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Follow Your Dreams - Meeting The One Special

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  • nicolai73
    [follow your dreams] This is your Special Place for Dreaming! Dreams and Goals that are not written down are just wishes. Writing down your Dreams and Goals
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2008

      follow your dreams


      This is your Special Place for Dreaming!
      "Dreams and Goals that are not written
      down are just wishes."

      Writing down your Dreams and Goals is an important first step towards achieving them. First, because by writing them down it forces you visualize your Goals. And second, because the act of writing them down creates a commitment on your part. Only about 5% of the population actually takes the time to write down their Goals and Dreams. Maybe that is why so few people actually are living the life that they would like to be living.

      So why do we call this The Meeting Place,
      if its a place to write down Goals?

      No,this isn't a "chat room." (Though if you find that you want a chat room, please let me know.) It is more of a bulletin board (or 5 bulletin boards to be exact!) We will update at least 3 times a week, so come back to see your dreams when they are listed. We hope as you record your dreams in one or all of our 5 rooms that you also take the time to read other's dreams and maybe write a supportive note to some of them. We have a portion of our submission form for this. I have divided this up into 5 important areas of your life. Don't forget that goals of money and career are great, but love, health, and personal growth are sometimes even more important!

      You will also notice on the submission sheet that there is an area for the steps you are taking to realize your dreams. Yes, it is good to dream, but it is even better to actively commit yourself to them with both thought and deed!

      Dreams do not always stay the same so come back often, as your Goals change or to add new Dreams.

      If you don't know how to start in writing down your dreams go visit our other dreamers first-- But don't leave until you have added your own dreams and aspirations.

      Happy Dreaming!


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