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How Gangsta Are You?

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  • nicolai73
    How Gangsta Are You? So maybe you haven t exactly been shot at as many times as Fitty or locked up as many times as Snoop D-O-double G, but you still think
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2008

      How Gangsta Are You?

      So maybe you haven't exactly been shot at as many times as Fitty or locked up as many times as Snoop D-O-double G, but you still think you're spendin' most your life livin' in a gangsta's paradise. Answer these questions below and we'll be the judges of that.
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      1. It's time to get your drink on. What do you order at the bar?
      If it's a fine ass lady/thug servin' me up, I order Cristal for me and my crew to look classy... You know.
      I don't go to bars. They're dingy and don't you know alcohol is practically a gateway drug?
      Order? Bitch, please. I just reach behind the bar and grab and chug whatever I can get. I ain't payin' for that $#%&.
      Probably just a pint of whatever beer's on tap.

      2. Every gangsta travels with an entourage. How many are in yours?
      I usually hang out with like 4 or 5 people. It's a small crew, but it works.
      About 10-- depends on the day, who has to go to court, who has a deal to make, etc. You know how we do.
      Just me and my BFFAEAEAE. We're very tight, homie.
      Hell if I know. It's like a damn circus in my Escalade.

      3. Look down. What kicks are on your feet right now?
      I'm sorry, but what are these ''kicks'' of which you speak?
      Have you seen my Bapes, bitches? They're HOT!
      My Chucks. Wouldn't go anywhere without 'em.
      These sick Nike dunks I picked up in the city. They're one-of-a-kind and just like me, can never be duplicated.

      4. BUSTED! Time to confess. Have you ever been in trouble with the po po?
      More times than you can count, bro. #@&% THE PO-LICE!
      Yeah. Whatever. Who hasn't?
      Just once for being at a party with underage drinking. No big deal really.
      ::GASP:: Of course, not. Never will be either!

      5. Okay kid. If you're so gangsta, then how many members of G Unit can you name?
      Now is that a unit of measurement? Like a gram?
      50 Cent heads them up... And then there's umm...
      Hold up. I'll check my bootleg CD that I bought in the subway for two dollas.
      All of 'em and my boy's friends with one of their cuz' friends.

      6. Something's weighing you down, and I'm not talkin bout your jealous (wo)man. How many pieces of bling do you have on usually?
      Just this one tight necklace I never take off. It's the superman symbol... cause that's who I am.
      Do the diamond studs my parents gave me for my birthday count?
      There's my name plate, my watch, my ring, my grill, my...
      None. I don't like to show off... it's not my style.

      7. Take a look through your collection. What do you consider the most gangsta CD you own?
      Well, Justin Timberlake is kind of gangsta, right?
      Kanye West
      Probalby Jay-Z or Biggie
      Probably N.W.A.-- they're where it all started, baby!

      8. So every gangsta's gotta have the name to go wit it. What do your friends call you?
      Whatever generic crap they come up with-- G, bro, etc. etc.
      The mutha *&%#in' P-I-M-P, fo' real
      My first initial, a shortened version of my name, or my full name. Nothing too original or ridiculous.
      By my complete, real name, of course. What else would they call me?


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