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    Good Day Everyone! Just a little newsletter I thought I would pass on.... Have a great day. Love, Janice Where your mind lives is where your life is headed.
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      Good Day Everyone! Just a little newsletter I thought I would pass on....
      Have a great day.
      Where your mind lives is where your life is headed. What you think about most willingly, when you have nothing else you must think about, will define the direction of your life.

      No matter what may be happening in the world outside of you, you have the power to choose your own thoughts. And the thoughts you choose can have an enormous impact.

      When all is quiet, when the necessities of the day have been tended to, when your mind is free of any constraints, what kinds of things do you think about? The thoughts you have at such times, the thoughts you choose to think, are the thoughts that will show you who you truly are.

      Steer those thoughts away from anger, limitation, worry and envy. Direct your mind toward thoughts of love, possibility, confidence, abundance and generosity.

      Whatever may be going on in the outside world, your mind can live precisely where you choose for it to live. Choose to let it live in an empowering, life-affirming, rich and creative place.

      Choosing the life you want begins with choosing the thoughts that will direct you to it. Those thoughts are yours to choose this very moment.

      Ralph Marston

      When you experience a setback, it may seem natural to respond by lowering your expectations. Yet that is not the only choice you have.

      Just imagine what would happen if you did exactly the opposite. Just imagine what would happen if you decided to raise your expectations in response to each setback.

      With such a strategy, negative momentum never has a chance to take hold. For even the disappointments serve to push you forward.

      Your current expectations have much more power and influence than anything that has occurred in your past. For it is your current expectations that give direction to your energy and your actions.

      Choose to make that direction a positive, valuable, creative one. From even the most burdensome difficulty, you can begin to move forward immediately.

      Base your expectations on your most treasured dreams and your most profound purpose, rather than on life's random events or circumstances. And nothing will be able to hold you back for long.

      Ralph Marston


      If you are not moving forward, it's because you are holding yourself back. You may have chosen to blame your lack of progress on outside factors, yet deep down you know that you are the primary factor.

      It doesn't really matter why or how you've chosen to prevent yourself from achieving your desired results. What's crucial is that you simply get out of the way and allow yourself to move forward.

      There is a very real and accessible connection between you and whatever it is that you desire. To achieve your desired results takes nothing more than activating that connection and letting it follow its natural course.

      The same conditions that make your desires possible also make it possible for you to fulfill those desires. So stop fighting those conditions and start making use of them.

      You are not separate from the fulfillment of your dreams. You are in fact the person through whom that fulfillment can be most easily and most magnificently expressed.

      Let the seeds of your treasured desires grow as they will in the fertile ground of intention. Allow whatever you seek to flow freely and unhindered from the best of who you are.

      Ralph Marston

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