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Entering the Portal of Telepathy By DL Zeta

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  • DL Zeta
    Entering the Portal of Telepathy There are times when you pick up thoughts and feelings that are not your own. This can leave you feeling scattered and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2008
      Entering the Portal of Telepathy

      There are times when you "pick up" thoughts and feelings that are not
      your own. This can leave you feeling scattered and unable to bring
      focus to your purpose and intentions. It is important to bring
      awareness to the thoughts that enter your mind and begin discerning
      between your thoughts and feelings and those of others. The first
      step to entering the Portal of Telepathy is recognizing that your mind
      is a finely-tuned sending and receiving station, and learning how to
      use it.

      Telepathy is an advanced capability symbolized in your world by the
      telephone. The finer capabilities of human consciousness can be
      understood by observing the innovations of your time. These include
      the Internet, which represents a means of accessing the great library
      of human collective consciousness known as the Akashic Records. A
      camera symbolizes the imaging capability of the human mind that is the
      wellspring of creativity in your world. Some of these electronic
      devices will no longer be necessary when humans reconnect with their
      innate capability to consciously communicate mind to mind.

      In a broad sense, telepathy is the psychic transfer of thoughts,
      concepts, images, sounds and feelings. You can begin to connect with
      the skill of telepathy by paying attention to the thoughts that enter
      your mind. As you observe your thoughts, you begin to discern their
      origin. Some thoughts you pick up from others. These are thoughts
      that may seem "out of context" and unlike you. Through intention you
      can filter out any thoughts and feelings you do not wish to enter your

      The Gift of Telepathy

      Once the mind awakens to its own truth and claims the talents and
      gifts that are the birthright of each individual, it recognizes
      telepathy as a great tool and ally. The awakened mind quickly learns
      how to switch channels on the universal radio network, sampling many
      different realities to further understanding. One channel brings
      direct telepathy with frequencies of guides and angels while another
      brings the music of the spheres that is beyond all time and knowing.

      There will likely be times when you will choose to tune into the
      thoughts of others in order to assist them. For instance, if you are
      a teacher, you will find telepathy helps you work more efficiently
      with your students. All great teachers are able to read the thoughts
      of their students. In this way, they bring forth knowledge and
      information in the form that is most able to bridge consciousness.

      Intuitive readers use telepathy to read others. An intuitive will
      telepathically connect with the person they are assisting. We will
      note this is always with the permission of the person being "read."
      They create a link similar to dialing a telephone number, then focus
      their mind to strengthen this connection. They enter the person's
      thoughts and feeling planes, allowing themselves a general sampling
      and experience that provides a "big picture" of what is there. They
      then "ask" to be directed and guided to areas of interest that the
      person is working with. In this way, they are able to perceive
      understandings the person is attempting to gain within the present
      moment. Opening one door will often open others.

      Other awakened beings incorporate telepathy into healing techniques
      that involve seeing a person's essence. Through telepathy it is
      possible to detect frequencies and overlays that form a kind of
      "plaque" that prevents the soul from fully uniting with the earthly
      consciousness. This plaque is often made up of layerings of erroneous
      beliefs and the remnants of outer efforts to program consciousness.
      The best spiritual healers offer themselves as a surrogate
      consciousness through which a person can see what is blocking the flow
      of life force into their bodies. This awareness helps the person
      begin to burn away whatever has choked off the flow of life into their
      earthly existence. In this way, healing occurs.

      Telepathy Between Awakened Minds

      The most joyful communion takes place within the heavenly flow of
      telepathy between awakened minds. The trademark of an awakened mind
      is openness. It is through this openness that a mind is willing to
      stand naked within its own thoughts. Those who are willing to
      communicate telepathically have nothing to hide. They live outside the
      confines of judgment, illusory projections and the negative belief
      systems that are symptomatic of a cloistered and limited consciousness.

      In the future of your world, more beings will choose to communicate
      through the eloquence of spirit. Silence will be practiced on a
      greater scale by conscious beings. These beings will transcend a need
      for the spoken word. More and more beings in your world will enter
      with frequency the Portal of Telepathy, where thoughts are projected
      and received with a quiet eloquence that only blissful souls possess.
      In the beginning of your transition times, this telepathy will become
      the silent password and calling card of those souls who share in the
      creation of a New World founded on the principles of universal love.

      For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org
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