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[ANGEL] 19 Taurus Angels of Agricultural Mysticism

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    Message 1 of 2 , May 7, 2008

      ‘We are guardians of agriculture.  We inspire farmers, those involved with agricultural improvements in general’, and anyone who works with the land.
       ‘We are true guardians of agriculture, and inspire not only a child of God in this physical world who wishes to grow things, but all those people that have to do with agronomy, agrochemistry, agricultural improvements and the like.’
      ‘We draw a person’s attention to various labour methods and instruct how to achieve a better growing of natural products by the help of the electromagnetic fluid, which is the use of will and feeling, and the elements, and the use of the cosmic language
      We inspire soil improvement by both natural and mystical means.

      We promote the most efficient labor methods

      using enlightened mental and emotional energies.
      With our help and inspiration, we teach how to relate to the soil and growing so that results seem almost miraculous.
      Here is one of our stories:


      Once upon a time a gentle woman named Martha looked out at her yard and felt an intuitive inner knowing that she wanted to change the way she was caring for it.
       She noticed how years of mowing grass, raking leaves, and applying chemicals had left it ordinary looking, identical to millions of yards all over the world.  She was tired of it, tired of the lack of privacy and the constant work, tired of the expense.
      She did not feel right about going out there and mowing the grass even one more time.  Going inward instead, she prayed for guidance.
      The Angels of ‘Chadail’ responded.
       As they connected in her meditation, she went into a deep reverie.  She imagined an ancient voice of the land talking to her.
      A beautiful vision of a forest angel danced in her thoughts.
      “Why have you destroyed my plants?”, she was asked.
       “Why do you rip up the native species that have evolved naturally in this area over millions of years? These are my beloved plants that have healing properties.  These are the plants that Divine Providence created to support the wildlife and ecosystem.”
      Then other spirits of the land appeared. “Why are you killing our insects   They asked.  “These divine creatures provide nourishment for the birds and help in many important ways. Please realize that nothing is created in vain.  Please understand that all of this is part of a vast network of perfect harmony that is the Will of the Creator,”
      Going deeper, she saw the land over millions of years.  She saw that up until her subdivision was put in fifteen years ago, the land had been a cow pasture for about a hundred years.  Before that it had been a natural temperate rainforest for millions of years.
       Some of the nature spirits told her that for the earth to survive, the forest must be restored to its native condition so that the air would be clean, and the ecosystems returned to their original divine blueprints.
      Gradually she woke up. 
      She went outside and looked up at the sky.  Feelings of deep peace flowed through her heart. She lifted up her hands to the sky and imagined celestial light spilling through her fingers. There was a few hours of light left in the day.  Feeling the inspiration of the angels, she realized that she knew exactly what to do.
      She got in her car and drove around the neighborhood.  Stacked neatly on the curbs were sacks of raked up leaves waiting for garbage pick-up.
        Carefully she loaded them in her trunk and drove home.  Trip after trip she made until she had collected over a hundred sacks.
      Martha dumped the leaves all over her lawn.  She dumped them thick, so that each bag only covered about 9 square feet.  Over the next few weeks she collected enough bags of leaves to cover the entire lawn front and back.
      That winter thick composting leaves created enough heat to keep the ground warm while the earthworms ate happily. God’s little gardeners dug their holes, and created their manure.
       Her yard looked beautiful covered in rich natural mulch like a forest floor.
      She drove to a plant nursery and brought Redtips, Japanese Maples, and Redbuds,  flowering ground cover, and a few wonderful perennials. She carefully planted them where her intuition told her the nature spirits wanted them.
       She set about making meandering paths through all of this, lined with monkey grass and paved with golden straw.  When she looked at the pathways of golden straw, she thought of the passage that said “The streets of heaven are paved with gold  “This is a whole lot more like heaven”, she said to herself,  “A whole lot more!”.
      She was delighted at how long the straw lasted, and enjoyed the subtleties of color change as it aged.  The contrast between the dark leaves and the golden paths was beautiful to her, and it felt to good to walk on.
      She felt wonderful.  Already the land was breathing a sigh of relief.  The feeling of healing was thick in the air.
