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[ANGEL] 29 Gemini, The Angels of Advanced Initation

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      I f the message appears too large for your screen, go to top toolbar and click on Forward.
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      29 degrees Gemini
      The Angels of Advanced Initiation
      Also known as
      The Angels of ‘Sibolas’
      We further initiate into the correspondence between inner powers and outer events.
       We teach how the inner creating of outer events connects a person to the heavenly hosts and actually draws them into active participation with these events.
      "All that I do ye shall do and more."
      Not only is it possible for people to perform miracles, it is absolutely necessary.
      That is why the Angels of ‘Mafalach’, 27 degrees Gemini, spoke of the importance of removing all obstacles to seeking the Kingdom of God and the importance of knowing that it must be found within.
      The Angels of ‘Kaflesi’, 28 degrees Gemini, help by giving initiation for successfully finding the Kingdom of God within.
      Gemini is a path of Divine Mental Wisdom and at 29 degrees Gemini, we now particularly stress the importance of using powers generated by inner meditation on creating powerful events in the outer world that are the highest good of all concerned.
      We show how to attract Divine Angels and the hosts of the Kingdom of Heaven to participate in these events, so that even greater miracles happen.
      Here is one of our stories:
      Once upon a time there were disturbing rumors upon planet earth that negative alien beings were hiding in secret places and were attempting to control the minds of the children of God.
      A man named Mark had read many accounts in books and on the internet of the activities of such aliens. Some of the accounts documented aliens of good intent and influence, but many documented aliens that are unfortunately very dangerous. He was fascinated with these stories and learned much about attempts to help and protect, or harm and exploit, the people of earth over many centuries.
       Sometimes he would have very lucid out of body experiences concerning these things.
      One experience particularly disturbed him. It concerned powerful dragon-like beings using mankind to produce chaotic negative conditions in the magnetic-emotional realm. These reptilian beings harvested the negative magnetic energy for their own mysterious purposes.
      He couldn’t shake his impressions of this.
      He was fairly convinced that this was a very real danger. What could he do?
      He knew that there was a way to meet this challenge. First he must go within and find his deepest inner peace and equilibrium.
      He prayed, and inner guidance led him to go alone on a long hike in the mountains to meditate.
       He planned to be gone for several weeks, far away from the city.
      He filled his backpack with everything needed for survival and comfort, carefully wrapping his book on the heavenly hosts in double plastic for protection.
      In a state of inward meditation and prayer he hiked far up the north slope of Mount Asham.  He was drawn to a spring in a sacred hollow, surrounded by tall trees and unusual rock outcroppings.
        He set up a comfortable camp.
      The hike had been unusually tiring and difficult for him so he was very glad to rest.
      His heart was bursting with joy in the majesty of the outdoors.
       His meditations filled him with flowing blissful feelings of divine virtues.
       When he thought about the possibility of interference in the affairs of mankind by unknown and hostile beings, deep soothing comforting feelings flowed through him as he remembered that with God all things are possible. Any situation can be turned around with the powers of the Divine virtues, and the Heavenly hosts, and with Divine Providence.
      The works of great spiritual masters of history came to mind.
      He knew that NOTHING was impossible to him that believed.
      Once the campfire was blazing he set about to meditate and pray for guidance.
      As he did so, a deep quiet and sacred peace descended on the hollow. 
      The presence of the Angels of ‘Sibolas’ was upon him.
      They took him on a journey.
       It was another lucid out of body experience.
      He was flying high above the earth looking down.
       With simultaneous macroscopic and microscopic vision, his attention attuned to natural processes of the ecosystem and its cycles of life, of death and rebirth.  He saw strange looking organisms in the earth and waters breaking down decaying vegetation and bodies to make good soil and nutrients out of which new life grew.
       Then the Angels of ‘Sibolas’ brought him back to the campsite.  They helped him center and reverse his focus to look inwardly inside his own body. He saw strange monster-like bacteria in his gastro-intestinal tract breaking down food and turning it into nourishment that passed through the walls of his intestines to enter the bloodstream in an endless cycle of life and rebirth.
      The Angels emphasized how everything works according to the principle of
      "As above, so below".
      On every level of consciousness; be it being, will, thought, feeling, or sensation, energy goes through cycles of birth, maturity, death, decay, and rebirth. He saw how polarity had to exist for creation to exist.
      As energies on all these levels go through these cycles, he saw that there were polarities of beings causing both construction and destruction.
      When the Spirits and life of beings are ready to move into other states,  their old forms are turned into nourishment for other life forms.   He saw the purpose and necessity of the monster-like beings that break down the old forms of matter, feelings, thoughts, and will when they are finished and ready to decay. These amazingly bizarre-looking beings were in harmony decomposing these energy forms. Even though they could be labeled ‘destructive’ beings, destroying old forms, he could see their purpose, and understood now the saying,
      “God’s love is like the Sun, it shines equally on the good and bad alike.”
      For all things there is a purpose.
      He could see why it was possible to,” Give thanks for ALL things concerning you.”, and understood that, “All things work for good for them that believe
      “As above, so below.”
      He had vivid recollections of different kinds of organisms under a microscope in biology class years ago. They had looked just like strange monsters.
      As he pondered this he went for a walk.
      He sat on a rock next to the creek and looked down at the rich earth.
      He saw that it was alive with organisms that would look fearful under a powerful lens, and yet they were good organisms and life could not survive without them.
       Energy had to go through cycles of birth and decay. In his mind’s eye he saw that it took many organisms on many levels to process each step of these cycles.
      The analogy between the "As above, So below" was alive for him even more as he thought about the dragon-like beings harvesting negative emotional energy.
       This was how he moved out of the temptation to give in to paralyzing fear of unknown strange alien reptile-like beings taking over the earth.  He saw that whoever and whatever these alien beings were, that omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient Divine Being could bring them into harmony and restore joy to all. He began to see that there could be a place and a purpose for them, and that love, not fear, was the way to deal with them.
      The key was harmony. There must be harmony between the constructive and destructive polarities of creation. There must be harmony for everything large and small so that all life was joyful according to the original Divine Blueprints of creation.  He knew this harmony must be established with Omnipotent Divine power so that all creation manifested true spiritual morality and the splendor and majesty of the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind.
       “Love conquers all.”
      "God’s love is like the sun, it shines equally on the good and the bad alike."
      He had put it together. The key to everything was balance and harmony between polarities as The Law of One allows everything to exist and function according to the highest good of all concerned.
      Just as organisms such as termites or bacteria can be harmful or cause sickness when they are out of harmony with of the natural order of original Divine Will for the highest good of all concerned, so can beings from other dimensions of consciousness be harmful when they are out of natural harmony and order of things.
      The key was to invoke The Law of One, and
      use The Law of One and The Law of Correspondences
      { ‘As above, So below’ }
      together, to bring about harmony and order into all realms of all beings so that The Law of One, the highest good of all, was obeyed.
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