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Messages from the Future: Your Future Self As Your Guide and Mentor, Part 1 By DL Zeta

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  • Deborah
    Messages from the Future: Your Future Self As Your Guide and Mentor, Part 1 By DL Zeta As you expand your beliefs and perception to take in more of who you
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2008
      Messages from the Future: Your Future Self As Your Guide and Mentor,
      Part 1 By DL Zeta

      As you expand your beliefs and perception to take in more of who you
      are, you gain access to one of your most important assets: your future
      self. This may be your self in the future of your present lifetime, or
      in a future life (We will point out here that you are the future self
      of all your younger "selves").

      While it is true that all your selves exist simultaneously in one
      infinite moment of now, your focus or movement through your various
      lifetimes, each with its complement of "identity selves," can be
      perceived (and perhaps from a conscious perspective, more easily
      understood) through the lens of linear progression. For purposes of
      clarity, we refer to those selves holding fewer understandings as
      "past selves" and those with a greater number of understandings than
      your present moment as "future selves."

      From this perspective, when we speak of progression, we are describing
      the development of understandings throughout your various existences
      and reality experiences. In your past, you have experienced realities
      with fewer understandings than you have now. In what you think of as
      your future, you have greater insight and understanding into who you
      are and the purpose of your spiritual journey throughout time.

      Inviting Your Future Self as a Guide

      When we speak of future selves, we refer to selves that exist in other
      time/space realities that hold understandings which you have not yet
      attained. By this definition, your future self is capable of assisting
      and guiding you in consciousness.

      In the future there is a "you" that has obtained mastery
      consciousness. To the extent that you are in resonance with this
      "mastery self," you are able to receive its assistance and guidance.
      (We offer insights on creating this resonance in the discussion titled
      Steps to Raising Your Vibration, Parts 1-3). You have other future
      selves that exist at all points along the spectrum between your
      present level of consciousness and your mastery self. Those nearest
      your present moment are in closest resonance with you and therefore
      easier to access.

      Your present rate of spiritual development determines the extent to
      which your future selves are able to assist you. If you are rapidly
      growing and expanding, it is likely this growth trajectory will
      multiply exponentially, paving the way for future selves in the next
      2-5 years to serve as guides for your present-moment self. If you are
      rapidly expanding your consciousness, your near-future selves will be
      spiritually adept at traveling back in consciousness to assist you and
      to serve as a wise and uplifting presence. Aligning in this way opens
      the door to quantum spiritual growth. It is quantum spiritual growth
      that brings you into closer resonance with your "mastery self,"
      further igniting the fires of transformation in your life. The more
      you are a vibrational match for your mastery self, the more this self
      is able to assist and guide you.

      Messages from the Future Series

      In this series, we will look at your relationship with your future
      self from a number of different perspectives. We will:

      *explain the role your relationship with your future self plays in
      your present moment and help you understand how it can play a greater
      role in your future.

      *outline ways you will need to expand your beliefs to allow this wise
      and loving aspect of yourself to play a greater role in your life.
      One of the most important aspects of expanding your relationship with
      your future self is accepting who you really are within your present
      moment. You are wise and infinite being. Your conscious mind
      represents a small percentage of your overall be-ing. Many still
      identify themselves as their conscious mind or ego. It is important
      to learn to step through the door of the ego into the infinite nature
      of your being.

      *discuss ways in which you can greatly contribute to the growth and
      ability of your future self. In other words, there are steps you can
      take to create the causes of an advanced future self capable of
      traveling back through time and assisting you.

      *explain the process of becoming a wise and loving mentor to your
      "past selves." One of the most important steps you can take to begin
      learning about future selves and the special form of guidance they
      offer is to become a future self.

      *describe ways in which you can begin to work with your future self
      within your present moment to begin raising the vibration of your
      present lifetime. Because your future self has walked the path that
      stretches before you, it can help you focus your mind and energies to
      embrace rather than resist the times to come.

      *describe the way in which your "mastery self" works with its many
      past selves, assisting and guiding them in their journey of becoming.
      One of the main functions of a newly-evolved "mastery self" is to
      create completion in all areas in which its understandings are
      incomplete. One way in which the mastery self brings about this
      completion is by working with its orchestra of "past selves." Those
      past selves that are most receptive and awake are the mastery self's
      greatest assets in this effort.

      *describe ways in which you can work with your future self to help
      seed the future of the New Earth. Your future selves exist at all
      points within the unfolding of the New Earth. As your ability to
      communicate with your future selves grows stronger, you will receive
      ideas and information that will allow you to take steps within your
      present moment to help seed the new and greatly expanded times to
      come. We will offer some insights into this process that allow you to
      become a brighter light in your present time frame, lighting the path
      for many others.

      For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org
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