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Meditation with our Native American Elders...April 6

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  • Barbara Bailey
    * Meditation with our Native American Elders * * Everybody should pray together, * *cheer along, root along. * *That brings the circle together. * *Everything
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      Meditation with our Native American Elders

      "Everybody should pray together,
      cheer along, root along.
      That brings the circle together.
      Everything is together."
      --Wallace Black Elk, LAKOTA
      Life on the Earth can sometimes be very complicated.
      Sometimes we think we are alone in our problems.
      Sometime we even withdraw.
      Then the problems become even more difficult.
      We need to watch out for one another,
      to care for one another, to pray together, to encourage one another;
      and we need to support one another.
      Behaving in this manner will bring the circle together.
      Great Spirit, today, let me support my brothers and sisters.
      By:  Don Coyhis
      -- In The Stone Circle - Ronald Roybal - Native American Flute
      All men are made by the same Great Spirit Chief.
      help me always
      to speak the truth quietly,
      to listen with an open mind
      when others speak,
      and to remember the peace
      that may be found in silence.
      ~ Cherokee Prayer ~

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