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  • Skye Coe
    Aloha Sky . . wonderful to have you back on Mother Maui . .welcome home! Thought you d find this link interesting. Haven t had time to read it all . . .
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 8, 2008
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      Aloha Sky . .  wonderful to have you back on Mother Maui . .welcome home!  Thought you'd find this link interesting.  Haven't had time to read it all . . .  planning to do one chapter a day.   When there's time let's get together and talk story. . .would love to hear about you adventures.  Weather permitting will be at swap on Saturday.  In meantime do an overnight shift for CareHawaii and schedule is currently in permutation, but should know soon how that play into other interests in my like.  You're welcome to call me at 280-3682 if ever need.  In Light )'( Skye. . . .Malama Pono. . .

      ilive4ugod <ilive4ugod@...> wrote:
      Thank you for this.

      It fit perfectly in with my day today. An inner journey that with the
      conclusion of the day, my eyes shone in joy upon this!


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