Yoga, Lambika Yoga and Hatha Yoga, are other Yogas. Yoga, really, means union with God. The practice of Yoga leads to communion with the Lord. Whatever may be the starting point, the end reached is the same.


      Excerpt from All About Hinduism by Sri Swami Sivananda


      Read more here: » Hindu Yoga: The Four Paths of Hindu Yoga

      Cosmic Love: Hindu Festivals - The Holi Festival


      IN DAYS of yore, there were communities of cannibals in India. They caused much havoc. They threatened the lives of many innocent people. One of them was Holika or Putana. She took immense delight in devouring children. Sri Krishna destroyed her and thus saved the little children. Even today, the effigy or figure of Holika is burnt in the fire. In South India, the clay figure of Cupid is burnt. This is the origin of the great festival of Holi.


      From Hindu Fasts & Festivals by Sri Swami Sivananda.


      Read more here: » Holi: Hindu Festivals - The Holi Festival

      Cosmic Love: Ethics in Hindu Darma

      The mark of Dharma is Achara or good conduct. Achara is the mark of the good. From Achara is Dharma born. Dharma enhances life. Man attains prosperity and fame, here and hereafter, through the practice of Dharma.

      Good conduct is the highest Dharma. It is the root of all Tapas or austerities. Righteousness, truth and good works, power and prosperity - all originate from conduct.

      Excerpt from All About Hinduism by Sri Swami Sivananda

      Read more here: » Hindu Ethics: Ethics in Hindu Darma

      Cosmic Love: Mental Discipline (Bhava)

      It is the mind that really does all actions. A desire arises in your mind and then you think. Then you proceed to act. The determination of the mind is put into action. First there is Sankalpa or thought and then comes action.


      From "Easy Steps to Yoga" by Sri Swami Sivananda.


      Read more here: » Brahmacharya: Mental Discipline (Bhava)

      Cosmic Love: Enter the Goddess - Venus Transit 2004-2012

      The Venus Transit will be a wonderful opportunity to plug into a major planetary shift that will have positive collective consequences for us all.

      Enter the Goddess. As we glimpse voluptuous Venus, bejeweled and beguiling, we view our selves in her role. Confident, sensual, self-assured. The feminine embodiment of Divine Love, Venus takes center stage. The script for this evocative scene has yet to be written. Venus stands alone.

      Read more here: » Venus Transit: Enter the Goddess - Venus Transit 2004-2012

      Cosmic Love: A Dynamic Yoga

      It is due to the veil of ignorance that you have forgotten your real essential nature, the Sat-Chit-Ananda state. It is not at all necessary for you to renounce the world and run to some Himalayan cave to regain your lost divinity. Here is an easy Sadhana by which you can definitely attain God-consciousness, even while living in the world amidst multifarious activities.


      From "Easy Steps to Yoga" by Sri Swami Sivananda.


      Read more here: » Yoga: A Dynamic Yoga

      Cosmic Love: Are There Cosmic Causes and Cures for All Evils?

      How did evilness enter the world? According to the author SC Varma, at the start or genesis of universe, there was only one almighty God, the brahman , the cosmic soul (parmatma). After many yugs (eras) of being alone and blissful, he thought of becoming many from one and said: eko hum, bahu syami (in sanskrit it means, I am one, let me be many). And with this concept (sankalp) alone, the ball of duality and multiplicity of creation started rolling, and still is rolling on. This article gives an exciting background from the vedic viewpoint on how pain, misery, conflicts and problems originated.

      Read more here: » Vedic Mythology: Are There Cosmic Causes and Cures for All Evils?

      Cosmic Love: Special Instructions on Meditation

       Instructions on Meditation.


      From "Easy Steps to Yoga" by Sri Swami Sivananda.


      Read more here: » Meditation: Special Instructions on Meditation

      Cosmic Love: Spiritual - Theosophy Dictionary on Unborn

      Unborn Applied to the Logos, particularly to the First Logos, which radiates directly from the divine monad; also to kama, signifying not ordinary desire but cosmic love, born from the heart of Brahma; in another sense, Krishna as representing the Logos, or imbodying its ray. The Sanskrit word is aja, connected words are self-born and atman-bhu or atma-bhu.


      (See also: Unborn , Mysticism, Mysticism Dictionary, Body mind and Soul)


      Cosmic Love: Hindu Religion � All About Hinduism

      Hinduism is the religion of the Hindus, a name given to the Universal Religion which hailed supreme in India. It is the oldest of all living religions. This is not founded by any prophet. Buddhism, Christianity and Mohammedanism owe their origin to the prophets. Their dates are fixed. But no such date can be fixed for Hinduism. Hinduism is not born of the teachings of particular prophets. It is not based on a set of dogmas preached by a particular set of teachers. It is free from religious fanaticism.


      Excerpt from All About Hinduism by Sri Swami Sivananda


      Read more here: » Hinduism: Hindu Religion � All About Hinduism

      Cosmic Love: What is Cosmic Consciousness?

