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You are as full if illusion

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  • william Gregg
    Bigotry, condescension, and egoism as the dark lords. Remove me from your campaign to cause separation and discord. We don t need another Neanderthalic
    Message 1 of 3 , May 3, 2008
      Bigotry, condescension, and egoism as the dark lords.
      Remove me from your campaign to cause separation and
      discord. We don't need another Neanderthalic fighting
      fool in our beautiful natural world. Gregg Blanchard

      --- Rasa Von Werder <rasa@...> wrote:

      > Secrets male/female sexuality
      > New statistics herald Matriarchy
      > WTAG NEWSLETTER 5 2 08
      > (1) Child Bride polygamy cries out
      > (2) Mark scopes out future as women
      > across the entire planet
      > outnumber males in college
      > (3) Secrets of Sex & Domination Why
      > young men want older women,
      > why Patriarchs make it 'taboo'
      > http://youtube.com/user/rasavonwerder
      > rasavonwerder
      > Videos Uploaded: 387
      > Video Views: 1,864,862
      > Most watched Rasa Video:
      > Views: 170,622 in six months
      > SITE TOOK 3 YEARS & $50,000. TO BUILD:
      > http://www.womanthouartgod.com/main.php
      > From: CHILD BRIDE
      > To: rasa@...
      > Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2008 1:21 AM
      > Subject: Child Bride
      > To Flora Jessup via Rasa
      > Hello Flora,
      > I recently viewed your interview... I was a child
      > bride. I am now 24 and the
      > mother of two. I am so happy to hear that you
      > escaped early enough to make a
      > difference in the lives of other women. My sister is
      > about to be married to
      > a man two times her senior. She is now 17. I will be
      > attending the wedding
      > in hopes of dissuading her. I grew up in a large
      > family. We were part of a
      > Muslim cult. My dad gave me to a man that was
      > thirteen years older than me
      > at the age of fifteen. I had my first child at 16.
      > I guess I feel that I can identify with you and that
      > is truly rare. I live
      > now on the West Coast. I left the group and my
      > abusive ex husband three
      > years ago. Everything about the way I grew up had to
      > let go of. I am happy I
      > did but now with my sister about to be married I
      > don't know what to do but I
      > have to face my past head on.
      > Words of advice would be appreciated more than you
      > know.....
      > Dear Child Bride,
      > You have reached the office of Rasa Von Werder, the
      > person who interviewed
      > Flora Jessup, not Flora herself. Flora has her own
      > website which you will
      > have to discover in order to contact her.
      > The work I have been doing for Female Empowerment
      > includes what men have
      > done to women in Polygamy. This is just one of the
      > many issues, deplorable
      > things, surfacing from a Patriarchal society that
      > abuses women, children,
      > and other males.
      > We are looking to Empower women to take the helms of
      > society and create a
      > new world. This is done by information and action.
      > With the right
      > information people will be galvanized to move ahead.
      > We believe that women were meant by Mother God to be
      > the rulers of the
      > world, and that Satan, a spirit of pure evil and
      > perversity, has inveigled
      > himself onto our planetary life to destroy us. He
      > could not destroy us
      > without first disabling women and using males as
      > instruments. Through war,
      > Satan's invention, he has been killing multi
      > millions while routinely making
      > the rest miserable. He has a game plan now to kill
      > billions, planet earth is
      > getting scarier than ever, those who live are being
      > punished by a loveless
      > society aptly called 'rat race' and 'dog eat dog.'
      > Our work on the net has been to gather research and
      > statistics which prove
      > the evils of Patriarchy, and conversely, the once
      > universal existence of
      > Matriarchy, (today fragmentally represented in
      > communities like the Mosou.)
      > Furthermore, we have diligently gathered evidence
      > proving that women,
      > indeed, are superior to males, in every way,
      > mentally as well as
      > biologically, and it is their duty to rule the
      > world.
      > So now you have the two adversaries, Satan and
      > Woman, - the woman he hated
      > from the beginning as prophesied by many scriptures
      > - ready for the ultimate
      > battle of all time:
      > Who will rule, Satan and his agenda of global
      > destruction, or will women
      > now, in the next fifty years before it is too late,
      > save the planet by
      > ascending into power?
      > We believe that women will ascend, and do what they
      > have to do by nature,
      > that Satan will be dethroned and She will 'crush his
      > head.' But the way is
      > not easy, it takes work, we are usurping thousands
      > of years of hypnotic
      > programming, uncovering the disinformation and
      > clearing up matters and what
      > is most important, distributing the information
      > widely.
      > There is hope - the hope is in women. Women will
      > save the planet and all
      > that is on it, males will benefit as much as anyone.
      > Males need to be at the feet of Mother and Mother
      > God, that is where they
      > belong, it is the only place they can be happy.
      > Their aggression is to the
      > purpose of protecting Mother and children, not
      > toward raping, exploiting and
      > killing them, as Satan has enticed him to do (a
      > marvelously clever trick on
      > the part of Satan, who cannot do the work himself
      > but tempts people to.
      > I might add here that few men are 'getting it.' The
      > Matriarchs, like
      > William Bond, Gold and Mark Hopkins, are few and far
      > between. The rest of
      > the men still think that good males will outsmart
      > and defeat the evil ones.
      > No way - they cannot do it - why? Because Satan has
      > a superior intelligence
      > to humans, he is more clever and crafty, he was
      > created with a bigger
      > intellect. Males who think this way are still
      > unable to kneel at the feet
      > of their superior, Woman, they think, like little
      > boys, they can defeat
      > Goliath. I have learned through scripture, saints
      > and including demon
      > expert Bob Larson, how to deal with demons. The
      > only recourse - and I mean
      > this with all my heart - is trust in Mother God.
      > She has power over Satan,
      > without her Intercession, Grace and Power, Satan has
      > all but defeated us.
      > But with Faith, Confidence in her, we have won, our
      > day,
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