      Her neighbors noticed how pretty her yard had become.  It was interesting and creative. Her house took on a magical feeling.
        They noticed that she no longer had to mow the lawn and water it. More and more of them began to ponder this and a few began to follow her example.
      By spring little trees began to sprout from buried acorns, pecans, and walnuts, etc. that had been in the leaves.
      Over the next few years the seedlings became little trees. Each fall more leaves were collected and added and the soil became even richer and darker.
      The trees continued to grow well as the thick mulch kept the ground damp and the earthworms continued to aerate and fertilize the soil.
      Martha and her neighbors noticed that some of the trees were mulberries and that they were already making fruit.  Mulberry pies became a new sensation and birds and squirrels became more frequent visitors.
      It was easy.  All they had to do was collect leaves from the side of the curb each fall. Occasionally they added a few more nursery plants that caught their fancy.  The worms and natural forces did the rest. Now the idea took on a life of its own and soon the entire street was a recovering temperate rainforest.
       The neighbors were so relieved that they had not had to mow their yards again. If there was a drought Martha turned to the angels in prayer and within a short while the rains would come.  The thick mulch kept the moisture in.
      Martha meditated often to converse with the angels of the land and the nature beings.  In deep contemplation she imagined that she spoke with the rain spirits and the spirits of the animals.  Each time she felt a tremendous rush of life energy enter into her situation and afterwards she marveled at the rapid changes that occurred for the better.
        As the trees grew taller, the houses stayed cooler in summer and they no longer had to run air conditioning.  Everyone loved the quiet, it was wonderful to live without the hum of motors.  The sounds of nature became more and more beautiful. The breezes rustling the leaves of the trees were soothing. 
      People loved the privacy that the trees and the under growth gave them.  Now they no longer felt like they were on stage each time they went outdoors.
      So many small animals and birds found their yards to be a welcome haven that the children became delighted and fascinated.  Everyone on the street applied for certificates designating their yards as wildlife sanctuaries. 
      Their next creative project was to remove all the backyard fences, make lovely arches over the paths at property lines and rely on beautiful shrubs for privacy.  People with pets fenced in circular or oval areas for them that looked lovely. By making the fence lines curve instead of being straight and using them to support vines and flowers, no longer were pieces of land cut up into squares and rectangles. The land with the houses all flowed together like a giant woodland garden. Neighbors loved to walk their dogs along the backyard pathways and  greet each other as they passed the time of day. 
      They installed lovely garden benches and fanciful alcoves to sit and talk in and watch the wildlife.
       After creating a small pond for water and adding rustic artistically placed brush piles for cover, the entire neighborhood qualified as a wildlife santuary and a local magazine published a very good article that got lots of attention.
       Martha made a weathered frame from an old piece of wood, laminated her wildlife sanctuary certificate at the local print shop,  and proudly hung it by the front door.
      She and the neighbors joined together and formed a Restore The Forests Club.  Soon the club was getting written up in the garden sections of newspapers and receiving awards and grants for artistic excellence and good environmental stewardship.
      A real movement was started to wean the city’s land off of grass lawns, herbicides, pesticides and lawnmowers.  Everyone who got involved was delighted at how quickly the land could restore itself.
        The ancient magic returned and the air felt much cleaner.
       The nature spirits, children and animals were ecstatic.
      Participating neighborhoods began to feel like vacation homes in a scenic national park instead of subdivisions.
      It was wonderful.


      19 degrees Taurus
      The Angels of Agricultural Mysticism
      Also known as
      The Angels of ‘Chadail’
      Ch…Understanding the language of the universe at all levels,
      A and umlaut A, ae…in the context of the highest illumination and purity of ideas, and the transformation of imperfection,
      D…we apply the laws of creation in controlling everything related to fertility.
      A and umlaut A, ae…We teach the controlling of the air elements , and its beings: and weather, storms, etc., and the release of anything that no longer serves the highest good of all,
      I…to trigger remembrance and evoke the greatest miracles at a basic physical level.
      L…This is done to create the outcome of health, vitality, harmony, and miracles of healing vital energy to improve people’s lives.



      Divine Sky


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