      Cosmic Consciousness was coined by the Canadian psychologist Richard M. Bucke, in his book �Cosmic Consciousness� 1902. He describes Cosmic Consciousness as a transpersonal mode of consciousness, an awareness of the universal mind and one's unity with it. Cosmic Consciousness prime characteristic is an awareness of the life and order in the universe.

      An individual who at attains the state of Cosmic Consciousness is often described as 'Enlightened' and such a person is also said to have a sense of immortality, not of attaining it but of already having it. Burke saw this state of consciousness as the next stage in human evolution, very much as spiritualists have always seen it.

      Read more here: » Cosmic Consciousness: What is Cosmic Consciousness?

      Cosmic Love: Dharma in Hinduism - The Hindu Dharma

      What is Dharma? Dharma is so called, because it holds; Dharma alone holds the people, etc. The word Dharma is derived from the root Dhr - to hold - and its etymological meaning is - that which holds - this world, or the people of the world, or the whole creation from the microcosm to the macrocosm.


      Dharma is generally defined as - righteousness - or - duty. - Dharma is the principle of righteousness. It is the principle of holiness. It is also the principle of unity.


      Excerpt from All About Hinduism by Sri Swami Sivananda


      Read more here: » Dharma: Dharma in Hinduism - The Hindu Dharma

      Cosmic Love: Karma, The Law of Action followed by Reaction

      In YOGA Tradition, Karma has a much deeper meaning, which, to a certain extent only, is related to the western idea of Destiny or Fate. In this vision, Karma is the accumulation of our past actions. These past actions (triggering actions) are causes which determine other actions (triggered reactions) in exact accordance with the charge of the corresponding past actions.


      Read more here: » Karma Yoga: Karma, The Law of Action followed by Reaction

      Cosmic Love: Why sexuality?

      Tantra: Why sexuality?

      In the act of lovemaking the couple embodies the dyadic wholeness of the Supreme. TANTRIC sexual union resonates with the very foundational energies of the Universe: it captures, magnifies and re-directs the essential Cosmic Power of Life. It is therefore not by chance that sexual intercourse brings the most intense emotional experience that the human being can have while in the flesh. Therefore TANTRA uses it predominantly to create that overwhelming unifying energy. The erotic impulse stirs up the KUNDALINI energy so that it can rise, through the subtle duct of power along the spine, to the highest center of power above the head. This process renders the adept immortal:


      Read more here: » Tantra Yoga: Why sexuality?

      Cosmic Love: ET Souls and the New Age

      In describing ET Souls, I often use the terms "Walk-ins" and "Wanderers" (this second group is also called "Star People," "Star Born," or "Star Children"). Although their higher-dimensional origins and life-purpose is often the same, what distinguishes them is how they took birth in human form.


      Read more here: » ET Souls: ET Souls and the New Age

      Cosmic Love: Addictive Love Relationships

      There are two fascinating qualities that can enter into our lives or the lives of those we care for at any moment: love and addiction. At first these two may appear to be strange bedfellows: love evokes pleasurable images of couples passionately embracing or tenderly gazing into each others' eyes, while addiction brings up a darker, grim, even desperate image of people struggling against a part of themselves that is out of control. Yet at their core, both have in common a profound spiritual yearning, the desire to transcend the self, to experience powerful states of bliss and ecstasy and to merge with and feel a part of something greater than oneself.


      Read more here: » Relationships: Addictive Love Relationships

      Cosmic Love: For the Love of Karma

      Relationship karma operates in all our relationships and starts in each life with childhood family interactions. Relationships are where we learn fundamental lessons in life through contact with karmic connections and soulmates. Karmic connections or soul groups are people we feel instantly familiar with. We have a sense of connection stemming from a previous life or lives either in a positive or negative setting.


      Read more here: » Karma: For the Love of Karma

      Cosmic Love: Bob's Theory of Relativity of Love

      In this article, I'd like to present a few ideas about Love and what Love means to me. It is not meant to be a definition of Love--I don't think Love can be defined, only described. This article is not an essay on what Love "should" or "should not" be. I'm not sure there are any "shoulds" when speaking about Love. The ideas in this article are only my opinions. I'm also sure that none of the ideas in this article are new or original because Love has been around longer than I have.

      I'd like to explain a thing I call "Bob's Theory of Relativity." Stated simply, it says that everything Einstein said about light also applies to Love.


      Read more here: » Love: Bob's Theory of Relativity of Love

      Cosmic Love: Love What You Eat

      I propose that all the knowledge you will ever need about nutrition is within your reach. Within you is an amazing storehouse of all the information you have ever encountered about diet. Your body knows better than any book what nutritional balance it needs. It tries constantly to communicate that information, it's just not always received and interpreted accurately.


      Read more here: » Body Mind and Soul: Love What You Eat


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